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Twilight and her friends wind up in another world, transformed into mysterious, yet incredibly powerful creatures known as Pokemon, and getting into a wild adventure with two young, up-and-coming rescuers on their rescue team. Together, they will encounter many tough Pokemon in this world, explore Mystery Dungeons to aid others or stop evildoers from causing harm to the innocent, and discover new things the likes of which no Pokemon has ever known. If the Mane Six have any chance of returning home, they'll have to get used to their new bodies until Twilight figures out how to get them home without her unicorn magic while also helping others with their new friends.

Cover made by The saiyan brony and collaborated with him as well.

Chapters (3)
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Ooh, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers; my personal favourite dungeon crawler title(s).
I'm looking forward to this! I just hope this doesn't end up abandoned like so many other interesting works have been...

Oh, and Yamper - that weird electric dog thing from Sword/Shield, the uncontested worst games in the series due to the content cuts and complete lack of innovation befitting the advancement in hardware - isn't in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers. PMD:EoD/T/S only had 492 Pokemon - that is, every Pokemon in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/HeartGold/SoulSilver, except for Arceus (though there is a statue of the Poke-god at the end of the ultimate dungeon) - while Yamper is #835.
Similarly, Ralts is not Psychic/Fairy; Ralts is still only Psychic, due to Fairy not having been invented until roughly eight years later.

This story is going to involve most, if not all the Pokemon through all generations, regardless if a majority of the Pokemon aren't ever seen in the actual Mystery Dungeon games. And the story's technically mixing rescuers and explorers; many missions will involve helping Pokemon in need from the rescuers side, while the teams are set up by guilds like in explorers. I know there's a third generation of Mystery Dungeon, but I've never played it myself, mostly because I never owned a 3DS. So, whatever happened in that one, I'm clueless, and I don't want to get spoiled because I'm stubborn and want to enjoy a game I really do want to play, even though dungeon crawlers aren't my favorite sort of RPG, and yet I played through Rescue Team and Explorers when I disliked that dumb "stamina" system when exploring dungeons.

Agree with you on the stamina gauge. I hate that thing

Looks interesting so far. Though, Twilight seems to be a lot meaner than usual.

A PMD crossover, looking forward to see where this is going. Is there going to be Mega Evolution in this version of PMD?

While Twilight focused her magic on her spell, Pinkie squealed and bounced up and down. "Ooh! Ooh! Show us a world that's got spooky monsters!" Pinkie demanded. "One with action! Adventure! Giant magic keys that destroy creatures of darkness!"

No! Bad Pinkie, bad! No fourth wall breaking this early!

"Really? Huh..." Scott perked up a little bit at the good news, then glanced down at his badge pinned to his scarf. "I guess some Pokemon must have enhanced these badges for rescue teams. It'll be really helpful with Mystery Dungeons I've heard that could be over a hundred floors long."

.....I'm getting SAO déjà vu from this sentence.

Hunger can be a bit a bit of a hassle at times... (especially if you run out of items to replenish it)

If this is any consolation, Gates to Infinity doesn’t have hunger.

I like that everyone is in-character, but I don’t like how one-note they are in the first scene. (eg: Pinkie Pie talks about parties, Fluttershy is shy.) I’m also pretty sure anyone going on a My Little Pony fansite would already know what they look like. This feels like a throwback, with Twilight still living in a library, all of the Mane 6 being involved, and the plot beginning by her screwing up a spell.

Riolu and Charmander are characterised well. Instead of posting pictures of the Pokémon in an author’s note at the end, how about you describe them in-text?

So, Neither Scott or Johann are humans turned into pokemon?

Well the new Pokémon Mystery Dungeon game for Nintindo Switch is coming in March this is a story that makes me very eager to read.

This chapter has got me excited about what is to come for this story.

Actually, its a remake of the 1st Pokémon Mystery Dungeon from the Nintendo DS

Oh, but Pokémon might make a new Mystery Dungeon game including the 2 newer generations and legendary Pokémon.

With all the Pokemon we'll be going through, and descriptions of things are hit or miss when I go through enough detail for a good idea of what they look like, I'm going to fumble on a lot of different words for body parts, even as I look them up to figure out what it's actually called and what they're used for, etc.
Neither of them are humans. As weird as it's going to sound from me, Pokemon can be given nicknames and will respond to those names they're given by their trainer/owner rather than their species name, and in a world with only Pokemon and no humans, there's bound to be thousands of the same kind that can have different names, and if there was another Riolu or Charmander around who aren't the two main cast, it'll be confusing for the readers to know which is which.
Kinda sorta. It's not a remake of the first Mystery Dungeon games. There may be some things we'll keep, but it's a completely different story compared to that game. No humans turned into Pokemon, lots of familiar Pokemon who run the shops in the games or will be included as characters for the main cast, and new dungeon locations and ideas that may or may not have been in the games as well.

I forgot to mention that this story takes place before Twilight becomes an alicorn, maybe even before reforming Discord. I planned to add it in the description so there's no confusion, but it slipped my mind. :twilightsheepish:

GamePlayer64 was talking about Rescue Team DX.

now this is something very new. nice.

I haven’t even checked out the first chapter and I’m already into it. I love the mystery dungeon series! And now with ponies! This is gonna be great :twilightsmile:

I felt that the pony side of the prologue was a bit lazy and generic, Twilight showing a new spell to her friends about a window that can show anything. Thousands of other fics have that same setup.
Also, you described too much of the backstore of the mlp side and almost nothing of the Pokemon side, in my opinion you shouldn't even explain in what timeline the main six are from, let the readers figure that out by themselves.

I think you should reread the prologue. Because it clearly states that Twilight is a unicorn. As for what season it pretty much irrelevant give their circumstances.

Good start.
Another idea to name the pokemon could have been to give them names evocating their appearance, their temperament or their powers : for example, for Charmander : Scale, or Fiery, ..., for a Totodile : Toothy, or Chewie, ...

Nice start. Looking forward to more of this.

I never said that Twilight was anything else, I never mentioned that twilight was anything at all. I figured that it was in the season 1 or 2 by that extensive backstory and description.

Here is some tips you can make the MLP side of the prologue better:
Twilight showing a new spell. - I get it that you want a quick way to the story to start, but it shouldn't be done sacrificing the quality. Instead you could make a more natural way for the story to start.
1- PMD summoning, the natural way to summon an individual from another world is by being summoned. You may not want that because of the amnesia effect.

2- a more natural "accident", even Pinkie knows to not make loud noises when someone require focus in the room, instead you could make the startling effect something external like, another character banging the door open (the extra character doesn't get sucked in) or one of the main six being late and banging the door already in the middle of the spell while arriving and then get sucked in with everyone else.

Also this Twilight is being too rude, instead of replying the banter with insults, she could just ignore it.

3- Naturally, in season 2, there is not many events where all the main six are together or even a good way to introduce a new element for the story to start, instead of Twilight calling the others to show a spell, she could call just to have a good time with her friends, one of her machines in the basement make weird noises and they went to check, and then they get sucked in.

Gotta catch 'em all.

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While Twilight focused her magic on her spell, Pinkie squealed and bounced up and down. "Ooh! Ooh! Show us a world that's got spooky monsters!" Pinkie demanded. "One with action! Adventure! Giant magic keys that destroy creatures of darkness!"

Kingdom Hearts reference, nice.
Also can't wait for the next chapter, mind you I feel like Twilight would be an Espeon.

In the quaint little town of Ponyville, a unicorn mare by the name of Twilight Sparkle was busy in the tree library she calls home. She originally lived in Canterlot, but by the ruler of Equestria's orders, Princess Celestia requested her pupil to study the magic of friendship while staying in Ponyville. Since coming here during the Summer Sun Celebration, she and five other mares she met not only became great friends, but also heroes of Equestria, discovering the Elements of Harmony and becoming their new bearers as they stopped Nightmare Moon, who also happened to be Celestia's younger sister, her real name being Luna. Lots of high jinks ensued with the Mane Six, along with lessons in friendship learned and exciting adventures to be had.

"It's just a window, Fluttershy," Twilight assured the timid yellow pegasus. "We can see through it, but nothing goes in or out. It's perfectly safe."

Famous last words~! right up there with "What could possibly go wrong?"

While Twilight focused her magic on her spell, Pinkie squealed and bounced up and down. "Ooh! Ooh! Show us a world that's got spooky monsters!" Pinkie demanded. "One with action! Adventure! Giant magic keys that destroy creatures of darkness!"

Awfully specific with that last one, Pinks. :trixieshiftright:

"Well, duh, dude," Johann said, his calm demeanor only making the Riolu flustered as he felt like they were getting robbed for their hard work. "Remember that the guild has to take a portion of the profits to help pay for our equipment along with paying its members. They told us this during training, remember?"

Riiiiight. That's the excuse they give, anyway.

Oh... you used the anime of the 1st Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. That’s very clever not to your personal team name and favorite Pokémon because everyone who played it picked different Pokémon.

This chapter rapidly changes between perspectives within segments. If it’s an omniscient narrator, it’s not conveyed very well. For example:

Twilight sat up to berate the one who attempted to stand her up, only to gasp when she saw the Riolu and Charmander, strange creatures she never saw before.

If this is from Twilight’s perspective, she shouldn’t know what Riolu and Charmander are.

Alkazam why you gave twilight the library you doom every one with her asking every pokemon what they do and see their moves. WHHYYYYYYY don't let twilight go to a library ever.

Me too! I love this story! Maybe Squirtle might return when the world needs him the most. Team Go-Getters might get back together.

This is interesting for sure. I honestly would love to see some Sparity in this if I can be hopeful. This will be great since at this point Spike and Rarity are in the same place. No size difference,no race difference, (At least not one that is major in this world), it could be really fun to see the two bond in this new world.

This is a very good start for a story.

I asked the same thing, but he will only show images of pokemon that the characters have either seen in person, through images. Or document. Which is why he didn't show the other two members of team go getter

oh. well I guess that makes sense in some way.

Awesome chapter! Love to see where this story goes.

Poor Fluttershy when she'll realize how much Pokemon battle/fight for a living and to grow stronger.

I already like this even without reading it. Mystery Dungeon games are my fave. Will comment on first chapter.

Awesome chapter. So is this combination of Red/Blue and The Explorer Mystery Dungeon games or something to that effect? This story is getting me excited and happy. I can't wait to read more.

Very nice. This will be a wild ride.

While Twilight focused her magic on her spell, Pinkie squealed and bounced up and down. "Ooh! Ooh! Show us a world that's got spooky monsters!" Pinkie demanded. "One with action! Adventure! Giant magic keys that destroy creatures of darkness!"

Really, Pinkie? Kingdom Hearts?

"Yeah...Assuming we can find any Pokemon who aren't already part of a team." Scott's joy quickly faded as it came, letting out a disappointed groan. Seeing how many Pokemon were already in the guild they signed up to be a part of, there was probably a very low chance any of them were looking for a team to join, especially a beginner team like theirs that just started out today. "I mean, it's not like a group of Pokemon are gonna fall right out of the sky."

Thy Lord hath answered!

Aye we're here for the long run boys YESSIR

A mix of Explorers and Red/Blue rescue team? Pretty cool! As always, I'm here for the long run!

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