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I have Rainbow Dash's head. Give me monies or you'll never see it again. Except in the photos I send you of me molesting it with my futa parts.

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Omg this is gonna be good tenoutaten

Oh my god, this is going to be so good.

If you say so! (And now I'm paranoid that the rest will suck)

4786383 naww it'll be good



Hand, don't you dar press that button. Don't you dare. I said do-NO! DON'T! Please? No! I won't let you! I... I...



Just looking at the tags, I'm not sure whether I should be scared or impressed, because I can candidly say I don't think you missed anything.


Dis gun b gud!

4786952 I missed necrophilia and scat and abortion-by-cock. I hope you're not too disappointed! :rainbowwild: (By which I mean they will not be in this story, not that I left them out of the description. Hee.)

4787038 ...You're scaring me...

You know, all clop aside, what most stories with premises involving Twilight being framed for a crime she didn't commit, and the ensuing ostracization, get wrong, and also hurts the suspension of belief, is that it truly isn't very realistic for everyone to turn on her like that without properly investigating and weighing out all possibilities. I mean, she's got some flawless record, and her very demeanor does not come off as a latent murderer.

So I just want to give you some advice, author. If you are being serious about this story, then I'd make up one hell of a reason for this. If you aren't serious, then I guess that's fine as well.

I just wanted to leave my piece so I could help you. I don't read stories like this, what with the clop and all kinds of fetishes, but I wanted to help nonetheless.

Came here for the porn. Faved for the story.

4787246 With a commission the only answer I need is "I was paid to write this", but I feel a need to explain since I try to give the best reasons (while still sticking to what I was asked to write).

If you keep up with national news in a country like the US, you know that when a famous person is accused of a crime, they are hated regardless of innocence. Even if proven innocent, they never live down the reputation (ie Michael Jackson or OJ Simpson or the Ramsey family). The media wants high ratings, and a story depicting a monster makes for higher ratings. Trials never occur the way the media reports. This is why they sometimes have a surprising innocent verdict when the evidence reported seemed so contrary to one.

So it works if this universe has the following properties:
- Celestia and Luna are figureheads and not allowed to override the democratic criminal justice system.
- Investigation magic, like the magic that 'fingerprints' left-over magic to see who used it, is trusted completely and has never once been shown to fail.
- Due to the seriousness of the crime, even Celestia and Luna are forbidden to visit, giving Twilight the impression that they aren't trying to pull strings for her.

It is perfectly reasonable for her to be imprisoned and tried for murder, and for the media to report as if she did it. Would it end in a guilty verdict? Who knows? Will we find out before Twilight sees a chance for escape and takes it? Probably not.

You can argue her friends not supporting her is unrealistic, but think about it this way. They have, on multiple occasions, witnessed magic that severely altered a pony's personality (Nightmare Moon, the Alicorn Amulet, Discord's magic, Nightmare Rarity from the comics). They could believe she would never do such a thing and still believe she did it. If they believe she is under the influence of something, it wouldn't keep them from being terrified to be around her, or from attempting to apprehend her.

And that's the longest answer I hope I ever give to a question on my forum. At the very least, I hope it proves how much thought I put into my stories. It's pathetic really.

Loved the start up for this, even though I really dislike the Idea of Chrysalis being a murderer rapist just to get revenge against Twilight. anyway going to follow this until it either finishes or gets to rediculous for my tastes, also heres hoping for some corruption by mind break, rape, and control.:pinkiehappy:

4789806 She didn't do it just to get back at Twilight, she also did it for fun! :pinkiecrazy:
There's corruption, though I hope the murdering doesn't get too much for you. There is a bit of that involved :twilightblush:

Oh you!
I really fucking love your stories and I'll keep cumming back for more. :yay:

4790156 As long as the murders remain explainable. and reasonable, and this time around I hope the corruption is spread to the other princesses instead of it just staying with one of them.:pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Knight Toland of Astora deleted Aug 3rd, 2014

I just looked through all you're stories and I have a few things to say before I spend a few hours with the brain bleach
1. you have no heart
2. fuck you from the bottom of MY still working heart
3. You're stories are fucking sick, disturbing, horrible and disgusting
4. I send this fic and all you're stories to the darkest pits of a hell

4790218 Yay! :rainbowwild:

4790773 As long as 'no witnesses' is a good explanation! :pinkiecrazy:

I just looked through all your stories, because I am far too slow to figure this out after only one, and I have a few things to say before I spend a few hours with the brain bleach.
1. You have no heart.
2. "Fuck you" from the bottom of my still working heart.
3. Your stories are fucking sick, disturbing, horrible, and disgusting.
4. I send this fic and all your stories to the darkest pits of a Hell.
5. Except the foalcon. I loved the foalcon.


More please, This is looking gooooood!

your going to ignore that discord and celesta can look back at memory's aren't you.

Execution! Oooooooooooh! This is not going to end well for Twilight!

4818224 Just like with the lie detection spells, Twilight is one of the few who are powerful enough to trick such techniques.

4818242 I'm not sure my stories ever end 'well' for anyone. Suffice to say ponies will die and people will probably get off to it, more so in part 2 once the plot is on a roll.

could they not check the age of the D.N.A.? (this is if such things are done) I say this because would it not stand to reason the it would younger then twi if my idea on how that type of magic works that or much older given the queens age (I view shape shifting magic like a snake shedding its skin) at any rate it sounded better in my head about 3 days ago should of said something then.:facehoof:

4825060 Well see, that is the normal way things are done. It's normally very easy to tell things like that, which is why it looks so bad for Twilight when they can't find any difference. They are unaware that Chrysalis found a way to trick the system, nor do they even think it possible.

Aww... man.... why Futa Dash? Why not Futa Twilight, dood?

Man! That guard is such a pervert! It makes me think he's going try and rape Twilight, but behold, she doesn't have her horn-cuff on, and she kills him in the most gruesome way possible, and that's when she escapes.
I mean, this story can't end with Twilight being dead, just like that.
There is just gotta be more to it!
This is just my theory.

4852626 I flipped a coin :rainbowhuh::twilightoops: There will be futa Twilight down the line.

4852807 There is more to come obviously :pinkiecrazy: Though Twilight isn't to the point where she'd kill a pony (yet).

I feel like that was just pointless and out of character for twilight to do. Randomly just invite dash to fuck her... Still a good story though. Can't wait for the next one.

"Twilight I... I am gonna rut you so hard, you'll gonna be limping on your way out of here."

Like god make a decision about how to make Rainbow say she'll be limping.

Oh, and I will be watching this story with interest. Things involving Twilight mistrusted by pretty much everyone are my one of the things I secretly enjoy. Specifically Twilight, too. So good job, if you want to please one random reader.

4858053 I've known plenty of level-headed geeks that were secretly kinky :rainbowwild: Anyway, it's hardly the worst thing she'll do before the story is over. :pinkiecrazy:

4858604 Fixed. And I hope you enjoy it, especially after she goes off the deep end. :twilightoops:

4859516 Oh, I fully intend to. Fully.

I hope Twilight figures out what happened and kills Chrissy good and proper and with plenty of pain and horror.

:twilightangry2: "I am offended you think I cant kill people properly! If I DID kill them you would all know it!"

Twilight makes a good point. It would be so easy just to blink (anyone actually remember that term? It's the canon for teleport) into someone's house, break their necks, and then blink out if you had Twilight's magic skill. The way Blueblood was killed was over the top and had evidence. That should have been enough to countermand any suspicion it was Twilight.

Although since everyone wouldn't expect her to leave evidence, leaving it would potentially be seen as her attempting to trick them into ignoring her, so bleh.

One last thing: Twilight's reaction to the guard that entered her cell was completely unrealistic. She thought about killing someone already? And didn't even seem horrified that she had such thoughts? Really? Just... really?

The Badlands can change a pony. If she is found innocent and the locate her, she will no longer be the Twilight Sparkle they knew. She will be Twilight, Mistress of Blades... or something like that. :twilightsheepish:

*notices Rainbow is tagged in the story* Is she making any more appearances, or was it a one time thing?

4889918 hmmm maybe, just maybe "finish him off" wasn't meant in a way like that.... while twilight has a horn, is she therefore horny all the time?

If this isn't coherent enough to understand, I blame writing it at half past one AM. :yay:

4889620 Oh she'll kill plenty by the end Seriously, many readers will probably hate her (and/or me) by the end. :twilightsmile:
4889918 I don't think the average person would think wanting to murder a rapist was that bad. She can be worried when she wants to kill innocents. :twilightoops:
4890406 I do like blades. :moustache:
4890704 Yes, though it will be a bit later I fear. It took me longer to get around to her than I thought it would. :rainbowhuh:

Hook. Line. Sinker.
You got me. I want more!

Twilight may not have killed that guard, but hey, who knows what'll happen to him later in his life. He might die of pony AIDS! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

I'm the type of person that supports the obvious antagonist.

So far I am finding this interesting although the Spike-Rarity thing was a bit much, he is just a baby dragon after all. But beyond that seeing Twilight as a refugee from the law is a very interesting concept and one you can get a lot of mileage out of. Will Twilight resort to killing in self defence? what allies can she look to since her friends have more or less abandonded her? I am very interested in learning more.

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