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This story is a sequel to Breakfast Fit For a Princess

A few weeks after his trip up to Canterlot to take the elder Alicorn on a surprisingly successful date, Anon's life has returned to normal. Aside from a last-minute booking for a massage at his job, today is looking like it'll be rather average. However, Celestia has other plans.

Teen rated due to sexual references played for comedy as well as some sexual tension. This won't feature clop don't worry.
I hadn't planned on a sequel to breakfast, but when I saw how much people liked it, I figured I should give a sequel a shot. So what else would make sense but for Celestia to pay Anon a visit in ponyville and have some shenanigans ensue.

You should read the original to understand the context behind this, but it isn't mandatory.

Featured as of 31/03/21 - Didn't expect that but that's amazing

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This was sooooo adorable to read! love it!

Comment posted by Nerfer22 deleted Mar 31st, 2021
Comment posted by Nerfer22 deleted Mar 31st, 2021

This is very cute, you did a great job.

“I love you, Anon.”

“I love you too, Tia.”

Only criticism I have is that this is kind of sudden. As for the side story about Luna and that guard, I would say drop it all together. It doesn't really seem to be a very big part of the story. There is enough potential here to make a sequel to this story, or just outright continue it.

The first version was about 5K words and had more build up to the I love you, but the rest of it was a mess.

I might re-edit this in the future I don't really know

This was very amusing to read! A nice sequel to a good story :yay::heart:

And don't mind the fool right under me, he probably forgot to drink his morning coffee:rainbowlaugh:👇👇

Thanks for the fluff :heart:
I loved it!
Also, I liked the part about Rose adding flavor to the bouquet. It just clicked for me that the flower stand is actually doubles as a food stall. Like those bouquets made out of fruits.

Glad you liked it!

Flower stands as fast food is underrated in my opinion when it comes to fics, I've seen some go really in-depth with the flavour of flowers and it fascinated me as an idea

I loved it. I do hope you continue with their story.


I make no promises, but if the urge to write these two strikes I'll probably make some other little stories

Still don't know why he commented

There is now a sequel to this in the works

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