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This is my contribution to all the witty and unique descriptions that everyone aside from me seemingly has on this damned site. You're welcome.


It's been eighty-nine days since the Day of Darkness, and Twilight Sparkle is still on her own. Eighty-nine days since she talked to anyone other than herself. Regardless of how lonely she feels, she prefers the company of herself to the vicious "lurkers", as she calls them, roaming around outside of her library. Whatever friendly, loving creatures they were before the Day of Darkness, something changed them. Something created these insane creatures, and nothing, not even Twilight, can stop them. All Twilight can do is live — live to fight another day.

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So, this is the lone survivor of my procrastination. All my other stories trailed off somewhere, but this one held firm. Hope you like it, but I better shut up, now. Dash is judging my typing, and she follows my mouse where ever it goes. Get out while you still can.

dash is doing the same to me :fluttercry: please don't hurt meeee!


DAMN YOU! I have stories I have to work on, and 11 chapter updates in my fav list, and you have to post something that just looks SOO FREAKIN INTERESTING, that I have to read it...

You are EVIL! EVIL I tell ye LMAO!!!!!

It DOES look good though. Maybe someone will do a reading of this one.

This... this looks kind of interesting. I'm gonna track it!

Oh, I like this.

1860020 This defiantly has something to do with I AM LEGEND.

1862844 Then it all went according to plan... :pinkiecrazy:

1862999 Nope. :pinkiesmile: Nothing at all.

One of the best films evaar.

1862999 One of Will Smith's BEST performances!

1863175 No, not really. The only similarity is the concept.

I'm usually content with waiting for updates, but... damn that was a cliffhanger and I want more... oh well

I'm going to guess that, if Twilight's theory is correct, the non-lurker is Dashie who happened to be napping at the time of the incident. But, because she was outside, she was still physically altered with certain instincts attached (thus why it took a little while to speak up) so Twilight will be able to research a cure using 'Dashie' as a test subject, with some drama happening with 'Dash' loosing control of course. (even if not Dash I'm sticking with that theory until proven wrong.) So... how far off am I?

1863920 As much as I'd like it be Dashie, with her being my favourite pony and all, she'll only get a small mention later. The non-lurker will be revealed later. :scootangel:

With your second part, that was going to be the original plot, so you're not far off from there! Don't worry about the cliffhanger, I'm working on the second chaper as we speak.

Ahem... Yes we'll I do like we're this is heading and it seems it will be a promising tale so yay



1927104 Thank you. :twilightsmile: I hope it'll continue being awesome.

Aww, man. This isn't going to turn into another TwiDash story is it? :raritydespair:

1938050 Nope. :twilightsmile: What gives you that impression?

Twilight looked down at the lurker in shock, her mouth wide open. No longer struggling, it began to transform into different colours, mirroring the palette of a rainbow.

Either you're talking about Rainbow Dash or a grown up Princess Skyla. I guessed the former.

Lately TwiDash has become the new big trend everyone's writing to try and get in the feature box. Though seeing as how you're writing Horror—and very good horror, I might add—I guess it's safe to assume that you aren't trying to cash in on the fleeting popularity of current trends.

Very 'I Am Legend' feel to this, which I'd guess is what you're going for. But I'm also guessing you've got some twistiness of your own coming. I'm comparing to Matheson's book, btw, not that thing of a movie (I'd love to see one lurker just standing outside saying "Twilight!" over and over :P)

But yeah, I love this story, I like your style about it; really looking forward to the next part!

This is I am legand meets mlp meets something new. This is awsome. can't wait for the next chapter.

This is... most excellent!

Intriguing... Must see more. Do continue.

Comment posted by rvb62 deleted Jan 11th, 2013

This is a very interesting story! Moar please!

Very interesting... Please write more!

Have a like and a favorite!

Oh, and if you didn't know, your story is featured on Equestria Daily!

I love this, I'm gonna take two guesses here:

1. Twilight's new friend is a changeling

2. This was at least partially inspired by Alan Wake

Do I get anything now? :pinkiehappy:

Thankyou Equestria Daily without you I wouldn't have found this amasing story

This looks a lot like the don't go outside series at first glance.


Interesting. Reminds me of the book "I Am Legend." You've peaked my interest.

1938907 Ah, I see. Well, nope, in short. Can't Won't reveal any further details than that. Next chapter coming soon, though. :twilightsheepish:

1939498 Thank you! Yep, I Am Legend was a great inspiration for this, both the book and the film. Second chapter is in the works!

1939519 Well, it's inspired by a lot of things, really. Interesting to see that most, if not all, people caught on with I Am Legend, but I also used: Metro 2033 for the generally dark atmosphere and The Walking Dead for the emotions that came about after catastrophes. All these and more for my inspiration. :twilightsmile:

1940140 Thank you, and I will! And yes, I know. :twilightsmile:

1940667 You may have a cookie, but you still got one of those wrong. Only time will tell which one...

"My name is Twilight Sparkle. I am a survivor living in Ponyville. If there's anyone on this frequency: please! Respond. You are not alone."

Mmmm, a fic that might just be a parody of I Am Legend? Must read!

1942734 Parody? Parody!? I would never mock such a film... Besides, the whole setup would be ever so slightly different if it was.

I mean, perhaps I'll do some references later on. :trixieshiftleft:

Wow, great fic idea and greatly performed fic.

It seems indeed like Twilight is telling us the story of this fic, heh, I mean, all caclulations and explanations.
Well done.

And interesting storyline, I wonder where you will take it, all the possibilities, heh. This was a great 'introduction', and I'll be following the continuation of this fic to see which way you decide to continue it :twilightsmile:

Liked, faved, and watching you, as I recall I've enjoyed some of your earlier fic(s) too, I'll check that out ^^
Thanks for writing this and putting it up for everyone to enjoy! :)

I believe the only term capable of describing this would be: MOAR! :flutterrage:

And now I have to go watch 'I an legend'

1944742 No, thank you for reading! :twilightsmile: Seriously, it makes my day reading these sorts of comments. I mean, it's already fun enough to write, but it's so rewarding to actually read that someone likes it. The next chapter is in the works, and it'll likely be submitted in the next couple of days.

1946079 You should read I Am Legend instead, it's way better than the movie (especially the end).

THIS IS FRIGGIN AMAZING! love it, pls finish the next chapter as soon as possible so i can enjoy this story.

I will keep this in mind

1942594 1940667 i think the changeling thing is wrong because this reminds me of "Creeping Darkness" by Pen Stroke which is a crossover with Alan Wake. especially the light thing and endless darkness

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