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    Happy Holidays to All! · 6:36pm Dec 25th, 2016

    Merry Christmas, everyone! Or if you don't celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays! Hopefully you all have a good day today or an awesome evening last night, and remember: presents are not what make Christmas. It's spending the holiday with friends and family...And if Hearth's Warming did exist and Pinkie as the Spirit of Hearth's Warming Presents really existed, she's going to drown us all in gifts and force us to break out into songs against our will! :pinkiegasp::twilightoops: It would be a

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    • My Little Paper Mario Bowser has another heinous scheme on his claws to defeat Mario and take Princess Peach once and for all, but the mushroom-eating plumber will have some help from six mares accidentally transported to the Mushroom Kingdom by a botched dimension spell. by Codex92 219,234 words · 1,421 views · 75 likes · 2 dislikes

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    Comment posted by QuartzScale deleted December 3rd

    Hmm...Maybe, although it probably won't be canon with the Paper Mario series since the kingdom's layout is a lot different than Paper Mario's. I have played through Legend of the Seven Stars and beaten it, but I wished they at least brought Geno or Mallow back as more than just cameos, well, Mallow hasn't been in a cameo. But that was also Square's game, so damn the best RPG-making company for keeping awesome Mario characters that'll never return.

    Would you consider doing a Super Mario RPG Legend Of The Seven Stars crossover, possibly after Paper Mario?

    Nice!! but knowing Riku, when Flurry becomes too much for him, he will need Twilight to help since Flurry will most likely want to be with her Best Aunt Ever. That & if she gets Riku Stress, Twilight will have to owe Riku a calm & relaxing day together. if she knows how to get Riku to lend her a helping hoof. ;)

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