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The iPone has arrived - and people are spontaneously combusting · 10:14pm April 9th

I think the new pones are ridiculously cute, and a smartphone (regardless of how it works - we're officially in the far future after all) with a hoof-indent for better, uhm, handling is peak adorable. That's got to be one of the next inventions in the Track-Switch verse, for mankind's ongoing quest to become more accommodating to ponykind.

I'm very much looking forward to this. Not because I expect a great movie, but because I expect to be entertained. Same as with the last movie.

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Report Celefin · 132 views · #iPone #Pipp #g5 #fandom hate

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Hmm, just occurred to me, I wonder what Nightline would make of an old beast like a PRR GG1?
(Not that there's any operating anymore (they were retired in the 80s after half a century of use), or that any would be in Europe in the first place for that matter... But ignoring those little details at least.)

Can find specs in the sidebar of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pennsylvania_Railroad_class_GG1 if you're curious.

...Huh. Well, I also wonder why you didn't, since I thought that was supposed to happen, but... good on the lack of annoyance, at least? :D
Computers are strange sometimes...

No problem. I didn't receive any notifications either way ;)

Bizarrely, the Track Switch stories Steel Dreams and Double Traction seem to have stopped showing up in my Favourites, even though looking at the stories themselves indicates they're in there. I'm going to try unfavouriting and then favouriting again; hopefully that fixes it... very strange.

Okay, they're showing up again now. Of course, they were before, too; I hope they don't vanish again. And now I'm worried about what other stories may have disappeared from the list. Hm. Well, sorry about the bother.

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