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100 Followers!!!!! · 7:48am May 22nd

Wow. I know this was a bit late, and I noticed I got my 100th follower the other day, but this is incredible to know that a lot of you enjoy reading the few stories I have on here. So, to all of you who stuck around and read my greatest to my worst works so far, thanks for taking a look and getting this far in each story. I will be making new stories in the future, I just don't know when yet due to real life and trying to focus on my longest series I am dedicated to writing through for a long,

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We'll have to see what'll happen with the Tree of Harmony in the second half of the season for some more answers...and probably more Chrysalis.

yeah. but people were thinking that cause of the Mean 6 that the Mane 6 will no longer be connected to the Tree of Harmony. I find that hard to believe if they are to represent as the spirit of those elements. Cause it looked more like the Tree of Harmony was using dark magic for the first time to stop the Mean 6 and then will have to recharge cause of dark magic being the opposite of the elements.

But I agree with Anti-Twilight being the more sinister of the group and being the evil side of friendship. Not to mention she brought the fight up again between Twilight & Pinkie Pie.

I'm actually surprised the Mean 6 had actually made a return after the season 2 premiere, and we got to see the Anti-Twilight as something completely different than the premiere where she gave up on friendship and wanted to be alone. Sadly, Chrysalis is not all that bright with her plan that immediately flopped before they could even find the Elements of Harmony. Just Anti-Rainbow ditching everyone would have been enough to screw her over, and Anti-Twilight was clearly a lot more sinister and had a good way to stab her in the back, her own creation planning to double-cross her. She was lucky their disharmony made the Tree of Harmony react and destroy the enchanted pieces of bark.

Ok then Codex. By the way, what did you think of the Mean 6? cause part of me was feeling like if Riku cross paths with Anti-Twilight, he would have felt something wrong about her.

You'll see with what I do in the next few chapters. The next one's going to be about Kaito's Nobody's backstory.

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