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It's been a long, long time since Spike was stolen from her, but Twilight hasn't forgotten nor forgiven. After a long and arduous journey, she has finally found him and his kidnapper.

She will save him.

No matter the cost.

Featured on EQD.
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Side story: A Dragon Whispers Her Name

Set in the future, after an unspecified amount of time has passed. Accurate to the canon set before 31/01/2013.
Inspired and loosely based on the short film 'Sintel'.
Elements of the story taken from the 'Where the World Ends' universe (by hlissner).

Image is fanart by NCMares.
Pre-read by ThoseRemainingSilent and Bleeding Rain.
Story formerly known as 'Twintel'.

Chapters (10)
Comments ( 250 )

A very nicely written story, as well as an interesting idea. I can't wait for more.

Comment posted by Wise Cracker deleted Jun 9th, 2015

I like it, but I'm reading this on Dec. 22. It hasn't been updated since then, so I was wondering if it would normally take at least a month to update?
Other than that, its pretty good:twilightsmile:


I've updated last night. For some reason, though, the ticker just doesn't show that.

Can't promise any sort of rapid regular update, sorry.

Thanks for the info!

I couldn't think of anything else, though. Sintel is her name, yes?

This looks interesting, and is technically good. One error I spotted though,

Then, she turned to the door and locking it shut.

That needs to be either "turned to the door and locked it shut" or "turned to the door, locking it shut"

Sintel is the girl's name, yes. If you insist on referencing the short film in the title, I'd try something like 'Twilight Sintel'. It keeps the reference to the film (which, again, I really hope you're not following too closely, otherwise the ending is completely spoiled right from the start) and keeps some meaning of 'Sparkle' in the name.



I guess saying anything at this point will be a spoiler, so... yeah.

I think you have a formatting error somewhere in here, the entire thing is in italics.


Thanks! I see what you mean. Somehow I can't get it to NOT italicize some parts, so I bolded them in the meantime. Apologies.

EDIT: Nevermind, fixed. Was missing a format marker. Removed bolding. Read as now.

This is great, cant wait for more

Great job, cant wait for more

uh, If I was bit by a rabid dog I would be a little worried. Was was being rabid just a reason for twi to kill the dogs? because I'm pretty sure she'll die from an untreated bite. Maybe they could just be a pack of wild dogs instead? Unless you plan to incorporate the rabies thing later.Hoping to see more!


The general-purpose healing spell will take care of that!

But yes, there may be leftover effects...

2029321 Okay, you may want to include something about that just because it's not really addressed in the story

Congrats on getting to EQD. Does this mean more chapters are coming now? Please?



Just a couple days for Chapter 4.

Awesome. But is this one of those stories that only updates every other full moon?


The story is actually all done. I'm just working out the kinks before releasing.


Not nearly enough Twilight/Spike brother/sister fics out there, let alone one where Twilight goes all badass.

Darker, edgier Twilight Sparkle on a solo mission of vengeance?

Yeah, I can get behind this.

ima buying that thabk you very much where are the other chaps?

I like stories like this, for some reason. Showing Twilight converting into a badass but also exposing the emotional baggage that comes with such a conversion. All while showing her descent into moral ambiguity or possibly even psychopathy (Like "Into The Black: A Mare's Tale" and "Halo: On The Wings Of Angels", whenever that gets updated).

...I feel like a horrible person. :applecry:

Anyways, great chappie. Keep up the good work. I keep my fingers crossed for a good ending (There better be a good ending, or else :pinkiecrazy: ).

The entire chapter goes in italics somewhere in the middle. The parts that are supposed to be in regular as well. It's still readable but got confusing after the first time.


Ah, thanks. Fixed.


Yeah, sorry about that. Fixed.

This is Spike mother, don't see.


As for the ending... I won't say anything. Spoilers.

Alls I know is Spike better be alive. If Twilight goes through all of this jus to find him dead...

Author, bad things will happen. :pinkiecrazy:

Experience taught her that the presence of one meant the presence of others. It would be best if she went and got the whole family out, before killing them all in one fell swoop.

:twilightoops: Damn, Twilight. Crossing the Element of Magic seems to be rather...unwise.

Absolutely love this story and Twilight's characterization. :twilightsmile:

As I said, no spoilers.

Thanks! And no, it isn't wise to cross this new Twilight.


And I ain't asking for spoilers.

I'm just sayin'...


Perfect balance of being dark, yet retaining beauty, innocence, and art. I love it.

Can't wait to see what happens, this is amazing!



I wouldn't say innocence, though...

2225113 Well, I meant like the pattern of how she changed, and how her friends were always there, but then we realize that the world isn't all rainbows, and so she had to adjust, yet still retaining some of that light. So sad :(

Uh, remind me, does Spike have green eyes?:rainbowhuh:


He does. :rainbowderp::applejackconfused::twilightoops::pinkiegasp: Aw, fuckdonkeys. This is not good.


Oh no! Spike! :pinkiegasp:
Please don't attack Twilight. She spent years just to find you. :fluttershysad:


Whew... great job building tension, I'm excited for next chapter!


This is a terrifying development :rainbowderp:

Now I want to know more about this jackal... In any case, I can't wait for more :twilightsmile:

Fuck! Don't! Don't Twilight! Don't make it! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...!!!

Oh no, looks like really tragic ending inbound.

Also, oh how I love this story. Lets check the list.
[x] Well written
[x] Focus on Twilight and Spike
[x] Utterly badass Twilight.
[x] World building with a focus on the outside of Equesteria.
[x] Twilight adopting to a dark and grim world

Would you look at that. :twilightsmile:

The Shit... It has just gotten real.

I remind you once more, dear author, that no matter how well this is written, no matter how palpable the tension nor or how agonizingly beautiful the world and setting you've created, no matter how utterly real the emotions you've portrayed... if you kill Spike, I will look for you...

I will find you...

And I will smack you.

This is crazy! I had this chapter of the story open in my browser for a while, but didn't get around to reading it. During that time, I thought about the connection between Twintel and Sintel, which I think I remember the author writing about some time ago. Then it dawned on me, what that connection meant. Then I was like, "No way! You're not going to have Twilight kill Spike because he's all grown up and she doesn't recognize him, are you?"

Then I read this. Not exactly what I was thinking, but close enough. This is crazy.

This is a great story. But if Twilight kills Spike...

Also, I think a sequel would be fun.:twilightsmile:

2252989 I say this a lot but... exactly.

That... didn't go where I thought it would...:rainbowderp:
Great chapter but I share Jake's sentiments

Twilight, Spike -- I am sorry.

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