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For so long Twilight fought to defeat the relentless parasite that had consumed Equestria with fear. She risked her life fighting for what she belived in. Her friends are now dead, her mind is full of rage and now she has become the one thing she truely despised. As she begins to slowly loose control, Twilight decides to once and for all, find whoever did this to her friends and take them down.

But will Twilight find the mystery antagonist, bring them to justice and find a cure before one of Equestria's brightest ponies is driven to insanity and Equestria's only hope for peace is lost?

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oh shit! and so it begins nice man, niceeeee

first sentence, slap an e on Ponyvill

5 Paragraphs from the end, replace 'was' with 'were'.

Im hooked

Can't wait for next chapter.

Yay!? I'm not sure which one of my emotions I should convey. That's how good this story is! Keep it coming!:yay:

Poor poor twilight.............everyone has a little insanity inside, sealed away deep within their minds............some can control the insanity and use it at will.........some give in and let the insanity take full control of their body, mind, and spirit.
anyone want cyber CupCAKeS:pinkiecrazy:

there are only two conceivable to me based on what i have seen written of this and the other two stories.

ending #1: Twilight finds out whose responsible, torturously kills them, and goes on being insane and killing everyone everywhere.

ending #2: Twilight finds whose responsible, torturously kills them, and later dies from something. Death may include but are not limited to death by drowning, death by robots, death by justice, death by bad publicity, or death by penguins.

No hope of a satisfying ending where twilight is cured. Though if she dies somebody else may become insane such as celestia, or derpy, or the orphan formerly known as applebloom.

483612 At least Applebloom has Granny Smith :P

483696 That makes it so much better when neither of them can run the farm, seeing as grannysmith is too old and brittle to buck trees, and are of innapropriate ages to be hired and work for a living doing something else. There only hope is too have a member of their large family to take them in and care for them, or you could have twilight put them out of their misery. You might as well, i don't care who you kill anymore. rip off applebloom's ears it shall be amusing.

Misspelled 'Insanity" in your short description.

Pretty Awesome, but I found a spelling mistake.
"Twilight was soon stood at the front foor of her library before she used her magic to pull the key out of her saddle bag and used it to unlock the large red door. unicorn. The whole crowd stood silent, not knowinf what to do next. One by one, they all slowly seperated, they knew the answer to their questions."

I underlined it. Other than that, it's pretty good!

Kill the CMC!!! "Cutie Mark Crusaders: Murder Victims"

485188 cmc must die:pinkiecrazy:
You want to buy some cyber CupCAKeS now:pinkiecrazy:

"Twilight was soon stood at the front foor of her library before she used her magic to pull the key out of her saddle bag and used it to unlock the large red door. unicorn. The whole crowd stood silent, not knowinf what to do next" i dont think unicorn should be there and also i think you called twilight a pegasus at one point after the pegasus left i think it was where it was describing her apearnce

by the way just a personnel preference but some people prefer smaller chapters like these just to be combined and the second one be a sub chapter or just completely merged with the first (i personally prefer 1000 words+ chapters)

SHIT JUST GOT REAL!:twilightangry2:

Uh oh! The symptoms have started! :pinkiegasp: And so it begins!

486418 Thank you for poointing those out. :) I tend to go cank through parragraphs, seeing a place where I can add a sentance. I then get started forget what I was goint to write and then move on to something else.

As for calling Twilight a pegasus. .... I have no excuse. :derpytongue2:

Awww heeeaaalll yeah!!! Ooooohhh!!! Who's it gonna be?! :pinkiecrazy:

Twilight. KILL. No jk lol.....but ANYWAYS oh no Twilight :raritydespair:

Oh Celestia, I gonna hate to see how bad the dreams are! :applecry::unsuresweetie:

"Will you please stop saying that you sorry" typos usually doesn't bug me but someone using you instead of you're just drives me nuts

485423 Yes. Yes I would.

489691 good.....what kind do you want i got
Vanilla, chocolate, rainbow dash, strawberry, marble, turtle, fudge, glazed, rainbow dash, short, up side down, jell-o, ice cream, tres leche, freezed, sprinkles, and rainbow dash:pinkiecrazy:

its fine to be honest bit fast paced is all i have to complain about

It's perfectly fine!

its short but its fine keep the good work

Oh my! oh good sir! it's so grim, i love it!

Hold on, as I recall, Rainbow Dash bit Twilight in the muzzle before she cast the memory spell on Rainbow. And after she cast it, she went back to her old self. Other than that, the chapter is fine.

Keep it as it is

this story is so awesome javascript:smilie(':rainbowkiss:');

494654 Actualy if you recall again Rainbow Dash was screaming in agony as Twilight was casting her memory spell. The virus doesn't feel pain. Well, by dosent feel pain I mean it only lets the host feel it.


Hope this answers your question.

this whole story has been good so far
why will you not let anyone Edit for you. :fluttershysad:

497744 I have no problem with people editing my work. :) I do have an editor now but he's so far proving to be unreliable. (gee i sounded like an ass then :ajbemused:) Contacting him is a pain in the ass and for the past few weeks he keeps saying he's forgeting to edit, despite my numerous reminders. :twilightangry2:

I am looking fo an editor but right now it's proving to be difficult to find one who can edit chapters daily.

What does "on hiatus" mean?

497910 What about me? I'm good at editing. I can't do it on a daily basis, but I can do it often. And I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results.:pinkiehappy:

539224 On hiatus means "On hold" I just needed a break.

But I'm going back to this project now. Swapping between this one and "Hero of war" every now and then.. And I'd really appretiate the help :)

Why does the name of this chapter remind me of meet the demo man? Just one twitch...AND KABLOOIE!:pinkiecrazy:

She has become the one thi g she most despised?
October Sky by EvDog?

What? What the hey happened to Rainbow Dash?

Oh god finally an update:yay:

It just ocurred to me: The voices in her head (I'm assuming) started, possibly, telling her to kill Spike as soon as he began to question her.
If so, then I present you the ultimate way for Spike not dying: Spike. Thou shalt not question her. Ever.

yay:yay: new chapter

1033069 and hopefully a new chapter tonight, I'm going to do daily updates from now on.

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