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Attention world. Ponies. That is all.


Discord knows many things, has powers that can make heads flip and worlds turn upside down with a snap of his fingers, but if he's turned to stone again if Twilight can break her friends free from his influence, he was going to need an heir. Before his secondary loss, which he knew would eventually be inevitable, he chooses someone from another world, a young man named Charles, to take his stead and be the next Lord of Chaos. But with a new life comes a new body, and it's hard to be a menacing, chaotic deity when you're turned into a young draconequus colt.

This is a story requested by LordOfChoas.

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awesome chapter mate keep it up cant for the next chapter:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Awesome chapter 😎👍

Awesome chapter keep it up

cool chapter dude, i cant wait to see where this goes!!!

I like the concept and the writing! ill keep _track_ of this

Request that you still have home troll them

Interesting, tracked

Wonder if they'll think he is still discord, or someone else.

im pretty sure the end of the chapter answers that for celestia

Me gusta como enpeso la historia, espero con ansias los siguientes episodios

I absolutely love this story. Good job!


Interesting. I do not like this kind of premise that much anymore (It has become somewhat trite), but let's see where this goes.
Vos tenés mi interés.

Nice chapter, hope to see where this goes

Never in my life have I needed something so much, and never known until I received it.
This is great. Can't wait to read more of this!

I thought you were [DATA EXPUNGED]

great chapter!
seems some episodes can change sooner then later...

Keep it up!

Hmm interresting story can’t wait for more:pinkiehappy:

Im loving this story more and more

Pretty good start actually. You’ve got me interested and honestly excited for more. You have done a great job with spelling and punctuation and the characters feel real. Keep up the good work!

Me gusta mucho esta historia

When is the next update


...What sort of creature would be willing to-?”

Discord didn't remember his youth, but he did remember a certain starship captain from a delightfully chaotic species he'd met a few centuries in the future.

“Maybe I’m just too tired today. I think I’m losing my mind.”

"Not yet!"


I could eat a hor-”


Agreed, pretty good so far.

Please update this is really good

now this is a great chapter!
keep it up!

Really nice story. We’re does this take place for the human world of the show? It seems like he knows a little about a few seasons ahead. Maybe he could change a few things but also I do hope he brings his sister

pretty good chapter can't wait for more

So this noise played when Derpy removed the box?

Classic 😄

You did quite a good job with this chapter. It is nice to see the MCs warming up to Charles. I’m excited to see where this might go.

Nice, I like how Charles does't too hard try to preserve original story line. Don't like when main hero is bound by this 😜

can't wait to read the next chapter. Keep up the good work.

aye yo this some gourme shit. I cant wait till the next chapter.

There is so much wrong with that all.
It makes sense as a while, but details are full of nonsense.
Cringe doesn't help.

This all is an enormous disappointment.
What the use of being Discord's heir of you are a pathetic welp who has folded from the very start?
There are hundreds of other fics where humans are given powers only to immediately come clean and give up on mercy of mane 6. And Flattershy is literally always the one to "believe" them, while Applejack actress like glorified lie detector and all following shit.
I hoped for a change, but there is none. It's even worse, since he is a baby.
There is so much stuff that can be done in a role or from obscurity, but exposing yourself pathetically right away cuts off all possible paths aside from few. All of them are supervised winning of trust with barely any use of the powers it's all started for.

sheesh harsh much. Also the main character has been held practically at gun point with the elements from the beginning so not many choices for him to take other than the ones he already has. so how about you wait a bit before casting judgement on story that only has 3 chapters.
Oh also forgot mention that the main character seems to have a moral compass.

That username... It fits the comment so perfectly. I didn't realize.

I am curious what will be covered next

Well he is an EdgeGod. It is right in the name.

oh thanks for pointing that out i didn't even look at his username

Continue com essa história por favor tá muito legal mesmo eu amei essa história por favor 👍:)

Kinda cringe, but also kinda good. Gonna have to withhold judgement for now. Though I must say, he doesn't have any real reason to actually trust Discord at all, with where they are in the timeline.

Also unless the ponies do a compete 180 from how they're acting towards him then I doubt they qualify as the EoH anymore, as beating up a child because he looks like someone is sadistic.

Seems he can't really trust any of them other than Applejack and Fluttershy. Pinkie Pie doesn't seem to actually care about him or getting along with him as long as she gets to have fun. Oh, and RD seemed a little specieist there, which makes sense with how she was willing to ditch Gilda.

And if he wanted to screw over Angel Bunny, he could just wait until he does more stuff then tell Fluttershy all at once.

Like the idea of this story an hope to see more soon!

“I will forget Twilight and Charles’ ‘punishment’ on one condition: I would like all of you to report your findings on the magic of friendship, but only WHEN you happen to discover them.”

Charles' punishment? As in, she was going to punish him even though she knows he was actually the hero in this situation? That one sentence destroys any and all pretense of morality she has.

Personally I more worried about the role discord was supposed to play. He was supposed to redeem then go off to save the day but turn traitor only to get back stabbed by the guy he was to catch and get twilight her castle. Celestia not trusting him could make it difficult for him to do anything of that.

“I suppose all of you have learned a valuable lesson today,” she said. “I will forget Twilight and Charles’ ‘punishment’ on one condition: I would like all of you to report your findings on the magic of friendship, but only WHEN you happen to discover them.”

Celestia is a hypocrite and a coont.... Charlie didn't do shit except try to help

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