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I have Rainbow Dash's head. Give me monies or you'll never see it again. Except in the photos I send you of me molesting it with my futa parts.

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I am genuinely horrified and disgusted. This is the worst thing I have ever read on this website. Not counting A New Hero, I mean.

7345829 What about that Spike story by whoever it was by? You know the one.


Rise of Spike the Dragon? That story's bad-bad. This story is sick-bad.

7345840 I have read that one... its also made by the same guy who wrote Celestias Relaxing Vacation....I think...


If you can't remember, that's your brain trying to protect you by repressing the memories. Just let it happen; it's for your own good.

This is why we can't have good things in the world.

Well, we had to go wrong somewhere.


This has got to be the most sickening thing on this site. I couldn't finish it. It's absolutely awful!

Honestly, what joy does someone get out of writing this? This feels like some desperate ploy for attention, because I can't imagine anyone actually enjoying this sick twisted shit. shudders God, this is just disgusting, and shameful. There's selling out to clop, then there's selling out to negative standards. This surpasses the latter, bar none.

Why do the Mods even approve sickness like this? just...no

You should be proud. You're going to set a record for the most downvotes on a fic in 2016.

7345892 Wrong. That belongs to Windlife.

This peasant is nothing compared the god king.

7345885 :raritydespair:

C-Can we get the r-roasted meme? A-Anyone?

Windlife vs headless_rainbow pls

7345882 You're implying this was even submitted for approval by the mods. It was most likely auto-approved, but it would have been accepted either way since it doesn't actually break any rules.

I mean, I thought we'd already gone wrong ages ago, but I guess I was...

You should be ashamed of yourself for even thinking of this, let alone posting it. You are a sick person.

7345916 :heart:

7345950 Horribly wrong. And we're just getting started.

7345909 So loopholes for fics about filly sex get approved despite it being against the rules if they just don't directly say its a filly in the story or something? I didn't read this fic but that's my only guess.

7345829 Clearly you haven't read some of the other stories I've posted.

7345840 Well if you want a combination of both of those things, Spikey Wikey.

7345846 Hey Tree Hugger, did you know you were just decapitated in my other story?

7345847 Yeah, CRV is the one where Celestia raped Trixie's baby out of Twilight, then had her and Twilight's baby fuck it's corpse. And that's just one chapter; the thing has ballooned to almost 200k words now.

7345859 On the contrary; these stories do the world a favor by making all our miserable lives seem less bad by comparison.

7345876 Again; no it isn't. I've written worse; by that I mean subject matter worse, not 'grasp of the English language' worse.

7345886 Oh shut up Twilight, you've gone on at least three murder sprees in my stories.

7345892 Do my earlier stories have the most downvotes for 2013 to 2015? Though I admit, this has more downvotes than most of my stuff; I'll blame that on me being responsible for less than half of it.

7345897 Already tried, twice; I'm apparently pretty bad at it. Unfortunately for you, those were both before I started writing shit like this.

7345898 I can't hold a candle to such mastery of downvote acquisition.

7345904 Like a death battle?

7345935 Technically it's slightly less than half the same guy, but the point still stands.

7345945 I've heard that joke several times in my comments. Is the Aristowhatsits something I would enjoy?

7345950 Humanity went wrong millennia ago. The only difference is that now people with deranged ideas can instantly publish said ideas to the entire world, and now we have wonderful national media to tell us every horrible thing that is happening everywhere.

7345955 Yes. As bad a ruler as Shining is, at least he's not as bad as Obama. That bastard.

7345963 It's a good thing that you took time out of your day to say that to me, and you can be assured that you haven't wasted your time like a moron by throwing harsh words at someone who is obviously either sick, a troll, or both. I have never ever gotten a comment that was exactly like yours in the comments to the dozen or so other stories I've written over a period of several years, but now that I have I will surely reconsider my evil ways and stop committing these horrible crimes against fictional characters immediately. You have truly made the world a better place.

I forgot how fun it was to answer comments on these stories! I need to co-author more stories, because the comments on the ones I write by myself aren't nearly this good anymore!

7346036 Only against the rules if its human or anthro if its a pony they're ok with it. I had a story recently removed because I had an anthro rarity and Sweetiebelle getting raped by every stallion they ever knew.



Good sir, you mustn't know but what I have of your story is an "opinion."

a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

And my opinion is this is complete and utter trash. Good day to you sir, and despite you claiming my opinion as "wrong," I shall hold it high above my head, high as your dislike count. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by DumbDog deleted Jul 17th, 2016

Average of the people that read this
Baby Rape - Sees the author as pedophile and dislikes the fanfic, it will also try to report the story

This is a very sensible thing...
This fanfic is dark...
This fanfic is bad..
Even the hard stomach like me, didn't liked..
I just...
I'm speecheless... :twilightangry2:

7346090 I actually haven't read the story, but baby rape?! What the fuck?! Is that even allowed on this site?!

The fact that a fic that I haven't even read disgusts me is something new.

I have read histories of fimfiction horrible but this did that they were giving to me desire of being sick. :pinkiesick:

Forgive me for if I have some orthographic mistake it is that I speak Spanish but I like it very much the histories that they write to themselves in this place.:pinkiesmile::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Well...i have read some disturbing stuff in my days but this...this just takes the damn cake. Hell, it takes the whole damn bakery! What kind of drugs does it take to enjoy this, i have no idea but God above....*shudders* I feel filthy now and must clean myself of this...this trash


Sick shit is sick shit whether it's labeled or not.

And this shit is really fucking sick.

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