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This story is a sequel to Families

Third in the Nuptialverse...

Twilight Sparkle has done much for Equestria. If it weren't for her, Equestria would be destroyed three times over by now.

So what happens when she has to leave? What happens when she and Spike are forced to depart from Equestria in order to fulfill their duties? And what happens when there's still important things at home to do?

Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash now have to get along without the one who leads them. All of Equestria is counting on them. Can they do it?

AU only post-season 2, since the basic idea for this fic was created long before it aired. Events similar to season 3 have happened, all of which will be revealed. Strongly recommended you read Post Nuptials and Families first.

Cover art by Concier

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Ugh, Fancy Pants, what the hell are you doing!?:facehoof:

Looks like that the dragon king was a reasonable guy in the end... unlike his son.

Nice start, let see how this will develop.

Interesting. Very interesting.


:yay: The next story in the saga has at last begun! Can't wait to see what happens next!:twilightsmile:

Although I must say, several of the things mentioned in the Prologue sound fairly ominous. What are Fancypants and Zecora up to, that he's worried about anyone in Ponyville finding out that she's gone? What's Chrysalis up to? Will Dyne be able to keep Garble on a leash, especially when it comes to the latter's vengeance against Spike, Twilight and Company? And just what does King Dyne know about Spike and his past, anyway?:applejackunsure::applejackconfused::ajbemused:

Oh, the suspense! I'll be glad when the chapters start rolling in! Til next time, take care and keep 'em comin', bro!!!:ajsmug::twilightsmile:

EDIT: Wow, you've got 13 upvotes on this chapter already! Well done! Shows how good it is!

Time to go another round of Darth Link. Sometime in a few days...

3525618 LEEROY..... Sorry, I just had to :derpytongue2:

Wait, so instead of Twilight writing a new spell that will allow her to become an alicorn, it will be these trials that you were talking about. While she is doing these trials, the rest of the main cast will be solving the problems Twilight solved in season 3. You also show King Dyne actually showing some respect for Twilight, which means he'll be more accustomed to Spike being in her hoofs. This is already becoming an awesome premise. Can't wait for more!

Everyone here is shifty. I don't trust them.:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:


Wait... Is that the Smooze?
Did Zecora just brew the Smooze?

Huzzah! It has arrived!
And what a way to start! You already got me to the edge of my seat with just the prologue (is this going to be a thing with all your stories?). Anyway, great work!

... Thank you. Now I can't get that song out of my head.

Families might not have warranted a dark tag, but it certainly toed that line pretty tightly a few times.

guess we'll see where this goes. should be fun :pinkiehappy:

Now, I thought this up before season three aired, but several aspects of it ended up fitting in my vision. Assume that everything except "Magical Mystery Tour" and "Equestria Girls" happened, and this will still have elements of those stories in here.

I think you mean "Magical Mystery Cure". :twilightoops::twilightsheepish:

Hmm. Ominous. Most ominous... I can't wait for all of this to come to a head! :pinkiehappy:

Also, when you say assume everything took place, does that include "Keep Calm and Flutter On"? A reformed Discord has a tendency to unhinge conspiracies by simple virtue of his existence.

In any case, looking forward to more.

Oh, and one last thing. Zecora's last line is kind of weak. If I may suggest an alternative:

"One who fights monsters then looks in the mirror,
May see there a monster that could not be nearer."

I should have posted this link earlier: here

Prologue seems misspelled

yes. Just yes. Can't wait to read more, and I'm so glad it's continuing.

No tag for Twilight or Spike?:rainbowhuh:

No, they're going to be off screen most of the story.

Do you have any plans to address anything of importance that Season 4 might produce? Just in case something pops up that might cause trouble for the universe you've built up. :trixieshiftleft:

Plots and plans all around it seems.
I sure hope Fancy lives up to my dreams.
How does Zecora do this all day long
I couldn't even manage for the length of a song.

All right!
Not much to say so far, considering we only have scattered bits to work with, but I am glad that Celestia and Dyne got to have their talk before anything else could hit the fan.

Definitely can't wait to see where this one goes! :rainbowderp:

Damn, quite the setup here in this chapter. Curious and eager to see where this goes.

Well it's about time!

Cover art by Concier

Who's this Concier chap? :ajsmug:

Alright, then.... It's showtime!

You're welcome.

I'm annoyed that the Dragon King x Celestia meeting happened pretty much off screen, I was looking forward to it honestly. I'll take the mild distraction having the Smooze song stuck in your head as my petty revenge.


In the chapter 'Life goes on' of Families you had several short snippets play out, among them was Trixie on the Pie Family rock farm.
In the Prologue you sum up

a mad pony who had somehow found a dangerous artifact thought to be destroyed

I do wonder if this was specifically the infamous Trixie episode? Also I wonder if the short snippet of her back in families was just set-up for the season 3 episode in question?
If these are both the case, I find it odd that you would place a set-up specifically for a scene that would not be mentioned except in passing but at that would play out (assumedly) unchanged from the actual episode itself.
I have to ask if there was another plan that was changed or abandoned here?

Or would answers just be a spoiler of things to come?

3526232 So does this mean we don't get to see the trials that Twilight have to go through?

Anyway, there seems to be a lot of conspiracies behind the scenes going on. I am guessing this story takes place instead of "Magical Mystery Cure?" That all the other episodes you are including has already happened?

... Are we going to see the trails?

I wonder just who Spike is as well... and what Fancypants/Zecora are planning.

Post Nuptials was interesting because it dealt with canon and expanded upon it with a heavy dose of realism. It was well written and didn't try to be anything grander than what it was, a well written character study and logical deduction of what happened during the Royal Wedding

Families tried to answer several questions that have been unanswered in the series, but turned into a dark and violent story with a stupid political conflict which couldn't have interested me less. If it wasn't for the Scootaloo subplot, I would have quit after the dragon-maiming. Also went with the most common fandom ideas with an unimaginative endings: Scootadoption, Pie family redemption and Twilightmom.

Forward doesn't even deal with canon events or anything. And a Dark tag to boot? Not gonna bother with it.

So, we have at least three plots underway here. One is definitely malign (with Discord sponsoring Chrysalis, how could it be anything else?). I'm actually unsure about Fancy Pants. Maybe he's doing a good thing but, from his thoughts about Rarity and Twilight's reaction, that's debatable. As for Celestia? Well, whatever she's plotting is for the Greater Good, we can be sure of that... Whether Twilight will see it that way?

I'll follow this to see where it goes, but the lack of Twilight and Spike does lessen my enthusiasm, I admit.

3527789 I have to agree. My whole reason for following Post Nuptials was the character examination. I could care less about the genre the series has decided to involve itself with.

And so, questions abound. What is Discord making Chrysalis do? How will Twilight handle the Trials? Will I ever finish my own fanfiction and stop wasting the days away on here?
Great story as always, can't wait for more.

3528293 Wait, YOU and ME are agreeing on something? Dude... wtf? :twilightoops:

3528459 you hate on Twilestia fics. It's natural I disagree with you then. This is Nuptialverse. It's completely different as a dynamic. But yes, it is odd to see us unanimously agree something is bad. That's generally a sign something is wrong. :unsuresweetie:

Even though I'm going to give it a chance, it's sobering to see my opinion duplicated by others.

Ooh, another Dark Link fic *rubs hooves together* I am intrigued by this setup, and shall track.


I do wonder if this was specifically the infamous Trixie episode?


I do enjoy Trixie as a Character, she's my favourite character in the series.
But both her episodes are, to me at least, 'mishandled' at best.

3530484 Ah.

I thought maybe that specific episode was more controversial than I realized.

I think the reason this hasn't got that much of a response is because there's only a prologue up. Just saying that it might have helped to have a first chapter too.

I'm sorry, but I find myself agreeing with Isseus and KnightOfCerebus here. Families got needlessly dark halfway through, and while the Scootabuse was a more realistic example of abuse, it was still completely unnecessary. Plus, was it REALLY necessary to retcon Pinkie Pie's backstory so that her parents were abusive towards her after she got her cutie mark?

And from the comments I've been reading, it sounds like this is one of those "This is how season 3 SHOULD have happened" type of stories. And to be perfectly honest? I despise those types of stories. I really hate it when fanfiction writers feel the need to retcon canon events in order to fit their own story (as you could probably already tell from my comment about Pinkie Pie's portrayal in Families).

I'm sorry, but I just can't bring myself to read this one. I think I'll stick to About Last Night. You write humor and slice-of-life stories better than this stuff.

Dyne was shocked. After months of having his request put off by Celestia for different emergencies (the reemergence of the Crystal Empire, a mad pony who had somehow found a dangerous artifact thought to be destroyed, false leads on the Changeling Queen) and a request for their meeting to be away from Dragon Territory, and alone, he was thinking Celestia better have a good explanation for this dragon whelp.

is this a canon reference or a reference to another story:unsuresweetie:
I have seen a few that have done that.
and here comes trollestia again:trollestia:
let's see where this goes before I like it.

I just put the Dark tag because everyone said Families was dark. I don't see it. Maybe I'm just desensitized.

It will be dealing with a canon event. The reason Twilight leaves Equestria will be based on a canon episode. And it will focus on everypony's character getting along without her. I don't care if that changes your mind, I'm just saying..

It's nothing like that. S3 is happening differently because I had the idea before it aired and some things in that season I wanted to use. It's already happened as of this prologue, as I've referenced.

And as for Pinkie... eh, that's just the story that came to me. If you don't like it, that's your opinion.

The image links to his deviantArt page.

A series of fics that started with Post Nuptials. The list is on my profile.


child abuse is dark, especially psychological child abuse. Treason is dark. Hell, the way you come up with immortality is dark.

I like your writing, but I wish you'd stick with slice of life because a lot of times I feel like the payoff at the end isn't worth the way you extend the plot to really show how terrible your villains are

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