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steel soul

Gonna work on that Kingdom Hearts fic at some point



This story is a sequel to Kingdom Hearts of Harmony: The Other Side

Sora's heart is heavy with the weight of his keyblade exam failure. But when a gateway to a new world appears before him, he sees it as a chance to redeem himself. There, he meets creatures he's never seen before as they call for his help as the Hero of Light they need to face the oncoming Darkness.

With this new task ahead of him, Sora must face his own darkness within his heart and rise to the challenge of becoming the hero he was always meant to be.

Will he succeed or will his own inner demons take it all away?

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Part of the KINGDOMHEARTSVerse


Rated T for suggestive theme.


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OH my a kingdom hearts cross-over... props to you, sent to my emailing for updates... and most of my stories are Mature...
something worth reading for my tastes, wonderful! I wonder what awaits sora in this world...

Wil goofy(gooby) and Donald (doland) be part of this story becuase and what would the look like? Donald would probably be bird related,so a pheinox and goofy might be a what, not sure?

A really good start to a really good crossover. I pray you can keep it up and bring out more enjoyable chapters.

I'm not a huge fan of most KH crossovers, but this is an exception. There were a few errors, but hey, it was pretty good.
Nice to finally see someone else who's actually played Dream Drop Distance. :twilightsmile:

well sora might be in a shock but he been turn into some strange things before so not that strange to him if i remember once he was change into a little lion cub and even a heartless so let see how bad it can be with hoofs.

Annnnd I'm intersted :). Congrats, for you have yourself a viewer!!

If they are, Donald might be a griffon and Goofy a diamond dog


ironically i was listening to this while reading

2936759 I would love fan art of that.

I am sitting in my underwear reading this at 1:30 in the morning while casually sipping lemonade out of my 1983 "clumsy smurf" glass. :moustache: I approve. Give me more.

I wonder... is Sora going to be shipped with Twilight?

Well, well, well. Another decent KH/MLP fic. You have my attention. Don't dissapoint me.

2939441 Heh. I'll try my best to make you proud.

This screams "Sora's inner darkness"

I mean really, Sora having negative thoughts against Riku. I'm sure a trip to Equestria can save him... but what is a Kingdom Hearts Crossover without the usual Heartless, or for the betterment, Sora's heartless being in the mix and the problem.

:twilightsmile: I just love to see how this goes. Here's hoping there won't be a heartless/Nobody/Nightmare/Dreameater in the mix for now.

2939501 (Holds up a glass of Sunkiss) Heres hopeing to the future!


And for Sora to stop being negative about Riku, the guy is the hero anyway, he'd better deliver in the next, and hopefully final, installment of the game.

It shall be missed once we know it is the end, but then it's one franchise that's not going to die soon.
A prequel here and there, a future title that may be the future universes of the original arc of the KH game. And a lot more potential, with them not really visiting any FF words just yet.

2939526 I don't like bashing Riku as much as the next guy, but for the sake of story development i must move onward. Next to Kira Yamato from Gundam seed, he is one of my top 10 fav anime/game characters.

Ah Kira Yamato, the one very kind-heart soul among the rest of the Gundam universe. The most observed, less killing gundam pilot around. I find this character among the Paragon or kind soul being that is rare to find in the modern violence portrayed.

Tell me about it. Thats why Knights is losely based off of him. What better rolemodel then someone that has the power to kill you 15 different ways from sunday, and yet choses not to because he just hates killing.

You misspelled "familiar" in your short description.

Will Organization XIII be appearing?

So far so good, I can't wait to see what sora got himself into this time

give.....US.....MORE! umm...was that to much?..I'm sorry..:fluttershysad:

No offense to paragon characters (I always play Paragon in Mass Effect) but I think Kira Yamato is the worst Gundam pilot ever (he always follows orders, cries about killing people yet he still does it and he preaches all the time and goes on that he is always right)

Gundam Pilots that keep to their believes I think are Heero Yuy (Gundam Wing) and Setsuna F. Seiei (Gundam 00)

2944848 Naw! Its ok. Herro is pretty cool. But nothing like my boy Amuro Ray. The original!

This is awesome so far! So.... MORE PLEASE!:derpytongue2:

I love you Steel Soul for making this story, and I swear to god, if I see that this story stops updating without reason from your blog,
I will claw my way down your throat and tear out your very soul.

So please, don't abandon a wonderful intro and plot like this.
A Psychotic Firebug.

P.S. Please don't hate me for the threat that I hope will never have to happen.

2949536 Crikey mate that's brutal.:twilightoops:
I Love it. :pinkiecrazy:


Wow. Just wow. I think there's a new best Kingdom Hearts crossover out now. :ajsmug:

Really cool, looking forward to seeing more.

Do you have an editor? Because I noticed you misspelled a few words and missed or replaced certain letters in specific words near the beginning of the chapter. If you don't, I'd be happy to edit for you.

2957305 that would make me...so...happy :pinkiecrazy:

2957314No problem. Quick question though. Do you use google docs?

2957316 I have no ideal what that is

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