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I am an avid reader who enjoys all types of stories.

Ponysona Info


A heart with wings

Color of Magical Aura:
Prismatic (Only when using exceedingly large amounts of Magic)|Pure Neutral Gray (#7F7F7F)

Pegacorn (Rare Mutation|Only known to occur when Pureblood Unicorns and Pureblood Pegasai have a foal in the universe of my origin)
(Mother: Pure-blooded Unicorn with a solid grey coat, a curly purple mane and tail, and a horseshoe and clover Cutiemark, named Charm|Father: Pure-blooded Pegasus of the Peregrine Sub-Class with a blue and white dappled coat of fur, a wavy dark blue mane and tail, and a cloud Cutiemark, named Sky Runner)

Universe #457175657374726961
(Kudos to those that can turn the universe number into a name)

Expected Lifespan:
80-100 Years

Unicorn: Levitation Magic (Can Levitate 500 lbs|226.796 kg)|Teleportation Magic (Can Teleport anywhere I have been to before or anywhere in a 5 mi|8.04672 km Radius with the correct spatial coordinates)|Offensive Magic (Minor)|Defensive Magic (Major)|Weather Manipulation Magic (Major)|Chaos Magic (Minor|Used for universe hopping)
Pegasus: Cloud-walking|Flight (Up to 150 mph|241.402 km/h)|Weather Manipulation (All Types)
Earth-pony: None

Special Talent:
Helping others

Happy and Helpful (Most of the time)

Helping Others|Practicing Spells|The Color Pink|Those Who Are Nice

Those Who Are Mean

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Thanks for the favorite.

Thanks for the favorite on Condemned :twilightsmile:

I find you interesting, and you have good stories.
Plus; Aku.
Need I say more?

Thanks for joining my legion, boss!

Can I ask you why?

~Skeeter The Lurker

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