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With America in chaos, I just want to say; stay safe · 2:08pm Jun 2nd, 2020

I'm gonna keep this straight and narrow; no political views, no supporting any side, no commentary. All I want is just to say; please take care of yourselves and stay safe. Look after yourselves guys and girls. Take care.

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Dude, don't apologize. You don't have to. I was just worried because you hadn't been online since August, last time I checked, so I'm happy to get a reply at all.

Writing's hard; I know that from experience. I can't sit down and write anything unless I feel up to it; I need inspiration for a scene for the scene to exist. That's why I've gone months (or more than a year) between posting chapters of To Bellenast.

I fell victim to my anxiety once more. Losing my flow of writing led to guilt over not writing led to anxiety over not writing led to anxiety of even opening up FimFic. It's a cruel, horrible cycle, and one I must break, lest I never achieve anything.
Sorry to reply half a year later, that's just how crap I am, but hey, I'm alive, so there's that.

Where'd you go, Kip?:fluttershysad:

Hello, I would like to note, your story is fairly well writ, from what ive read so far. And i would also like to note, You are a Fricken Nerd. Have a wonderful day

1446940 To be fair, it was on hiatus when I started, although signs pointed to that being revoked.

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