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I want to share a little story... (May post bio later...)


Story · 12:43am Oct 12th, 2013

I've been thinking on how to reach out my updated version of the story to more people. I can't just add the remake as another story onto here, according to the rules, and I can't just edit it on to the one I already have on here either because it was confuse new readers with the updated plot. So...I've been thinking... Perhaps I should just take down the main story, and perhaps the other ones as well, and replace it with the new one, updating it whenever I have the chapters done. Of course, the

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Hey Alex I dont know if you saw my email a while back about your post about the show finale being fan service. I do agree with that since they left a lot of things for fans to decide like the ships and even Twilight outliving her friends. It's all up to us now, I made a story in which Twilight doesnt outlive her friends. It only happens if you want it to. My theory is that twilight is going to make Luster her Successor which happens in my Passing On Together.

I am a big fan of A New Hero. Even if you never move on with the story I love it and read it every day. If you ever want to do another story which tells your version of things end for Twilight, Alex, Fluttershy and the others you can. It's all up to us to tell what happens in the rest of the ponies lives now that the show is over. I could see Alex and Fluttershys child being their his Successor just as I think Luster is to Twilight.

Have you heard? MLP is ending!

Just a friendly gesture, If you want help on adding detail to the Dungeon&Discord chapter, I can give a hand/hoof. That is if you want or need it. I wont force you, just wanting to let you know that there is some resources that are at your disposal.

(I Am absolutely addicted to the story, loving it.)

Been loving your story! Some small things overlooked such as grammar and some extra details needed in some areas, but all in all good. started Sleepless in Ponyville chapter, and I have to say I am addicted.

This story actually made me do a Random act of Kindness 2 days ago, my mom and I were sitting in an Ihop, waiting for some dessert-like pancakes to-go. And there was a small girl who ran up to the front doors excitedly and tried to open them, she had no luck. She apparently ran ahead of her mom, and so as my mom was having a conversation with me, I got up and opened the door for the girl and her mom, who had just arrived at the doors.
So, Nice job man... You are changing people!

I hope you don't mind the random D&D abilities I am noting about the main character. If you want I can stop.

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