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I like crossover, mostly displaced Kamen Riders crossovers


After the event of Chrysalis fled and the Changelings became good, Twilight and her friends returned to Ponyville safelly. But little did they know that a far more sinister threat lies within the shadows, a threat can't be see by living beings are now begin to reach havoc Equestria. Reluctanly for them, a new arrival named Erick Stanford who might have what it takes to help stop the new enemies, how will he do it? One thing is for sure.


- A Kamen Rider Ghost Displace fanfic.
-This is not a sequel nor in the same universe with Drive with the Rider.
-However this event taken place after the Season 6 Finale.
-This story can accept crossovers with other displaced fanfics.
-Warning: may contain minor gore and blood shed.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 35 )

I'm looking forward to reading more of it

I hope I don't sound presumptuous putting in another request so soon, but I wouldn't mind crossing this with my Fourze Displaced when you get a bit more done.

Nope, I don't mind, because I was going to have some plans with it with Drive With A Rider, but that will be in future chapters

Definitely, the protagonist will appear in the second chapter, for now I'm working on Drive With A Rider.

I didn't know Erick was spelt with a k.

It's just used for more pizzazz for his name

If you need someone to bounce ideas with please let me know

"Grew" isn't a colour, though "Grue" as a term for Green/Blue (as a colour or spectrum of colours between Green & Blue) is a thing that most spellcheckers will either go "did you mean 'Grew'?" or otherwise "correct" it to "True" (as my Android tablet tried to do as I was typing this).

What the heck are you talking about?

Awesome chapter, I can't wait see how other eyecons come into play


The figure who still hides in the same spot as before still view upon on Ponyville, this time it's now accompanied by several strange creatures walking towards it, all of which wears a black body suit with a rib cage like chest, blue flame shaped eyes, a yellow water droplet symbol on their foreheads, wearing dark grew gloves and boots and a strange belt with an angry eyeball shaped buckle.

In that context "Grew" is not a colour, but "Grue" as in "Green+Blue" is a term to cover colours that float between the two, like Turquoise, Aquamarine, Cerulean, Teal, Cyan...

But seriously, this seems interesting, tracking for now.

Wouldn't it make more sense to give Erick a Japanese name?

Not really because he's born in American and he's American himself, although the reason he knows about the Kamen Rider series is because he heard it from one of his classmates in middle school. There will be more detail about it in future chapters.

Awesome job, I hope Erick tell girls the stories behind eyecons

You should link to Drive with the Rider.

glad to see this is back!

What do you mean by link it to Drive with the Rider.

I know i'm a two years late of suggesting this, but you might want to include a status about cross-overs so that people won't ask about it.

What do you mean by include a status about cross-overs? Like putting the crossover tag on the story? I already done that.

Like if you're accepting cross-over collabs or if the story will focus only on the plot and won't have any cross-overs. By including a status in your story description, people will know without PMing you about it.

Well if I do accept cross-over collabs with other fanfics, how do I include a status in my story description?

Just type anything really in the story description, a short message about it.

No problem, I tend to tell this all Displaced I come across as I know that people get excited wanting to cross-over with their favorite displaced/authors, thus they'll ask about it.

Will Specter and Necrom appear on this story?

Yes! Definately they will, however they will also be OC's like Erick and I'm afraid that this story a long with others will be in a long hiatus.

Hi I really like your story it's awesome in amazing I was wondering when is the next chapter please answer when you can

any romance or shipping in any stories

um i do not see this story in the group of displaced?

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