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It looks like Bowser has another plan to kidnap Princess Peach...again. But, it looks like his plan will succeed when he does the unthinkable: stealing a mystical wand called the Star Rod, said to grant any wish to anyone who holds it, sealing away the Star Spirits, 7 powerful star beings that watch over the land and grant wishes to those with a good heart, and using the Star Rod's power to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, defeat his nemesis, Mario, and make Peach his.

Meanwhile, in Equestria, Twilight had managed to come up with a spell to transport to other dimensions without the use of a portal. Eager to try it out with her friends after her experience in the human version of Equestria, and a few experimental tests with other objects beforehand, she casts the spell to transport them, only for it to backfire, sending them into the Mushroom Kingdom. Stuck in this new world until Twilight can find a way to safely get her and her friends back home, the Mane Six will have to team up with Mario and new friends in this new world to stop Bowser and save the Mushroom Kingdom from his tyranny.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro.

Paper Mario is owned by Nintendo.

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Great start. Keep up the good work. :yay:

Oh a new story wasn't expecting that. Well I do like Paper Mario so guess I'll see where this goes.

Why are you calling them Kameks? They are all called Magikoopas. I'm a bit confused.

Still I'll be keeping an eye on this. This is the second paper mario crossover I've read that I'm willing to keep track of.

Hmmm...it is just like the opening to the original N64 version. Okay, I'm in.

7870169 Mabey this Will explain too you :twilightsmile: (found this on Wiki)

Magikoopas (referred to as Kameks in Japan and more recent PAL localisations, also referred to as Koopa Wizards in the Super Mario World television series) are bespectacled Koopas that can cast spells. Magikoopas made their debut in Super Mario World. They wear blue robes and hats resembling the garb of a wizard. They are generally considered to be high ranking members of the Koopa Troop, and some act as personal advisors for Bowser.

7870208 Ah I remember now. Thanks for reminding me. I think I'm too used to the americanized way of calling them. The only reason is because Kamek became his own character in the main universe. Along with the fact that the only female magikoopa we got was named Kamella from Super Mario Galaxy.

Step one, find a warp pipe!

Step two, find a warp whistle!

Step three, SPEED RUN!

7870290 Kammy is a female Magikoopa/Kamek, so she's technically the first one and Kamella is the second. I always kept calling them Kameks since it sounded better to call them that. I'll call the blue robed ones Kameks and the other colored ones Magikoopas since they have specialized abilities they can use while Kameks are more advanced. Tomato, tomahto solution. :derpytongue2:
7870480 Step Four: Profit. :trollestia:

7871239 Ah now there's the thing. Kammy is the first female magikoopa only in the paper mario universe which because of Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam the entire paper mario series has been turned into a pocket dimension that is owned by the mario bros. That is really weird isn't it? Still you are right lol. Also I wasn't really bashing or anything like that. I was just confused. It's your story and I just needed a little clarification to get my mind in the right set.

7871258 Don't worry, it's understandable. Whether or not you're well versed with the lore of certain series, you can end up forgetting a lot of details you looked over or completely forgot about. I grew up a Nintendo kid and played nearly every Mario game up until the end of the Wii. Didn't get a Wii U, because of little money and my Wii wound up having a problem with the scanning laser as it wasn't able to scan any of my games, not even my Gamecube ones I still had...I don't really know if the Wii U connects with the Wii wirelessly or whatever, so I unfortunately stopped playing Nintendo, except for the older ones I can play using an emulator on my laptop.

7872427 Same. Raised nintendo but stopped before Wii U. Also the other problem is that Miyamoto likes to change the lore. A lot. Koopalings anyone? Still those older games raised me just as much as my parents did and I learned quite a bit about being somewhat selfless. Just wish I didn't learn as much as I did from the silent protagonists lol

7872861 Yeah, but there's a ton of spin-off games with stories of their own, complications with creating a story for the games, mechanics, abilities and power ups, etc. And ironically, we learn a lot more about a silent protagonist than those who can talk.

7873200 True. At least the Kirby series is pretty easy to follow. It's one continuous storyline at least.
Ah that depends on the game your playing. Those fallout protagonists are still too difficult to read after all lol

Wait a minute...did Mario talk at all in this chapter? I don't think he did...was that intentional? Like, in the games, he doesn't talk either. At least in the Paper series and the Mario and Luigi series. (They just spout gibberish there)


Is that really what I've been missing since being a late adopter of the 3DS? UGH, what's wrong with keeping a simple singular timeline, I would prefer it than taking some of my favorite Mario RPGs of the past and dumping them into a 'pocket' dimension just because it seems more convenient or something.

I haven't played anything since Paper Mario and the Thousand-Year Door, but that's because of lack of funds and a distinct slow to acquire Nintendo games and systems I really, really, really want to explore.

Oh well, at least we can all agree that Super Mario RPG is the best ever originator Mario RPG type game in the entire series. Now if you'll excuse me I have a new fanfic to start checking out. I really need to get some 3DS Mario titles now that I've finished catching up with Pokémon darn it.

7873216 I imagine it was intentional since Mario doesn't get any actual dialog in the games. I was actual wondering how that would work in this story but I suppose it is easier to keep Mario silent then to try and figure out how he would actually talk lol.

Great chapter really interested to see how this story goes from the point on.

7873462 True. If you can do enough dialogue and descriptions, that could work.

Are you planning to update like every two days or something?

7873632 I was really thinking of either going with keeping Mario silent or giving him speaking lines, but I'm going to try and go through with him only expressing through actions. That's going to be a pain since his ideas would only be spoken by the other characters, and the Mane Six will understand him if I do something where he does "talk", though his "words" are explained as the others repeat it through their voice as a question, pondering on his "words", or going along with it...:facehoof: Curse you silent protagonists! Using action instead of words to be expressive!
7873818 Not exactly. I update my stories randomly and sometimes switch between working on other currently running stories I'm still working on. Sometimes by the next day, in a couple days, a week, depending on if I have these ideas flowing through my head on the chapter. And some research on this crossover and my Kingdom Hearts crossover to make sure I don't make any mistakes on locations, characters, the worlds and lore, etc.

Yeah it kind of makes things weird now. Still Paper Jam was really dark seeing as Bowser tried to burn the entire paper universe to cinders which would have destroyed his paperized version of himself as well. While I agree SMRPG is the best of the Mario RPGs I do feel that Thousand Year Door matches really well against it.
I think it would be best to have him act out his words. Even though its more work it makes him more dynamic in a sense. One example I'm thinking of which I found endearing was Christine from Fallout New Vegas and the Dead Money DLC. She couldn't talk from the beginning of the DLC and there were several text boxes which showcased how intricate her actions were. They were probably my most enjoyable moment of the DLC because of how in depth her interactions were even though it was mostly text format. It made you invested in her character a bit more especially after you played the Old World Blues DLC.
If you need any help with bouncing lore off the walls give me a message and I'll see what I can do. I'm not here all the time even if it looks that way but when I am I usually got my info straight. Most of the time. No one person is an internal library of every video game's lore but I am knowledgeable enough about the Paper Mario series lol

7874424 That's how it works if you want to do a silent protagonist. Sorry pal.

7874656 Unless there are video games I enjoy and know a lot about their lores, I can handle that, but I do appreciate any details I do end up missing or forgetting. :pinkiehappy:

7875174 No problem. I'll probably throw in the random fact every once in a while lol

Interesting. A least none of them ended up in Shiver City. Hm... I'm curious how the chapters will work and whether or not the prologue will be glossed over.

I wonder how they'll react to Jr. Troopa?

Of course Rarity would end up at the mansion and Fluttershy with the Yoshis. My favorite part had to be Fluttershy though.

Not bad, I noticed though that your tenses seem to change at times, which can be a bit troublesome.

Also, a word of advice, one of the first paragraphs in the story uses the word appear three times in quick succession, you've got appearing and appeared twice, I'd advise considering synonyms or alternative means of expressing the same thought because as a writer myself I have long been pointed out that word repetition is a terrible idea, it can start to look really bad and disrupt the flow because people just don't talk that way and it stands out glaringly as a really bad sentence.

Other than that I don't see much wrong with this story. It can get a bit wordy at times and the sudden shift in verb tense can be jarring, but it's not as bad as some other fics I've seen.

7882958 I fixed up that paragraph you mentioned and made it grammatically better. And I wanted to get that whole chapter out of the way in one rather than six smaller ones, thinking some of them would end up being too short, so whatever I write, that's what I got. I'm not an English buff, and I wind up getting burned out from this class I'm taking at this moment where I have to read different American Literature pieces, write in APA format, do research for essays and make sure my work isn't sloppy and I'm answering the questions...:applejackconfused: And I thought my tenses were clear...then again, I did over 20k words for one chapter because I'm a stubborn derp who wanted to get that part over with. :facehoof: Won't be doing that again for the rest of the story, though, thankfully.

7882676 :pinkiegasp::twilightoops: Oh the pain of meeting that little nuisance over and over...I'm surprised he never returned as an annoying random mini-boss fight in the later games, except for his cameo in Thousand Year Door in a picture of him flying by from the train. Even in there, he reminded me how annoying he was. And he'll probably end up being just as annoying to the Mane Six when they see him.

7882379 Well, I'm not exactly going to skip over the most annoying little turd in Mario gaming before Bowser Jr. was born...In fact, I think that Jr. Troopa IS Bowser Jr, but he finally got his shell, and was Bowser's long lost son!...THEORIES! :pinkiegasp:...But I seriously have no idea where the heck he came from...and why he stays in that egg shell.

Could be he really only appears in two games but we may never know for sure. As for the egg it seems based on the old strategy guide I got they made the idea he uses it to give himself better defense after the first fight he had with Mario. Also I don't mean that you should skip him. I just am wondering if you are going to glide through the prologue so we could start Chapter One and get Twilight back into the game.

7884845 Oh, I'm not going to slip important points in the story. Any wild enemy encounters will all just be rushed through, unless they are mandatory mini-boss segments for a certain event. It'd be boring having to read each detail of the enemies using a move, then having an ally attack, using an item to heal or deal damage, etc. In RPGs, the only important fights are the bosses, mini-boss segments, and story. It's going to be a while before we see ponies again, but we'll get to the first chapter at around 3-4 chapters later.

7885225 Good to know. The random encounters were very tedious in the game until you got action commands. Even then the fact that level 27 was the max you could reach in the game kind of limited the usefulness of star points. The only way to get that high was to make sure you always spawn amazy dayzees in Flower Fields just to get that high. I remember the only reason I got to level 24 was because I abused Koopatrols and getting them to spawn new soldiers to fight against.


Please tell me you're at least going to have fun bits with Goombario tattling, some of the best dialogue in the first two games came from the tattling, although I think Goombella had funnier dialogue than Goombario, still if you're writing a fanfic like this it is a must.

As far as what I meant by your tenses, well here's a random example of how tenses changed from what I could see. It's not necessarily in the chapter, but it was like...

He wades through the scummy water.
He waded through the scummy water.
He wade through the scummy water.

See what I'm getting at? I can't quite recall what the terminology is for each of them, but you've got instances where tenses switch between past, present and future. Also I'm not sure that last one is even remotely correct grammatically, I don't teach English for a reason, I'm not the best at it myself, my editor still catches instances where I gaff, however that's the best example I could use to illustrate my meaning.

7885229 Oh god. How I despise respawning enemies in the middle of a fight in an RPG. That annoys the living hell out of me if I want to just end the fight. And them Amayzee Daisies. Pretty damn helpful to get that max lvl cap, even if it was so low for Paper Mario. I think the lowest level I beat the game at was around lvl 18-19. It's a bit impossible to do a lvl 1 playthrough since you get exp after fighting bosses and forced fights, unless you try cheating if there's such a code for that.

7885528 I'm not sure I might do a lot of Goombario's tattling since there's so many different things he says about each enemy (I never used him much after getting the other party members when I get the Peekaboo badge to see enemy health), but I'll try to put in some tattles here and there.
And I could have sworn I used my tenses correctly in that chapter...:ajsleepy: I'm not going to go over it and fix anything else in that chapter with it being as long as it is.

7885637 Yeah it suck but it does get you up to a level you want. Even at my best for low level I always somehow make it to level twenty. There is a gameshark code that does make all experience zero I think but I don't remember what it is or if its real.

A suggestion for the tattling should only be used on bosses and mini bosses. They are the only unique enemies and you can give them your own flair.

Really enjoying this story, looking forward to the next chapter.

"You two aren't getting any closer!" the Goomba King said. "I, the great and powerful King Koopa, will destroy you, Mario, and Bowser will surely see I am worthy of his presence!"

This line needs to be fixed. ITs Goomba King instead of King Koopa. Or did you mean
'Under the great and powerful King Koopa, I will destroy you'

7897575 :facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof: Thank you for that reminder. Fixed it. :facehoof: Stupid. :facehoof: Brain. :facehoof: Can't. :facehoof: Work right. :facehoof:

7898787 Ha My brain never worked right and that hasn't stopped me... much. :pinkiecrazy:

7898889 Brains never work right, even with geniuses. We're all stupid, crazy, insane, psycho, and smart all at once, though the smart parts of our brains are being weighed by the dumb. Even right now, I'm getting dumber from doing absolutely nothing. :derpyderp1:

7900245 Nah I got smarter by watching that justice league movie that came out. Justice League Dark lives up to its name in the first five minutes with so many people dying one after another. It was really bad in a sense. I mean its a good movie but they used the right kind of dark without going into the uncomfortable dark. In the DC universe murder happens and this was a good way to show it without doing something wrong.

Anyway my genius is an untapped source that comes out whenever I need it to. :pinkiecrazy:

No Pinkie we won't be throwing them a party. People died. You don't throw a party for that... technically. :pinkiegasp:
Wait pinkie put the knife down... OH GOD!! :pinkiecrazy:

7900339 :rainbowderp: ...Welp. Looks like another victim lost to Pinkamena Diane Pie, the evil persona of the fun loving Pinkie Pie...Tragic. Ok. Let's throw that party! :pinkiehappy::trollestia:

7901091 I'm okay. I just had to make some cupcakes. Real cupcakes everything is ok. :pinkiecrazy:

7902068 Cupcakes make the world go 'round! Yay! :trollestia:

7902650 Pretty much.:pinkiehappy:
All cupcakes and no work make Quartz a dull boy :pinkiecrazy:

On another note I finished a little project for another story someone else is writing. You know those collab ones that make fun chain stories. Its one I like called Ponies and Dragons (Just For Fun) by Alex Warlorn. Recently I've been writing a few tales for that world and I enjoyed it a lot.

Okay, I didn't expect the Rainbow Power to kill Bowser, but it should've at least canceled out the Star Rod.

7902967 True, their rainbow powers that holds the Elements of Harmony's magical might could have cancelled it, but the Star Rod has been around the Mushroom Kingdom since the dawn of time. It's power might be similar in strength to the six powerful gems in Equestria, but the Star Rod is also a powerful wand that was used by the Star Spirits to grant good wishes. The Mane Six's power using harmony and the magic of friendship wouldn't have affected something's power that is also harmonious, regardless of whoever holds it to gain invulnerability from the wand. Plus, since Bowser was still invincible, the Star Spirits' combined power would be the only way the Star Rod's powers can be dispelled as their combined powers equal that to the wand they protect.

7872427 HI i represent nintendo and i am here to deliver a cease and desist notice as well as this takedown notice for breaching copyright

cause you know they would do it

7904661 Well, hopefully it shouldn't. There are other stories on here that have ponies interacting with the story from the series they're in that's crossed over, and those are still up. I can't novelize, which means making the characters ponies while keeping the plot, dialogue, setting, etc. of the show/movie/game the same. I did fine with a Final Fantasy X story, but as soon as a couple chapters from the sequel I was starting out got revoked because of that rule, the first one got hit as well and got revoked with the sequel. :ajsleepy: I do better with crossovers, but I can't copy the story of a game and make the MLP cast the characters fighting the monsters. It's only allowed if they interact in their world or the crossed over characters end up in Equestria.

Also, please do not say that! :twilightoops: I felt like I almost had a heart attack after reading that first sentence! I do not want to lose another story that's a whole lot better than my first original MLP only story and crosses with another of my favorite games I played.

A few thoughts spring to mind as I continue to read this tale, first of all, how might you decide to handle the 1-up mushroom? After all it is a very real element, sure lives may be limited to video games in a sense, but I've always believed that everything has a place when switching over to prose and seeing Twilight and the girls reacting to the effects of one of them would be hilarious.

I've always wondered if this Star Rod is the same Star Rod from Kirby's world, then again Nintendo is notorious for re-using names and settings. Star Haven was seen in the original Super Mario RPG by Square and this game altered it completely in location and denizens. Though not function.

I'm also curious to know why Rainbow wound up in Shy Guy's Toybox, that place isn't exactly easy to get into and falling out of the sky I'd imagine being dumped into a house in Toad Town would be something that some Adventurous Toad might question and choose to discover the truth about the mysterious light that fell from the sky.

The battles are nice I suppose, the complete and utter lack of Star Points is a necessity I suppose, since even if this is based on an RPG conventional RPG elements shouldn't exist, despite this already being a world populated by living mushrooms and other creatures.

And finally, Mario's constant lack of speech is, an interesting dilemma. It isn't exactly irritating me as of yet, but I reserve the right to grow tired of it, especially if we get as far into the chapters as your Kingdom Hearts cross has gotten. There's only so many times someone can read, Mario explained this or that without any actual words being used in proper dialogue before the novelty starts to wear off. Perhaps as time goes on we could see at least a few whoo hoos and yippees as he's battling his foes, I mean he does it all the time when he jumps in Super Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy and the like, it isn't without precedence then. Not saying you should scrap what you're doing, just pointing out the problems of silent protagonists. Or near silent in the case of Mario, as Charles Martinet has done a lot of voice work for him. Just not pages and pages of it. :raritywink:

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