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33 year old mother of two who likes to write fanfiction. I haven't wrote much MLP fanfiction, so of course any tips are appreciated. I write for fun, not money, so don't expect perfection.


In the final future seen in S5, Starlight refuses to believe that it isn't an illusion just created by Twilight and tears apart the time travel scroll, trapping them. The world turns out to be a seared wasteland where everything they come across is burned to a crisp in unrelenting sunlight.

They find solace in Everfree Forest, where Luna has embraced her Nightmare side and allied (and more) with Queen Chrysalis in an attempt to at least save the lives of some her beloved ponies. The horror of the present they're stuck in sets Twilight on a course to try and figure out what happened and how to stop it. It turns out that she is no where near ready to face the enemy that took over that future. After all, how do you fight someone you love?

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Nice. I like this so far.

A rather interesting future. I guess in this canon you have Sunset Shimmer leaving after the Sonic Rainboom as opposed to before in order for her to have stuck around long enough to get killed, presumably by Celestia. Regardless, I'm sure Twilight will take a very harsh lesson from this timeline, that anypony can be a villain with the right twist of time. Ironically, I'm of the opinion that the reason the last timeline is so bad isn't because of Starlight's interventions, but rather because of Twilight dragging Starlight with her - in all the previous timelines, it's a plausible scenario that Present Starlight stayed behind in the past and moved behind the scenes, defeating most of the villains but never all of them. In the final timeline that wasn't possible because Twilight dragged her along with her.

I'm certain Twilight got more weird vibes when Nightmare Moon called Starlight the Princess of Magic. Alas, poor Starlight is a bigot it would appear, but then her time in this timeline might refine her as an individual.

6780683 I always assumed Sunset left while both she and Twilight were Celestia's students. They never even had to meet, because teachers in some private schools do teach small classes (even classes with as small as two students) separately, and I can imagine an immortal princess easily keeping Sunset and Twilight apart. Twilight spent her time with books more, Sunset spent her time on practicing active spells more.

The reason Celestia basically went mad will be explained in depth later, but to put it shortly, she was insanely lonely and depressed after losing Sunset, and never getting another student. What happened with Luna will also be explained later. Guards/servants don't count, and Prince Blueblood certainly doesn't count.

I want to see a picture of Celestia like this it sounds awesome

7388407 It's actually based on an official picture from the card game! I even included the tapestries, horns, jewelry, and Elements of Harmony throne in my version of evil Celestia. I tried to be as faithful to the "evil" official version as possible. I really want to see her in the show! She looks far more amazing than Nightmare Moon. Look at those DETAILS! I mean, she even has gold jewelry draping her body and tapestries of her takeover behind her!


7388795 well she does look really awesome but in my own opinion Nightmare moon still looks cooler but for it being Celestia it does look really cool and evil :pinkiesmile:

are you going to continue this?:applejackunsure:

8024274 Yes, I do intend to continue. It just takes me awhile with fics because of work and kids. Not a ton of time to focus on writing new chapters, but I do indeed have a second chapter of this finished, just need read over it and change some things that don't make sense.

the name of the story I get the reference (hunchback)

He said in the author’s note that it has nothing to do with hunchback.

Alicorn or not. Magic chose you. I saw you...flying, without wings! With nothing but magic.

So, she was there at least entire time they were asleep? Not creepy at all :rainbowlaugh:

Are you still gonna continue this?

“Please...I can tell you are not from here. You used time travel magic. Please, give it to me. So I can stop this. Please.” The tall alicorn begged.

in my opinion it will not help them in any way. The time traveler will only create a new time line and begin to live THERE, thereby leaving all his friends to burn in this line, giving them false hope.

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