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Commemorating the men who proudly rode motorbikes and fought monsters in super-powered rubber armor for 45 years and those who will continue to do so in the years to come.

For nearly three years, Nightmare Moon has ruled since her return. Celestia has gone missing, and the Elements of Harmony, the line of defense against the corrupted Regent of the Night, have been destroyed.

Yet, seven souls stirred as the nocturnal reign grew. Seven hopes ignited with powers long forgotten to ponykind. And now, seven warriors come out of the shadows, announcing their emergence with one loud cry:


Disclaimer: Kamen Rider is property of Ishinomori Shotarou and Toei, and MLP:FIM belongs to Lauren Faust and Hasbro.

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I'm surprised this story isn't anthro.

I'm confident that this will be fine even if it isn't Anthro. While writing fight scenes for a quadruped is difficult, it's not enough to kill a story. This is a lot more promising than any other Kamen Rider story I've read on this site.

Hmmm... which rider is that? I don't know much about Kamen Rider (I'm a Sentai fan) but if this story goes well, that may change...

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