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KH Crossover Has a TV Tropes Page! · 6:19am Sep 6th, 2019

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Comment posted by Wildpony2021 deleted Monday

...I think I did, but it's been a while since I thought about how to go about which world would be next. And by overthinking what to do next a little while ago, I forgot which route to go on. :twilightsheepish: Life and these other stories I'm writing are messing with my writers block and being a big distraction.

Wait a minute didn't you once told me that you decided which you would do next based on each world's level?

I'm debating either doing Arendelle or Monster's Inc. first for the next world visit with the Young Six. One of these worlds is going to be before "What Lies Beneath", but I'm at a loss for which one exactly to do first.

I don't know how long it'll be before it comes out, but I do know that Arendelle will be the next World they visit. The question is which new wielder will be going there my bets on Yona because since she's adapted to cold climates.

  • Viewing 429 - 433 of 433
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