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You commissioner is a sick fuck, it makes me glad that I don't 'really' do requests, dood.

Oh sithis that was hot.
Just wish it lasted longer.:pinkiesad2:

.......................writing a fanfic as bad s this hsould painful.

i would give a critic. but how do you criticize something when EVERYTHING is wrong.

This is a moment where
I feel like The Doctor could have stopped this,because time travel.

And we all know that Twilight is like the equestrian Clara

You do realize that unless her fingerprints and DNA are in the cop's database having them means absolutely nothing and they can't get them from her to see if she is a match without a warrant and they won't know what we know so they won't have enough evidence to get one if they even end up suspecting her of it anyway.
Plus if they do call off the dance she can just steal the crown.


Then why didn't she just jack the damn thing in the first place

That is a problem with equestria girl's movie that this story is a fanfiction of not a problem with the story itself.


She wouldn't steal it

You do realize that the reason she didn't steal it was bad writing to set up the plot not because she had a moral inclination not to steal it? If that was the case she wouldn't have stolen it from Twilight in the first place and try to take over equestria.
She had no morals.

If something a fanfiction is based on is inherently flawed the fanfiction is going to be inherently flawed by the exact same things.

Did I say it was good?
All I said was it was hot.
It clearly wasn't intended to tell a story it was made for the fetish.

All I was doing was making sure you knew what the real flaw in the story was and not pointing out false plot holes and blaming the author for a plot hole that isn't his fault.

it was everything advertised, and for that, i will thumbs up.

that said, also, wish it had lasted a little longer. especially the necro part, it was just way too short, and seemed overly rushed.

Good is relative. If you just want to jack off and/or finger yourself to Twilight getting strangled, this story is good. Otherwise... probably not so good. And yes, there is nothing I could do that would be more flawed than the movie itself :rainbowwild:

3718408 I couldn't agree more! If it were up to me, she'd have decorated the library with Twilight's entrails.

XD as soon as I saw the tags I knew why there were so many dislikes. Honestly, I like stuff like this that's EXTEMELY taboo and far out of the ordinary for this fandom. (so long as it's done well.) And for a short fic like this, yours was done pretty well. Good job! ^-^

Sorry. No, just. No.

I cut off my bonet, sick fucking thing.

You are a sick fuck, and whoever requested this. Needs to be locked up.

If you knew what it was by the tags and the dislikes, why did you even bother to read it?

Now, onto the story. This isn't my type of story and therefor, I am not going to read it. I clicked on it originally to see what the comments were like.

That being said, I'm not going to give it a like, a favourite OR a dislike. Hope this story goes well for you (though, with the dislikes, I doubt that). :twilightsmile:

I decided to go ahead and read it on the grounds that it was short, though I knew it was going to be not for me in every possible way. I actually went in hoping for a badfic. Something with poor grammar and little grasp of how to actually portray these events. Then I could justifiably hate it and give a downvote.

Unfortunately, I must begrudgingly admit that this was very well-done, for what it is. What it is remains entirely awful, but it was the best and shiniest awful it could be.

Still no upvote, though.

Edit: Just noticed you're the one who wrote "Spikey Wikey". If I'd realized that, I probably would have known exactly what to expect in here.

3718979 let me guess, you play COD?

I didn't like this... I should have stopped when it said Spike died... :facehoof:

3724126 Well this is my least extreme story :pinkiecrazy:

3725661 Pro-tip: Pay attention to tags in the description. :derpytongue2:

3722215 Why did you cut off your boner?

I do pay attention, but I wasn't expecting what i read. I've read plenty of fics tagged this way and still had different outcomes. I don't mind the rape and such, just the implications of murder, the enactment, and her reasoning to how she will get away. It made little sense, plus I HATE that Spike died like that. Buts that's just my opinion...

3734173 Yeah I hate it when someone blatantly insinuates it will contain something and then it doesn't. Consequently, all my descriptions are completely honest. It's my one good trait.

I actually liked this. Not a big fan of her just sorta killing Spike, but otherwise good.

I'm not gonna lie I didn't expect that way of dying I expected it was sunset shimmer in the library with the knife

Well, this was... something.

3745732 the sort synopsys makes it seem like a date with the way its worded about a date. just sayin.

3722215 if you dont like...DONT FUCKEN READ! its that simple:moustache::moustache:

that being said, im curios and feel like reading this...i will asa i wake up from my nap.

3722501 i wish more readers where like you ...not your type of story, so your not goin to read it, no sitting there and talking shit or doing mass dislikes cuz you dont like the type of story. you cool as hell. i comend you with a troll


4687662 Huh, so it does. I tweaked it. :rainbowhuh:

I must admit, you make some twisted stories! I do however like them. They are sick but also kinda hot... Don't judge me... I'm weird....:rainbowkiss:

4864819 Sick and hot are one in the same :pinkiecrazy:

Short and sweet, loved it!:heart:

Sunset shimmer is one of my faves but I love fluttershy


Holy hoy damn! Thumbs up.

DAMN that was dark, no lie there. Though, funny enough, it does make one wonder what effects the human world's view, apathy, and general corruption might have on Sunset Simmer...or rather, OUR human world anyway. If that was the world she wound up in for so long...I could see something like this happening...though certain artistic license aside.

Anyway, well written little fic, and am curious as to what this might spawn in my own head.

Is it bad that I found Spike getting choked to death hotter? If it is, hah! Fuck you.

Short and (somewhat) sweet. This fic reminds me of part of a review of E.G where Sunset leaves the portal to be faced with the element-bearers and three angree princesses. Silver-Quill, I think it was.

Oh I thought you’d be surprised, but I’m not like the other things you’ve fought in Equestria. If I have a problem with someone, I end them before they have a chance to end me.

I liked this, it makes me wonder if the human world changed Sunset, or if she was always too brutal for Equestria
is Twilight actually tied to anything? it doesn't really seem like she is, so it seems like she probably could've struggled more
"throbbing rape stick" this was so crude I laughed :rainbowwild:
"corpse" is a little overused, there are synonyms

all of that aside, I'll be honest. from the description and the massive ratio of dislikes, I did not have high hopes for this story and just wanted to read it out of curiosity of a seemingly sick mind. I expected sloppy writing and bad logic. in light of the subject matter, this was wonderfully written. concise is hard (take this comment as evidence) and you've done very well to include a lot of information in a very succinct, efficient manner. I don't know what the commission request itself included and what you've thrown in yourself to flesh it out, which I mean to be as a high compliment that you don't focus on something specific to an obscene amount and casually glance other aspects. I also found the necrophilia bit, though slight, very tastefully done (I know, 'tasteful' isn't usually the first word I'd think of for this premise of story, but it's true): I expected surprise gore and was pleasantly surprised

I don't know if I'd call this a tragedy, since Sunset is the main characters and things end well for her. certainly dark, I can't argue with that. I actually really liked the way you killed off Spike. it was simple, efficient, and kind of like a foreshadowing of Twilight's own death at her hands... much more intimate than the knife Sunset uses to intimidate her.

I also don't see the plot holes. like you'd said, even if anyone suspected her, Sunset's going to Equestria ASAP (she's only got so much time before the portal closes anyway). She's got the crown - why she didn't just steal it back? - she's still stealing it; it's not like it's in Twilight's possession. if anything, she's taking care of loose ends and now Twi can't chase after her (and what are the other girls going to do? find Human Twilight and train her to take the Princess' place? go after Sunset themselves and just be duplicates in an incomplete union?)

I was slightly disappointed by the lack of detail in the sex part, I'd've liked some of the attention paid to Spike to be paid to Twilight... but that they were so comparable in length now suggests to me that Sunset hardly sees Twilight as any more important than her dog.

I'll upvote this. it's very well done for what it is. people who aren't into this have no business sticking their nose in

I'm sorry I gave you thumbs down but to be fare you killed Spike :fluttercry:

3718400 Clearly you haven't read my other stuff. This one was toned down from my normal stuff at the commissioner's request. :rainbowwild:

3718408 It really does.

i wish i could hate you

7847334 I'll just have to hate me enough for the both of us :rainbowdetermined2:

this needs a rewrite with much more substance. and extra chapters.

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