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I have Rainbow Dash's head. Give me monies or you'll never see it again. Except in the photos I send you of me molesting it with my futa parts.

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...So Spike rapes and murders Sweetie and Rarity I take it?

*Chokes on her own vomit*

Wait, what? Horses cant puke...

After reading........i got the weirdest boner..............:facehoof:

EWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!????? WTF MAN! :raritydespair:

319393 Well, I couldn't really keep Spike 'in character' and still have him murder Rarity :moustache::raritycry: Also by the rules of a troll fic, dislikes are likes. This fic has a perfect score!
*edit* NOOOO someone liked it! Foiled again!

319375 I know, I came that hard too.

What you expect me to do:
What I'm actually doing:
"Also by the rules of a troll fic, dislikes are likes." So no matter what you "win." Look at this stupid dick scramble for a play on words. It's not cute anymore. I feel like I'm watching a homeless man try to eat a brick for a dollar. If the Special Olympics had a writing event, this would be the only entry that didn't win a hug.

319435 NOOOO! Adorableness! MY ONE WEAKNESS! *melts*

You get +1 for it being well written...
That is all.

319469 Is it strange that i laughed at that for 10 straight minutes? Girl 1: :rainbowhuh: Girl 2: :pinkiegasp: Guy 1: :pinkiehappy:

It was as disgusting as it was funny. I had the same troll smile on my face as the guy on the gif above. Haha. I didn't think I'm a pervert though.

The writing is very, very well done. I respect that you openly admittet to it being basically written for shock-value, and not dicking around with deep or meaningful bullshit along the lines of wanting to be a philosophical contrast to the pastel coloured happy ponies or something.

So, for the writing itself, have a like.

Though I would love to see a more complex adventure story in your style of writing, it is pretty fluent and enjoyable.

319700 Actually this story has a good number of errors and intentionally poor style choices, I didn't want too many that read this and my adventure stories to put two and two together :pinkiecrazy:

I liked it, no reason for people to hate it if you ask me. Cupcakes was more disgusting than this, yet it's the 2nd most popular fan-fic in all of bronies. This should be 3rd. :P :raritystarry::raritystarry::raritystarry::raritystarry::raritystarry:

<.< >.> heh heh *downloads and reads every night* ...DJ, what are you do... DEAR GOD!!!!!, his description is only MEDIOCRE AT BEST!!!!!
*flop* well, cinderburn fainted.
Hi dadd... YAY, DEATH!!!!! ...she's DJ's daughter... and obsessed with death.

Let me direct you and all those who liked this to mrhappyface, the only one who is more insane than DJ

This is gold! No, this is platinum, no, this is iridium! This is all the precious metals blended into a crown and set upon your head. Loved it!

321553 I'd like to think that it is something a bit more radioactive.

321829 What? You want radium or thorium or plutonium or uranium 235? Sure! :pinkiecrazy:

I don't know what's funnier. That you took the time to write a story with the intention of pissing people off... or that it's working.

I salute you, fellow Troll Fic Writer!

342557 This isn't pissing people off near as much as my Derpy one. There were people that fapped to this one that still hated that one.
Some people still fap to both though. It's true.

344704 They get pissed off when Derpy's voice gets changed. I'm guessing it's easy to create angry mobs with that character.

its a bit dark but not bad, i dont clop to these soo this was an alright clopfic:scootangel:

Too ridiculous for me to even be slightly shocked. I just don't understand these gore fics :ajbemused:

381299 Oh then let me explain: They're for people who like to jack off and/or finger themself to rape, gore, and death.

dear god i think i need to gouge my eyes out now

ha 666 views.

what the fuck did i just read........:facehoof:........this is bad as my fic.....:facehoof::facehoof:

1116153 As bad as your fic? I'm pretty sure my latest work is worse than your fic then.

1119915 actually i take it back my fic is even worst, but this isn't that really good i mean the whole idea is good. i allways been a fan of dark spike fics but with this...its just disturbing. :trixieshiftright: but other then that your still did a tiny bit better then my sweetie belle dark fic so i guess ill like it cause im a sick fuck. and im somehow into this shit. :pinkiehappy:

321844 I hate it when humans use my food for crowns:ajbemused:

i like that one part where the thing that makes me want to vomit and gouge out my eyes in a good way happens :twilightsmile: also if you write a Rocky x Tom trollfic you will be my hero

1542050 I wouldn't know where to start

1558363 with copious amounts of unnecessary rock on rock action of course, grinding their minerals together, maybe Tom could put enough heat and pressure on Rocky to turn him into a metamorphic rock? you know the good stuff :pinkiehappy:

381603 I understand that it's a long reply but you forgot to mention it's also meant for people who enjoy reading dialogue as believable as the script of a shitty gore flick like August Underground Mordum.

I have nothing against you for writing disturbing fics (Hell, I actually respect someone for writing something outside of people's comfort zone, so long as we get something out of it other than childish shock value). But word of advice, at least make the the scenario believable because what's the point of using ponies if they're gonna be OOC?

1119946 It appears were all sick :pinkiesick: yet love it :raritystarry:

or is that just me cause if so I'm embarrassed. :facehoof:

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