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100 Followers!!!!! · 7:48am May 22nd

Wow. I know this was a bit late, and I noticed I got my 100th follower the other day, but this is incredible to know that a lot of you enjoy reading the few stories I have on here. So, to all of you who stuck around and read my greatest to my worst works so far, thanks for taking a look and getting this far in each story. I will be making new stories in the future, I just don't know when yet due to real life and trying to focus on my longest series I am dedicated to writing through for a long,

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I haven't seen that trailer yet. I swore I wanted to keep myself from watching the trailers, but because of a spoiler involving a blue-haired goddess who is everyone's waifu (including mine) and deserves to be saved, I failed to keep myself from spoilers and am hyped to see the whole game after all this time. I'll probably look into that new trailer soon, though I don't see why everyone theorized she's been turned into one of Xehanort's seeds of darkness. It wouldn't make sense since she was considered lost in the Realm of Darkness, Xehanort couldn't have possibly found and recruited her so simply. Even with...all that, I'm sure if her heart was lost to darkness, her anger toward Xehanort would override following him and try to kill him. We'll have to wait and see in the game's release, though, to know what'll happen.

Well I am glad I could in someway help you out Codex. cause while watching the video I remember times when you kept having struggles and thought that maybe Aris video series might help you out. like in that kingdom hearts story that your struggling on, maybe her videos might spark an idea that could work.

Which reminds me, speaking of KH3, did you ever see the extended KH3 trailer to the Big Hero 6 world? cause that had a lot of intense and looked like it had some material that looked interesting.

I watched the video you linked. I actually thought it was interesting. I may want to tune into the next session when it comes out. :derpytongue2: Still in a bit of a writer's block for at least my KH story because I still can't wait for KH3 to come out, but I'm at least keeping a list of the episodes for that season I've done or mentioned but don't want to make a chapter on because of lack of ideas to include the Keyblade wielders in the scenarios. And since real life keeps distracting me at the worst times, along with my stupid laptop thinking I'm using the tracpad while I'm clearly typing, I'll end up "accidentally" scrolling through paragraphs or the entire chapter without saving at a certain point, get discouraged, then redo it in a rush that makes it look worse than what I had originally written. :ajbemused: That last part I really hate and stressed in an old blog I made a couple years back.

Hey Codex, I hope your doing good. I kinda found a video that was interesting and I wanted to share it with you and see what you thought of it. If you ever have the time that is. that and I thought maybe it might ever help in some cases you get writers block or something.


lol I can understand that Codex. you take all the time you really need. All I ask that you put a lot of heart into the Sora Misadventures when you do the chapters. cause as they say "May your heart be your guiding key." Plus it be interesting how Kaito & Ocean Breeze would get along with Applejack's family & possibly be the closest ones that Applejack will ever have to someone as like a Mother & Father figure for her.

  • Viewing 164 - 168 of 168
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