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An update on my plans! · 11:50am March 11th

So, I've been silent all this time, and I figured I owe everyone an update. I didn't expect chapter 33 to take so long to write; I was supposed to be on a roll! Unfortunately, that isn't what life wanted for me.

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Hello, I would like to note, your story is fairly well writ, from what ive read so far. And i would also like to note, You are a Fricken Nerd. Have a wonderful day

1446940 To be fair, it was on hiatus when I started, although signs pointed to that being revoked.

Sorry for the slow reply, I only check here every so often now and I was out in London all of last week anyway. Anywhoo, sorry to let you down, though I thank you for your kind words. I wish I still had the passion I once did, but with becoming a fully qualified butcher... well, that's not an easy job and the added training onto the standard is insanely distracting from things like this.
I hope that whatever other stories drag you in don't end up in the same way as mine did. Again, sorry to let you down.
Also, I'll change that blog now.

Shame to hear you go. :fluttercry: I really liked your story.

Also, you may want to put up a new blog explaining the description additions to broken bonds. It's moderately confusing to see the blog of upgrading to hiatatus for the story who's description says you basically left FoE.

I started following you on DA now. >:3

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