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326151 It was a good story! xD Keep on writing...
Much love! x

Yay! Someone actually fav'd my random Hearts and Hooves Day story! :yay:

Thank you for the favorite sire,
Let it be known it truly is my hearts desire
to receive the praise and opinion of peers
from every walk of life both far and near
of your patronage I am quite grateful!
You could almost say a little fateful. :pinkiecrazy:
I'd like to suggest if I may be so bold,
my other stories which contain dangers untold.
A fan of sci fi I believe you may be,
so take a gander at my tales of darkness.
For fraught with exciting peril they are,
Take it from me. :trixieshiftright:

Hey, I've got a suggestion for your next read on YouTube: An Out Of Pony Experience

Dude that live reading was awesomesauce yo.

  • Viewing 1 - 5 of 5
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