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I'm the smuggest horse that ever lived.

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    Giant Freakin' Spoilerpost: Hollow Hope

    I was replying to a comment on Hollow Hope, and my unrelenting urge to explain everything cropped up.

    This is an urge I've had to curb, as the entire point of a Silent Hill-like story is all the unusual symbolism, and all the theory-crafting that surrounds it. If I just laid the entire thing out on the table, it would ruin the story.

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Hi I see you are also a fan of writing stories with Trixie and Starlight and Twilight in them we should do a collab

I heard u like crackficz

Woh! Brand new account, first shout!

Welcome to FiMFiction, and I'm always glad to see a new fan of my work!

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