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Amongst reactionary people in a backwater village in an uninteresting part of Scandinavia there lived a cat. It usually dreamt of far away places. Really far away.

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Estee's challenge: Turn A FIMFic Author/Reader's Name Into A Story · 3:20pm November 4th

Back in July, Estee made this blog post(with hilarious results) and it's been bugging me ever since - especially since I'd actually started to write something with the title Admiral Biscuit, but Firefox crashed and took my text with it. Now I've found my writing ability again, I tried once more and it got of hoof and turned into a three page thing. If you're so inclined:

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2358506 Heh. You did say something about wanting to write back then... so I thought, just in case.

Thanks for the follow. Maybe one day I will get a story published and be worthy of being folowed:raritywink:

2055699 Heh, you're welcome. Had a few of your stories in my read-later for about forever and today chanced on one of those I didn't have there. I'll now proceed to spam you with comments while I dig my way through your work ;)

Thanks for the follow!

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