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Story · 12:43am Oct 12th, 2013

I've been thinking on how to reach out my updated version of the story to more people. I can't just add the remake as another story onto here, according to the rules, and I can't just edit it on to the one I already have on here either because it was confuse new readers with the updated plot. So...I've been thinking... Perhaps I should just take down the main story, and perhaps the other ones as well, and replace it with the new one, updating it whenever I have the chapters done. Of course, the

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I just wanted to say that I have read almost every chapter of A New Hero, it is a phenomenal story and I loved Alex so much. Starlight was a great character too, I haven't read the last two you published but plan on reading them soon.

I was wondering if youll be adding any new chapters for A New Hero ive really enjoyed reading it sure theres been some mistakes here and there but no ones perfect i did read the little thing there that says story i guess an authors note i must ask are you talking about A New Hero Awakening if you are i gotta say its good so far obviously very different from the first version but still really good
I started reading A New Hero awhile ago before i had an account and stuff and ive really enjoyed it like i said earlier there has been mistakes but thats completely understandable i wanna say at least thanks for the great read i just hope theres an update on whats going to be happening soon :twilightsmile:

I just got one question. When do you plan on starting another chapter for A New Hero?

Oops Sorry! I was 4th wall breaking! I should get back to my timeline! Goodbye everypony! Also... ITS PINKIE'S FAULT!!!

I have known Alexander for a very long time and it is fantastic to see him again.
Alex. Remember Miss Cadence? The ponies who hated you?
I saw you... I wanted to help... But alas, I couldnt. My own fear of losing a friend because of my lack of social skills has gotten the better of me.

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