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100 Followers!!!!! · 7:48am May 22nd

Wow. I know this was a bit late, and I noticed I got my 100th follower the other day, but this is incredible to know that a lot of you enjoy reading the few stories I have on here. So, to all of you who stuck around and read my greatest to my worst works so far, thanks for taking a look and getting this far in each story. I will be making new stories in the future, I just don't know when yet due to real life and trying to focus on my longest series I am dedicated to writing through for a long,

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Its ok Codex, you got a lot on your plate. So you just go at your own pace. none of us want to make you rush.

Ehhh...maybe, but I'm keeping Lea as a unicorn. Maybe he can absorb Nirik fire and gain its power, turning him into a flaming unicorn to further enhance his attribute with fire. And his coat would change as well!...I'm gonna end up forgetting about it since I'm two whole seasons away from that episode in my story. :raritycry:

lol yes! I mean it was just bad timing probably. but whenever you get to that episode, I feel like Lea changing from Unicorn to Kirin cause of magic would probably be good timing. like maybe Nirik fire has a strange effect on Lea and somehow some of it hits his Horn and it triggers his fire magic to where it changes him into a Kirin. what do you think?

Well, it would be a bit too late to make Axel/Lea a Kirin since I made him a unicorn. I do admit it makes sense since his element is fire, though I don't really find many moments where he got that overly angry where he would burst into flames. The only times I know where he was legitimately angry was dealing with Xion fleeing from the Organization after the umpteenth time, and against Roxas near the end of the prologue in KH2 when his memories were coming back, though not enough to convince Axel that he's truly betrayed him...And now I'm imagining his design as a Kirin with that mane like a male lion's circling his neck, and how he'd look as a Nirik when he loses his cool, but can control that fire much better than the actual Kirins could. :rainbowlaugh: Goofy looking Kirin, but an awesome looking Nirik!

its understanding Codex, and I have seen the season 8 finally already cause someone uploaded it into parts on YouTube, And with it very hard to dodge spoilers at all for me, it made me had to watch cause of them popping in recommendation feed. Matter of fact, Father Knows Beast also has been split up into parts on YouTube as well if you ever wanted to see them for not seeing the episode yet.

But I Just figure I let you know in case you wanted to see it and not get spoiled by anyone. Mostly since the person that uploaded the Father Knows Beast parts waits til after 3 days after the episode aired before putting the episode parts on YouTube, unlike others who just put it up without waiting til after it airs in the U.S. At least that way no one gets spoiled if they have not seen it yet and has missed it.

As for the Kirin Episode, I liked it too. kinda made me think that Axel would be perfect as a Kirin if you think of it, since the whole fire thing he has going on and it would still let him use his magic. What do you think?

  • Viewing 171 - 175 of 175
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