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Celestia stepped forward, and in one smooth movement, seized Sunset by the shoulder and pulled her into a hard, passionate kiss. Sunset gasped as the taller woman's tongue parted her lips and tasted her mouth, scrabbling to keep her balance, her thoughts whirling so fast that she couldn't hope to keep up.
The kiss broke. Sunset stumbled, grabbing at the desk behind her. " Principal? "

:trollestia: (It has recently been brought to my attention that, although you wear the body of a teenage girl, you are, in fact a fully grown, adult pony.  In other words, your smoking hot teen pussy is technically[1] not underage…)

Gasping for breath, her head swimming, Sunset felt the last barrier holding back the truth give way completely. It just didn't matter how Celestia knew, not anymore. All that mattered was that it was happening . "Thank you for correcting me, Mistress!" Sunset cried out, her hips jerking in an instinctive thrust.
"Hm. That will do," decided the tall woman, and the ruler descended again.

Haha, of course!  The word she's looking for is actually much closer to your first attempt, Sunset.  Try "Princess" instead. :twilightsmile:

She needed to be nude, to be completely exposed, for her tail to be high - no, she didn't have a tail anymore, but still, her ass twitched from side to side as old instincts echoed through her humanoid body.

I have no idea why that is one of the hottest parts of the entire story, but it is. :twilightblush:

Maybe Celestia needs to supply her with a… plug-in replacement.

"That's - very good, my sweet little pony," Celestia panted.

Yes!  I knew it had to be her!

I set myself this challenge because, as I've joked several times, it takes me a thousand words just to get a character out of bed in the morning.

True, but only because they usually wake up in deliciously sexy company.

[1]: The best kind of not underage.

Celestia was wearing a black, closely cut jacket, in pure, silken black. Beneath it, she wore only a lacy, half-cup bra, clinging to her generous breasts, cut low enough to reveal just a hint of areola. Stockings sheathed her long legs, leading up to lace bands around her thighs, clipped to a garter belt. A pair of sheer black panties, almost a thong, scarcely covered her sex. A long wooden ruler rested in her hands like a threat, and her black-coated lips were curved in a sensual smile.

It is now my head-canon that these are the clothes (and make-up) the portal put on her, because of what was on her mind when she went through… and now this is set forever as the default template, which she will receive whenever she goes through again. :pinkiehappy:

Question, will all of these be separate stories or all chapters of this one story? As in, will they be posted separately or just in one place?

9074497 All of the subsequent stories in the challenge will be published as chapters on this anthology.

Good stuff, Wintermist. I like your new avatar. 👍
Looking forward to more! :pinkiehappy:

A story starring two of the finest white mares.

That was really good, but I guess it's to be expected given that you're the one who wrote it.

"Might I fetch you some tea?"

Has there ever been an instance of someone drinking something other than tea in your stories? 'Cause I'm pretty sure the only time it happened was the one time where the drink had drugs in it.

Also, just a heads up, the description says 6 p.m. GMT, but you've actually been publishing the chapters at 6 p.m. CET, or 4 p.m. GMT.

9076533 Oh, bother, I got my BST to GMT conversion backwards. The rest will be released at the correct time.

Just a bit of extra information for this chapter. Wintermist told me that one of the possible avenues the story would've gone, if she could rewrite it, was Velvet helping out a customer, with Rarity underneath the desk, blowing the strap-on.

This bit of info might please you as it did me :p

Yeah, but that would have been a little too close to the opening of A Night on the Leash, only with the real proprietor as the hidden sub this time, so I can see why Wintermist didn't go that route.

Doesn't make it less fun though :p

"I've some delightful emerald fabric I could show you."

"Or..." Twilight Velvet added, pausing with a finger on her lower lip, "I might actually prefer something more crimson."

Heh, interesting that "Green" means "Stop" and "Red" means "Go, Go, Go!"

Stepping behind the counter with Rarity, hidden from the waist down, she unfastened the buttons holding her skirt together. The layers separated with drifting slowness, partially braced by the delicate wickerwork that held the bell of the skirt out from her body, all of it tumbling slowly to the floor.

"This trend really is quite useful," Twilight Velvet said, somewhere above her, but Rarity only had eyes for one thing. A glistening strap-on jutted from a web of straps around her sex, glimpses of Velvet's bare pussy visible as she moved.

Man, those giant dresses always hide something naughty underneath, don't they?  Sometimes it's a previously unsuspected dick, sometimes a strap-on, and sometimes a naughty slave, crawling along as her mistress walks, to keep her naughty mouth glued to the mistress' pussy.

"Mmmhmf," Rarity hummed worshipfully, her eyes unfocused and half closed. Sucking her cheeks inwards a little, she turned her head, letting Velvet see the outline of the thick sex toy filling her mouth.

"Yes... yes, my Lady, I adore having a cock in my mouth, especially yours! I feel so gloriously dirty and soiled when you force me to fuck your cock with my tits, my Lady!"

"Hump my leg like a little bitch, Rarity dearest. You could be caught at any moment, by anypony in town. They'd see what a depraved, eager slut you are for me, how desperate you are to be degraded and despoiled. That's what you'd like, isn't it?"

Hah… That's… Hoo… Oh my!

Are fics even allowed to be this scorching hot?  This must be exceeding some kind of legal safety limit.

The door lock clicked; a small, incredibly distinct sound. Rarity froze.

:rainbowdetermined2: (Dun Dun Duuuunnn!)
Chekov's unlocked door comes back to bite Rarity in her luscious, marshmallowy ass.

"I couldn't believe it, but - yes! You were right, and I'm sorry I doubted you, mom."

Say whaaaaaaaaat?
The 200 kiloton explosion you just heard was the sound of Rarity's mind being blown.

Her voice slightly hoarse, aware that events had completely carried her away now and there was nothing left but to ride the tide, she breathed, "Yes."

<insert standard "little ho(a)rse/pony" joke here>
Rarity, dear, "the tide" isn't what you'll be riding.  This lucky mare is going to get screwed from dusk 'til dawn — or from twilight to twilight, if you will. :twilightsmile:

"Good morning, Rarity," said Twilight Velvet,

Unexpected. But not unwelcome.

As you know, this one is my favourite of the entire bunch, so I'm very glad that you accepted my suggestion of a possible prompt

Man, talk about going to fuck yourself.  Now I want to create a kickstarter so we can pay @mouthnoize to read this as an audiobook.  She'd probably be up for it, but alas, legal contracts prohibit her from actually doing it.

"You know the correct answer, Celestia, and I will walk out that door if you don't give it. Answer me!" Cheerilee panted, not even sure herself whether she was bluffing or not.

I was wondering how Cheerilee managed to exert any authority over Daybreaker.  After all, even without any magic, Daybreaker is much bigger than Cheerilee and could overpower her.  She's not likely to be all that afraid of reprisals, since she's already in solitary imprisonment and neither Twilight nor Luna would stoop to torture.  Threatening to cut the session short is pretty much the only leverage Cheerilee has.  She can't even threaten to leave permanently and never come back, because that would only remove any incentive for Daybreaker to hold back and not forcibly fuck Cheerilee's brains out.

The inner door began to grind open, and the corrupted alicorn leaned forward, her voice suddenly husky and urgent. "You want this. You don't want her back. You want to keep fucking me."

Cheerilee:  That's not true!  Your true self is a hundred times more sexy than this cruel, vicious mask you put on and allowed to consume yourself!  I wanted to eat out "her" divine pussy long before "you" even existed!  Eeep. [clamps her hands over her mouth]
Daybreaker:  You-  You did?  Oh.
*FWOOF!* [Daybreaker's mane and tail flare up and go out, revealing Celestia's colours again. Her sharp fangs retract, and a couple rapid blinks return her eyes to normal.]
Celestia:  I do wish you had said so sooner, my lovely little pony.  If I had know I didn't need to keep up the act…
Cheerilee:  You-  But that…  An act?  But why??  Princess, why would you pretend to still be insane, when you could go back to normal any time?!
Celestia:  [embarrassedAh, well, you see, um…  It's just so hard for me to get out and meet new ponies, these days.

And then they all fucked, happily ever after.

I think Daybreaker really is Daybreaker, not just a pretense.  And one day – though she teeters on the very edge of fully falling under the corrupted Alicorn's sway – Cheerilee will manage to bring her out of it, fully and for real.

She is invited to the palace for a ceremonial show of gratitude – but when Celestia is alone in a room with her afterwards, the princess flashes her mane a fiery crimson for a second and says, "I believe that I shall need many, many follow-up treatments, to ensure that I remain fully freed from my corrupted self.  Why, it might be necessary for you to move into a room within my private suite, so you can aid my long road to recovery…"

"Such as… your bedchamber, Princess?" Cheerily asks with a gulp of mixed nervousness and anticipation.

"Capital! That's just what I was thinking, as well!"

If these stories are all independent of one another, you probably could have gotten a lot more readers by publishing them separately, each one with a good cover image and description...

(I haven’t read them yet. Maybe they are connected to each other in a way that makes it a single story.)

9078957 No, they're all separate. You might be right, but I didn't want to spam things, and I found the idea of collecting the week's output as an anthology pleasing

Octavia bent over the cello, beginning to play faster. Redheart's hips jerked from side to side, awkwardly at first, then more and more smoothly, until she was swaying and rocking in time to the music. A flick of the bow, a sudden note amongst the melody, and the nurse found herself swivelling around and presenting her ass on high, her skirt around her waist, rocking from side to side.

That reminds me a lot of FIMC Chapter 27: A Dance for Two when Twilight abandons herself to the music and Vinyl's control.

Reaching out, Octavia scooped up her bow, and drew it lightly across Redheart's forehead. The other pony looked at her, baffled. Then, simply and without fanfare, her eyes grew blank and empty.

Ha!  She played her like a fiddle. :rainbowlaugh:

Meh.  More first-time visitors, maybe — but not a lot of reader retention, and a lot of complaints about the stories being too short.  And possibly a report to the site admins for "spamming" the new release queue.  Without the framing device of a week-long challenge of short "get to the point, get bizzay, get out" fics, these stories would open themselves to the criticism of being too short to stand on their own.  Which is why they're standing together in a collection.


Not much for my tastes in this prompt, but interesting to know that Octavia has done this before. And while she claims to do this so her friend can relax a little, I can imagine Octavia wanting to go further and further once she succeeds.

Huh... I once did that intentionally, with the goal of filling up the entire ‘new stories’ box with my own fics. Didn’t quite work, because some others slipped in between somehow, even though I submitted all of mine within a few seconds of each other. No reports or backlash from the mods, though.

"Octavia?" The voice carried a clipped briskness, a trace of impatience. "You called for me? Is there something wrong with the lights?"

I half expected Trixie.

I like to think that Daring Do and NMM will be locked up together, and until Celestia finds a solution, Daring has leisure to play with NMM's body as she sees fit. Celestia better hurry, or the Luna inside might be too far gone and nothing but an eager sex toy at that point :p

Daring Do lay on her back, small, whimpering gasps escaping her, but those sounds weren't sounds of pain. That was - that was lust! And where her clothes had been shredded by the shock of the magical impact, she was coated everywhere beneath, neck to toes, in the same slickly shiny black substance. Nightmare Moon slowed, her last few steps almost hesitant, as Daring Do helplessly humped the air.

Oooh.  I've seen enough Hentai to know where this is going…

Someone's going to end up covered head-to-hoof in a living latex gimp-suit! :pinkiehappy:  Somebody page Sebastian Rubbermage for the fanart!

"Legend says this stuff converted a whole, mmmh, a whole slave army, had to be sealed away forever.

As opposed to the standard 1000 years equestrians use for everything else.

"Never!" she snarled, almost incoherently. "I am the one who rules!"

Yeah, that would obviously hit home.  It's literally the reason for Nightmare Moon's existence.

Nightmare Moon shuddered, a whole body shiver that rocked her on her feet. Something was happening, something hot and heavy and strange. Her eyes snapped downwards, and to her shock, she saw her breasts were swelling outwards, her ass growing wider, her thighs thickening.

Oh yesss!  I frickin' love erotic transformation, and especially breast expansion.

Only Nightmare Moon was to be taken. She wasn't here to replace one tyrant with another.

Yeah, let's see how long that lasts.

"I am your bimbo rubberdoll. I exist for you to fuck and use."

"Again," gasped Daring Do, biting at her slave's jutting nipples. "Third person this time."

"Nightmare Moon is your bimbo rubberdoll. Nightmare Moon exists for you to fuck and use."

Oh gawd, bimbofication and third person speech as well?  Did someone give you a checklist of my favourite fetishes?  You are too good to me, Wintermist; too good. [wipes away tears of joy]

Although, admittedly, the "bimboism" is mostly in name only, since she is really more of a blank doll – though not an emotionless one, as evidenced by her lustful, husky voice.

Letting her voice sink to a murmur, Daring Do breathed, "And when she comes back, you're gonna let her lock you and me away somewhere safe for a while, until she can fix this. But til she finds a way... we are going to be spending a lot of time together."

Hahaha!  Now that's planning ahead!  I can see the scene now:

Daring:  Princess, quickly before I lose control!  You have to lock the two of us away, so I can fuck Nightma- err, I mean, until you can find a way to free us.
Celestia:  Oh, there's no need for that.  [horn glows brightly]
[Daring and Luna are suddenly buck naked, free from the black latex, which now hovers in a magical glass bottle held in Celestia's field, where it laps at the sides of the container like a living thing.]
Daring:  Eeep!
Luna:  Buh- Wha…
Celestia:  Who do you think sealed this gunk away in the first place?  And look!  It even brought Luna back to her old self.
Luna:  [starts masturbating] Luna horny!  Fuck Luna!
Celestia:  Well, close enough anyway.  [looks at the bottle speculativelyI guess I should keep this stuff around, right?  Just in case she ever gets uppity- ahem, turns evil again, heh heh heh…

I actually first conceived of the suit's basic properties when thinking about Avatar: The Last Airbender. The intention was a polluted form of waterbending, which was more or less latex bending. Korra, Asami, Katara, Azula... all good targets, though from incompatible time periods. When I came to write this pairing, I decided to run with it as an artefact in its own right.


Korra, Asami, Katara, Azula... all good targets,

I'll say!  That sounds positively yummy, and the whole "latex encasement" thing isn't even a fetish of mine.

Now I'm wishing something like this would show up in FIMC:C, have AJ be begging to have the stuff coat her or something like that XD

I chuckled how Gilda just bumbles with her MC item ability. Whereas Twilight at least has a vague understanding of the charm and has her usual panicky moments a-la FiMC, GIlda just barges in with it with her MC powers hoping for the best. Like trying to stuff two griffin-titties in a tanktop a size-or-so too small. It'll fit, with involuntary shove.

"Like I said, cancel your fucking training and let Dash goof off with me," Gilda said bluntly.

So, Gilda genuinely expected that to work without using her mind-control artefact?

Yeah, that seems about right for her.

"Buck me," breathed the griffon, shaking her head slightly.

Yes, that was what Spitfire just suggested.

Gilda slid a hand up under her short tank top, pushing it up to reveal her naked breasts. Grabbing a handful of one and squeezing, smug delight on her face,

No nipple rings or studs?  Gilda struck me as the type to have some intimate piercings.

All week, I wanted to do something with Gilda, and with Spitfire. I saw both of them turn up in generated prompts, but none of those clicked. As I hit day six, I shrugged, and put them together.

And how right you were!  The military mare who's all about shouting unruly trainees in line vs. a griffon who can't even obey the rules of civilised society — A duel of the raspy-voiced gals!

Seeing Spitfire turned step by delicious step from an impatient and superior military commander into a completely subservient, dripping, kneeling slave slut…  UNF!

Now I wanna see what happens with Rainbow Dash and all the other sexy pegasluts, soon to be under Gilda's command!

I like to imagine that Gilda actually takes up a job position at the Acadamy to fit with the story she fabricated to get Spitfire to obey. A cozy room, or maybe kicking Spitfire out of her office. That way, when the rest of the wonderbolts are converted into her sex slaves, Gilda has the pick of the litter, only a few meters away.


I like to imagine that Gilda actually takes up a job position at the Acadamy to fit with the story she fabricated to get Spitfire to obey.

Does she strike you as the patient, forward-planning type?

She did just waltz into the Wonderbolt captain's office, demanding that Dash be let out of training, so they could "goof off" – without using her magical MC device.  She didn't seem to have even considered using the bracelet on Spitfire, until she was refused access to her first victim of choice.

She's not patient, nor forward-planning, but that doesn't mean she can't still work alongside the story. living/working at the academy would have its benefits, as she can do whatever she wants while one of her slaves eats her out.

I'd actually love for this to eventually get a one-shot sequel where Dash ends up taking control of Gilda, and thus the rest of the team.

I doubt it'll happen, but i think it would be interesting.

I like how you took the opportunity to tell a story with a more sloppy mind manipulation. It lends itself much better to a short story than something like the lengths of FiMC.

I'd also love to see a return to this

"You guys always have such little tits," snorted Gilda, amused.

Kinda makes sense when you think about it. More aerodynamic.

Yeah, this one has a lot of potential.  It's not the hottest story so far (though still scorching!), but it's one that enables extremely interesting continuations, similar to the Twi-Rari-Twi threesome in

What the fuuuuuuu…
Guys, you wanna turn on "Night Mode" in the settings and look at the full description of the fic again. Trust me. :pinkiehappy:

Ahem, as I was saying, similar to the Twi-Rari-Twi threesome in "Something in Crimson".  "The Lesser Of Two" was hotter (despite less actual sex), but its future has less potential.  Five minutes after it ends, Celestia will be back, and shortly after that, Daring Do and Fuckdoll Moon will be stuffed into a magical quarantine unit, where they'll fuck each other's brains out for days or weeks.  That's an arousing thought, and sure, I'd clop to that — but there's very little surprise to it.  In contrast to that, what kind of depraved shenanigans Gilda would get up to, with the entire Wonderbolt Academy at her disposal, is completely up in the air; she could do anything to them.  The actual end result could possibly turn out less hot than Daring Do and Nightmare Rubberslut, but the fact that you don't know where it will go and how it will turn out naturally makes you more eager for a sequel to this.

Always a good show seeing AJ sex-starved and exposed for everyone's else amusement.

And now the question is. What were Vinyl's motivations? Does she intend to keep AJ as someone to play around with, or was the whole 'plan' more to let AJ relax a little and have some fun.

Hnnnnn!  So gorram hot!

She was a country gal herself - 'Always have been, always will be'

Heh.  We'll see about that.

There was still something familiar about it all, but it had been restructured so heavily, she couldn't put a finger on it. "...soon you'll all be singing along," she hummed to herself, without quite knowing why.

Ah.  Everything becomes clear.  How Vinyl is suddenly able to make mind control music, and what exactly was remixed, as per the title. (Though it seems clear that Applejack is going to end up the one being "remixed" the most.)  The song title should have given it away, really: "You weren't aware of your descent…" :pinkiehappy:

Vinyl must have been shy about other folk hearing her voice;

Ah, so she's not going for world domination or even a harem, but personal ownership.  Or maybe she was just worried that people would pay a lot more attention, if Applebloom suddenly started going clubbing in slutty punk-wear.

She was into boys, always had been, always would be.

Heh heh heh, I can see the Arc Words there.  Looks like somepony is going to be proved a liar, soon.

The rush of infatuation was so powerful she almost fell,

Oh, but you already did, AJ; you just didn't know it.

Some songs you really just couldn't get out of your head.

Oh gawd, now I'm fantasising about Vinyl setting AJ up as a public-use party favour, while she lounges nearby watching Applejack get plowed for hours — occasionally strolling over to pet her reassuringly and let her eat out Vinyl's pussy in thanks.  Then, after the sex-party winds down, she takes up the leash again and leads her new sex-pet, covered in pussy juice and jizz from head to toe, back home, where she sensually washes her off, cuddles her and fucks her one last time before bed.  And Applejack, who is an early riser — always was, always will be — happily sleeps in past noon, cuddled up against her new owner's feet.

Oh, I'd love it, if Vinyl turned Applejack into a free-range techno punk slut (rather than a personal slave), and moved on to the next "project" to remix…

But, while that would hit another one of my favourite fetishes, the personal attraction that Vinyl instilled in AJ rather implies that this isn't the case.

Well, once you've finished your latest remix, isn't it customary to release it publicly and let everybody enjoy it?

But Vinyl is more of a live performance artist, isn't she?  So fucking Applejack silly herself, but letting everybody watch, is right in her wheelhouse.

Well, I'm curious about the 'why', and 'why her'. We can only guess at Vinyl's motivations here.

And well, of course Vinyl is gonna have to take some precautions for AJ's friends. Wouldn't want them to figure out something's wrong, now would she?

You don't have to warp light to make yourself functionally invisible, if you can make people want to not realise you're there!

So she's trying to make a magical SEP field.  Invisibility through mind control — It's a very Starlight approach to the problem.

Celestia looked down at the note pinned to the arm of her throne. 'It is not normal to fuck Starlight Glimmer. Try not to forget it.'

Whereas it's entirely normal to say, "Fuck Starlight Glimmer," at least judging from the frequency you hear it in the Brony community.
All joking aside, that's one hell of a way to start the main part of the chapter, after the "cold opening".

There was some sort of malformed normalisation spell centred on Starlight, and Celestia knew that she couldn't afford to let herself get distracted from diagnosing the root cause.

The fact that "normalisation spells" are apparently a known thing in Equestria makes me bounce in my chair with glee!  I really wanna see a story about Twilight abusing a normalisation spell — at first she'd do it out of social axiety, so that nothing she does is ever perceived as awkward, embarrassing, or a faux pas, but then she would start getting increasingly daring, until it's perfectly "normal" for her to fuck any of her friends to a screaming orgasm in the middle of the street, whenever they should happen to meet.

"Of course I'd have sex with Rarity if it was with Starlight. You always taught me to have good manners."

Good Manners Go Without Saying, obviously. :raritywink:

It was pretty much just the visitors to the Castle until this morning,

Good thing that Cheerilee scheduled Starlight's visit to the ponyville school for next week, not this one.  Otherwise things could have gotten a bit awkward, when Cheerilee told the class to welcome Starlight.  Possibly even more awkward than the day she visited Fluttershy and Flutters told all her critter friends to "Say hello to Starlight."

but then when we got on the train-"

A lot of ponies greeted her on the way here, so I asked if she minded me going ahead, so I wouldn't be late, and she said she'd catch me up!"

Wow.  Now I'm imagining a train-wide orgy, followed by Starlight getting gang-banged by half the population of Canterlot, all the way from the train station to the palace.

"We will figure out how to remove it. But first..." She braced herself for the spell, trying to cling onto her knowledge of what it would do, and stopped trying to disguise the sigh of desire in her voice, "First, Twilight and I should greet you properly."

Did… did Celestia just condemn Starlight to a life of constant gangbangs (potentially, at least), just because she wants to get into Twilight pants?

Sounds like the correct choice to me! :pinkiehappy:

I rather hope that Luna dismisses Celestia's note as a silly prank by her sister, until it's too late, and she's caught up as well.

The concept shares a little DNA with Universal Acceptance.

A little. :twilightsmile:  Though where it differs is that the ponies here a fully unaware that anything out of the ordinary is going on.  In Universal Acceptance, the ponies are aware that extraordinary things are happening, but they rationalise and accept it – usually along the lines of "Oh, if The Human is involved, there must be some kind of special dispensation for this kind of thing. Clearly that must be it, otherwise this surely wouldn't be allowed."  Though Pascal calls it "the Normal" throughout the fic, the title names it better.

I honestly can't decide between the two approaches; they're both really hot.  I'm maybe leaning a little bit towards the "complete obliviousness" version, but not enough to call it.

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