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Twilight's gone. In her battle through time, she died, a victim of an alternate timeline. Starlight is defeated, but at what cost?

Spike's lost the pony that's always loved him, the one who acted as a mother, sister, teacher, and best friend. Now he's in pain... but he's not alone. Because Twilight's friends have vowed not to let him become an orphan. In place of one mother, five will now raise him.

AU in regards to The Cutie Re-Mark and Crusaders of the Lost Mark

Basic idea by Rated Ponystar

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Here's the first thing that popped into my head when Spike was beating down Starlight:

Well. That was uncharacteristically brutal. But if there's anything that could make Spike flip out like that it would be hurting

6886634 I had this in mind, actually.

Also, amazing job as always. I have to see more of this soon!

All it needs is an awesome cover! But that can come later. Loving it so far, sad as its started.

Starlight is in for a very, very, very bad time. Starlight, you should know that mercy is off the table after this.

I was going to say you seem to have a penchant for putting Starlight through the wringer, but I can hardly blame Spike.

Decent setup, anyway. Not much to say so far other than poor kid, doesn't know what he has until it's gone.

Comment posted by Dragonwaz deleted Jan 30th, 2016

And so it begins...

I wonder how Celestia and Shining Armor are going to react.

is sunburst,starlight`s childhood friend, gonna play a part in this? if so what would be his reaction to her...recent activities?

6886827 probably gonna want to put starlight`s head on a silver platter for starters.

6886782 i agree. theres gonna be a LOT of ponies( and non-ponies) that would LOVE to see her get burned on a stake or worse, the least starlight can do is pray for a quick execution ~but~ considering how close twilight and celestia were i dont think thats gonna happen.

Well. That happened.

I look forward to seeing where you go from here, especially with Starlight.

I like how Pinkie Pie is the first one to hug Spike. Just because she's the random one, doesn't mean she doesn't know when to be serious. I like that! Please continue!

Whoa. One heck of an emotional first chapter. I feel terrible for Twilight and Spike, but you did an excellent job on the first chapter. And, as for Starlight, well, I have a feeling she will be lucky to see her first parole hearing in twenty years if she pulls through. Celestia will almost certainly see to THAT. At any rate, I will definitely be looking forward to more of this as soon as time and inspiration will allow.

Yikes, things can only escalate from here. This is not going to end well for Starlight, especially not when Twilight's family and fellow Princesses find out. Though while probably not going to happen, I wonder how Princess Luna would feel if she found out it was Nightmare Moon who struck the killing blow.

You're going to kill me with this.


Starlight's alive? Darn. Oh well, not for much longer.

He will... and wait and see.

So, Sunset didn't actually take the shot before Spike beat her? Or did she?

I know she's responsible for the situation that killed Twilight either way, but it's a very different situation if she took the shot or not, knowing it would definitely kill Twilight...

I'm assuming you mean Starlight.

The shot was for filly Dash. Twilight was already dead, hence Spike's rage.

Yes, yes I did mean Starlight.

Okay, so she is only indirectly responsible, in a way that she didnt see coming beforehand.

6887675 all i can say for starlight is may faust have mercy on her soul cause twilight`s friends,family, and fellow princesses may not.

6888134 please update soon

Comment posted by Airee deleted Jan 31st, 2016

Let's see they can't charge Glimmer with first degree murder but they can charge her with 6 counts of theft, maiming if you can call removing cutiemarks maiming but removing a part of someone's body sounds like maiming to me, 6 account of kidnapping/wrongful inprisonment, freud, transpacing on government, public and private property all at once, assault on both a leader, and two children so it looks like she could also change with tression so the death penalty is very likely and if not life in prison.

Also does Spike inherent what ever Twilight had or is that going to someone else? Does Spike get her throne?

Did you post this chapter previously? I'd swear I've read this before, or I'm having serious deja vu. :rainbowlaugh:

One heck of a way to set up the story! Starlight is sooooooooo boned.

Well that's a hellva start. Part of me thinks Spike's gonna go down a Bruce Wayne kinda path though I think the remaining 5 will probably try their damnedest to keep him from going that way. Hard days ahead for our heroes for certain.

6891168 batman? more like nemesis if u ask me. (if u dont know who that is look up project nemesis)

You know, it just occurred to me that it's awfully convenient that Spike forgot that he can breathe fire, or else this story would have a lot less Starlight in it. That got me thinking, though. Maybe that was a thing when Spike was younger? Maybe he had a unfortunate fire-breath reflex that Twilight had to work out of him? It's a neat thought, at least.

Anyway, this is a deeply depressing start to an incredibly intriguing premise. And I am already desperate for more. :raritydespair:

6891442 when a character is consumed by grief, common sense, such as a reminder to himself that he can flambe starlight takes a back seat to good old fashioned pumelling.

And so Spike will probably go all "My parents died because of bad guys. Now I shall protect the innocent." Because there has to be some force that serves as Equestria's main defense. Now with Twilight gone, the Elements of Harmony won't work until a new Element of Magic is found. Celestia only fights when it's about her entire kingdom and she is present at the scene. Luna doesn't do anything sadly. There just isn't really any other force.

6886827 Probably not very well.

I get the feeling that Spike isn't the only on who'll want to kill Starlight when this news gets out.

6891873 Just one teeny thing wrong with your hypothesis here

Now with Twilight gone, the Elements of Harmony won't work until a new Element of Magic is found.

And that is that they gave the Elements back to the Tree of Harmony clear back in the Season 4 premiere. They don't have them anymore.


6891945 Okay. I don't really keep up with the show so I didn't know about that. Thanks for letting me know.

Well fuck dude starting off with some real heavy shit. Bravo

Am I the only one think it would be cool that Spike inherited the "Will of Twilight" that's what came calling it, along with the the throne and title that some how throw some magical whatever that Twilight's cutie-mark some how become part of his chest. Like Lopoddity's next gen character Pandora.

She's lucky Spike didn't barbecue her face.

This fanfic is starting with heavy feels. I can't wait to see how it goes from there!

Time's a stickler for order, even moreso than Celly herself.

Whoa. That was heavy. :pinkiesad2:

There’d be no more writing so much he got a wrist cramp, no more reshelving days, no more of her anal organization system.

Considering the tone of all this, you might want to correct that.

Heavy feels in this chapter, and we haven't seen Twilight's other family members yet... I look forward for the next part with moistened eyes...

Two questions.

1: Given there are fics that have people reacting positively to Princess Twilight's death (assassination of Twilight Sparkle for example), will there be anyone like that in fic?

2: Will the E.Q verse get involved? Not as a major part, but will someone tell the Humane 5 and Sunset?

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo celestia's kinda daughter is dead
them feels

What a jerky time spirit. I don't blame Celestia for her breakdown at all, though I can only imagine how horrible this is going to be once Twilight's family learns what has happened.

At least he tried...

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