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This story is a sequel to Direction

The Element of Magic has been stolen. Twilight has to venture through a magic mirror in order to get it back. On the other side, she finds a world filled with creatures she thought were legend, and yet they all wear familiar faces. Now, with the help of a local principal and a few helpful teens, she needs to track down Celestia's former student and get her Element back before it's too late.

The Nuptialverse's take on Equestria Girls. Happens simultaneously with Direction

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UH, is this a sequel or an alt uni version of Direction or what? :twilightoops:

In Direction, Twilight leaves early on for the Human Word (in ch3). This is what Twilight's doing during that time.

Oh boy. It beggins :rainbowkiss:
The interactions were very enjoyable. One thing I found odd is just how... "unassuming" Celestia's reactions were. I'm sure they're in-character, but maybe hinting at a minor freak out would add more depth.

I liked this chapter, and I'm looking forward for more. :pinkiehappy:

Okay, I have to say, I am loving Principal Snarklestia. Looking forward to where this story goes.

Hey there. Not much I can say other than excellent job on the first chapter of this sidequel. The exchanges and future chapter set-up were all well done in all the right places. I'll definitely be looking forward to more of this as soon as time and inspiration will allow.

Hmm, hopefully by cluing in Celestia and Luna right off the bat, we can skip the whole prom queen plot...

Holy cow, somehow I had completely forgotten that Twilight considered Spike her son in the Nuptialverse. How on earth did I forget that?

This is going to be fun. Obviously things are going to be different from the film and right from the start we have a game changer with Twilight telling Celestia and Luna her origins. Personally, as a fan of the pairing, I'd like to see how you handle Twilight running into Flash in this universe, if at all, just my own little thing. I can't wait to see how this will go, but obviously some thing can't be changed too much from the film. Good first chapter.

How screwed will I be if I keep reading this as it updates but don't read Direction? I probably will, I just want to know if it's required reading or not.

Not very until the end. Twilight's eventually going home, and things that happen in both stories will affect things. But you can read these one at a time without too much trouble.

I forgot how hilarious your stories are. I love the reference to original MLP.

Can' wait to see your changes in this story :D

I look forward to more of this. Out of question, will this be all that you focus on, or will you alternate updates between it and Direction?

If one passes through an interdimensional portal and are temporarily blinded, immediately telling one of the locals you are a physically highly different alien from another universe seems a somewhat trusting way of going about things.

So, time passes much more slowly in the Equestria Girls universe? It certainly provides an explanation why there was no overlap between Sunset and Twilight's times as Celestia's student...

Two. Days.:facehoof: Well, better late than never.

Intriguing change to have Principals Celestia and Luna in on things. (Also occurs to me now that Princess Luna might be kind of offended if she learned of the Vice Principal thing- enough people think she gets treated as the Vice Princess anyway.:rainbowlaugh:)

And Spike keeps on freaking people out in your stories.:rainbowlaugh:

6862030 I think it's called a Midquel?

Not as much fun as when Twilight became a human in the movie, but I'll give it a change. Also, after reading The Wheel and the Butterfly by Justice3442, I've liked the idea of Twilight getting used to eating meat as a human because it's so much fun.

I think a more appropriate term would be "side story" or "spin-off".

Because Twilight and Spike haven't been in the stories for awhile.

This will be focused on for a bit, but it will eventually peter out to equal updates.

Somehow I completely missed that this had come out. This should be interesting.

Vegan is another term. There are differences, but I’m not entirely sure what.

:ajbemused: Really, she's a principal and doesn't know the difference between vegan and vegetarian? Wow.

Eh, I suppose. Still, I'm normally on top of all the minutiae surrounding the multiple fictional universes (and the fan alternate universes) that I follow. Or at least the big stuff, which I would consider that to be.

“Really?” She looked at the metal thing with a skeptical look. “How’s it work?”
“I’m not entirely sure,” Celestia said. “We just use it, and take it to an expert when it stops working.”

And you are a Principal? :derpyderp1::trixieshiftright:
That´s says a lot about the state of the current educational system .

6868153 I'm with this guy. Celestia seems to be more ignorant of basic things than I'd really expect.

You know... If swear Spike did that on purpose

Well, this is going to get interesting...

6863287 Midquel or Interquel are both appropriate terms.


Sounds good. And I don't care what anyone says, I like the Twilight x Flash Sentry pairing and hope it will come up here. I don't think she's been introduced to romance yet if I remember the series thus far.

Oh good lord...
Twilight on the internet in this version is so hilarious. Poor Spike...

Here's hoping Twilight doesn't discover the dark side of the Internet. You can find some pretty messed up stuff if you're not careful. :duck:

6901753 You can find it even if you ARE careful.


Maybe Celestia has the safe search turned on.

Twilight with an entire library at her fingertips, or an entire library of libraries, she'll be a while that's for sure. There's no way it's going to be as simple as going to Sunset's place though, things are never that easy. Looking to see what happens next.

Excellent work on this latest chapter. :-D The emotional content, exchanges and humor are all great in all the right places. And, to be fair, a lot of the more caring pet owners DO treat their pets like their own kids, so there actually IS a certain amount of Fridge Brilliance to Spike still being a dog in this universe. And, it might be kind of funny if Human Luna ended up meeting and adopting a possum like her equine counterpart some time after this adventure is over.

At any rate, I'll definitely be looking forward to more of this as soon as time and inspiration.

Heh. By the way, the modern keyboard isn't just to force people to type slower. As someone who types 110 words per minute thanks to that awesome high school typing class, I know what I'm talking about. :)

The idea was to put the most commonly used letters on the main row, with progressively less used keys farther away from the common center. This is why "z" is all the way on the far left, because it isn't used nearly as often as "f" or "j", which are used a lot. The most commonly used consonants and vowels were then placed with an eye toward how often they cropped up in language, and then what would allow for the greatest ease with the least strain. It's actually a very complicated piece of work, and surprisingly effective. A lot of thought went into the modern keyboard, which is why it's never been replaced.

6901837 One word: Hyperlinks

I wonder if Sunset did the friendship sundering in this universe?

Still catching up on all the fics in this story, but forgot Twilight would be stuck here for a month. At least that gives her more time to deal with Sunset though also means she'll be gone from Equestria for a long time (haven't read through the other parallel fic yet). Oh dear, Twilight with a month to spend on the computer, this isn't going to end well. She'll probably end up trying to drag back at least several boxes of printed articles with her to Equestria. If she doesn't just try to load it all up in a car and drive that through the portal. :twilightsmile: That would be a sight to see.

I always love the idea of Twilight actually figuring out the internet and... well, yeah, going into obsession mode. Technically Spike's the child (well, dog now), but more than half the time he's looking after her. I doubt it'll be as easy as going to Sunset's home address and getting the crown back . Nice explanation for why the Fall Formal crown just happens to look like the Element of Magic (part of Sunset's plan), as well as for the time discrepancy between worlds. Wonder if Sunset got fake identity papers (and probable fake address), or if she replaced the native Sunset. The rest of the Mane Six have already been mentioned, but I always find it intriguing, the possibility of Twilight and Sunset's counterparts being involved somehow too (since you're not following the movie exactly of course).

It occurred to me that given how responsible the principal and her sister are, I think the moment Twilight suggests kickstarting Equestria's Industrial Revolution, she'd want to show the girl the down side to rampant industrial development. In a world of magic, much of what oil is used for can be replaced with alternative power sources. That would be better for a world of magical creatures than filling the atmosphere and waterways with industrial pollutants. Especially since Celestia has the opportunity to head that particular nightmare off at the very beginning.

As for stuff like the Internet, use magical crystal tech, and some magical holographics, and you don't need electricity or any of that. Just enchanted crystals, for CPU, memory, and wifi. And considering rock farmers in Equestria grow gemstones to order, they're ideally suited to leapfrog our own technology and jump straight to optical computing.

Ah, memories of when I first came to know the Net....

And Twilight and Spike continue to settle in.

The keyboard thing combined with her inability to give a basic description of a combustion engine's workings (something I learned at, like, 9, from the Magic School Bus), leads me to believe this Celestia is a better administrator than teacher...

6902454 you know, I had a similar idea to make use of Crystals of the magic version of our world. EX: like maybe use gravity crystals for an aircraft fighter jet or maybe for a cab rider (all they need to do is push or pull on the petals to move their carriers around). Heat crystals for spa and hot baths and for the colder climates and stuff. Oh maybe use crystal tech for a telephone replacement. The Possiblities are endless here.:pinkiehappy:

I wish Twilight luck…you all know what's on there…

Twilight has discovered the internet... and sleep is now a thing of the past.

That's not entirely accurate: there was some slowing down involved because typewriters had to prevent the jamming of the physical imprinting keys. It was most definitely not an intentional design feature, however: it was an accidental consequence of actual method of preventing the keys from jamming — forcing the keyboard layout to work in a way that kept any of the most commonly used letters in the English language from being next to each other. A and S, and I and O are the only ones in the top 10 that are adjacent, and the former pair are also the only ones in the home row. E, T, O, N, and A are the top five and except for T they are all off to the sides. The home row really is the median point.

You are quite correct about the three least used letters though: Z, X, and Q are all off in the corners.

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Loving this, as always!

Can't wait for Chapter 4!

As to this

And we get our first taste of the HuMane 5. Hope you like!

while Rarity isn't exactly my favorite among the girls (pony or human), I like this intro of her.

Can'r wait to see what happens when she meets the others!

scheduled to become an alicorn?


Throwing Sunset into the foster care system.....

Yikes. I mean, that's a bit harsh. Not only will that probably only hurt her in the long run, as you never hear anything good about foster care, but she'll be sent to be someone else's problem and will inevitably still be a problem to Canterlot High as she will come back.

I'd have posted an image link for the scene in comics if I could have found it, but from this review's starting point of 7:34 to 7:48 to me highlights the issue I have with that call.

Hmm...an interesting view of who Sunset's allies are. Caballeron was one of Daring Do's enemies...and if she has a government job in this timeline, does that mean he's a rogue agent that's teamed up with Sunset in hopes of getting the power of the crown from her?

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