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Update to "An Heir's Frailty" · 7:58am February 28th

A bit of a delayed update, but things are getting a little bit better. I got my Discord account back, and I hope the person who hacked me and others they got to got a heaping dose of karma. Thankfully, nothing else within my system was also stolen, especially passwords and certain credentials for certain things. The story is going to be a little bit on hiatus until I finally get motivated into writing more of it again. I have other stories on here that I've been working on and off with, and a

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But if you want some advice, I think It might be a good idea to save Silverstream for San Francisco. Because remembering the battle with Dark Baymax & that it takes place in the sky, It would make sense to save her for that since she's the only remaining member of the young 6 that can fly & I don't think Baymax can carry 2 Passengers at the same time while fighting.

Well I'm sure you'll come up with lots of good ideas, you always do. :raritywink:

Writing's slow going, but making a little progress. Though the next chapter I'm working on is for one of my other stories that haven't been updated in a while. Just something else to write aside from the adventure or action, or even emotional drama, just to space out my ideas...and procrastination.

Hey Codex. How are things going for you right now? 👋🏻

Don't worry, you still got it.👍🏻

  • Viewing 480 - 484 of 484
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