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he give you all his cum to reward you.


The feet are built to look like silts


Gods, that was... wonderful. Sweet and emotional and holy sweet jegus fuck was it hot!. I mean just..., unghh... Damn.

 he can be as rough as he likes.

He should be capitalized.



Just last night I revisited Relaxing Celestia (By Any Means Necessary) for some late-night … fun, and thought about how nice it would be to see a continuation. And today, this. Good thing there’s no-one around or there would’ve been questions raised about the loud cackling from my room.

Will comment again once I’ve read it (tied up in other stuff, grumble).

"that was good. That was very good."

Couldn't have said it better myself.

just not as fun without the mind control

reaching around to finger her with lazily lack of urgency.


Very lovely, and I must admit I was most happy to see the strong levels of affection and aftercare. That's so rare in these dominating relationships, at least when portrayed in fiction.

That story was excellent. The premise was simple but you turned it into something luck more. I’d love to see more!

Ok, wow, that was great. There was a lot at stakes in holding up to Relaxing Celestia (By Any Means Necessary), and this one di not disappoint. I love these characters and I’m grateful we got to see more of them. All the interactions feel so beautifully overwhelming, it’s incredible how well they all fit in with one another.

This was definitely a Wintermist™ story, with its signature characters, passion and intensity. Everything was well crafted to be exactly where it was needed, to the point where I don’t mind the absence of classical mind control; I wouldn’t change the core dynamic after this one works so well.

Finally, I wanna thank DbzOrDie for making this story possible! Looking back, he or she commissioned many of my favorite stories on fimifc, and I don’t think I ever expressed the due thanks for all of that. Cheers to all the patrons that enable artists to produce their content!

8610379 8610392 8610627 Fixed, fixed and fixed. Thanks as always for your diligent eye!

A cupboard opened by itself in a rose-coloured glow,

The colour of her magic is actually light blue like Rarity's.  I usually don't notice these details, but it was kind of a big deal in A Canterlot Wedding.

I can't remember it for certain, but I think you may also have mentioned it being pink in Friendship Is Mind Control: Consequences, although I didn't remark upon it at the time.

Copflic of the year right here, haven't read something so well rounded and... right in every way imaginable.:heart:


"Bolt Hole" I keep reading that , and my brain keeps telling me it's "Bolt Thrower"

The pink one knew. :rainbowderp:
I've spent all afternoon reading this, and while I could've been doing more responsible grown-up things, this was, as always, so excruciatingly wonderful to read.

As always I, and a great deal many of us, enjoy your writings.


That was absolutely lovely. A very fitting sequel with an appropriate escalation to things. Now the only thing is it’s put two ideas into my head – I wanna see more Cady×Celly (or Cady domming Cady and her mistresses all at once), and I wish there were a bonus chapter featuring Luna (even if it’s non-canon, I’ll take it, anything for Best Night Pone).

Anyway. I can’t do this justice with words, so have my upvote and my fave, along with many rereads to come.

8610822 That's a good observation. It's been a while since I watched the series, and there's a tendency to just assume the glow is the pony's dominant coat colour. Fixed it now!

Celestia stepped into the room, letting the door swing closed behind her. As always, everything else in her presence became a barely noticeable background. She was a tall mare, her skin milk white, her mane and tail flowing out behind her in an unfelt breeze. Her arms were slender, her fingers delicate. She filled an elegant grey dress to capacity, her breasts jutting out before her, her ass lightly squeezed by the small skirt into perfect shape. It ended halfway down one thigh, cut at an upwards angle. Her small feet were cradled by modest white heels, adding an inch and a half to her already impressive height. Her pink eyes sparkled as they caught the light.

I'm genuinely jealous of the way you have with words.

Lotus opened the appointments book, picking up her pen. "I do, yes", she replied with easy professionalism, relaxing from her fever-pitch of nervousness and beginning to enjoy the look of mingled excitement and terror on Celestia's face. "How does two thirty sound? It's Rosemary, isn't it?"

You're enjoying this.

"Good afternoon," Luna said, in a polite tone that nonetheless filled the room with its resonance. "I would like to make an appointment, if that is possible."

Wonder if she knows?

"Is that the manner in which my sister visits your establishment? I have witnessed how much more relaxed she seems to be after having come here, and become impressed. I would like to try your services myself."


A blush coloured the royal pony's alabaster cheeks. "I may have remarked on the good care I was receiving here," she murmured, glancing to one side.


If it had been down to Lotus, just Lotus, then she would have wanted to keep Celestia just for herself. But this wasn't about what she wanted. This was about the fantasies that the mare in front of her had nursed for so long without ever really acknowledging, or even fully understanding, what she desired. Fulfilling those fantasies, safely, and giving her space to experience the things she'd never dared do before - that was the dominant's duty.

This. This paragraph sums up what I LOVE about your writing. It's the subtle little touches that make it go from great, to fan-fucking-tastic.

Nodding, Lotus crossed the room and opened a small drawer. Removing a small section of root from beside several others, she turned back to lay it in Celestia's hands. "Chew this for a minute, then spit out the pulp. It should protect you from anything like that for a couple of days."

Fantasy world, fantasy solutions.

Holy crap, a sequel? Released all at once?

Man, FiMFic has got some good stories going on right now, it's like Christmas morning.

She and Shining have each others eyes as their magical color if i remembet right. Its kinda cute.

I LOVED this! This story is on par with Loyal's Moonstone. I do hope you bring Luna into the mix in the future! Thank you for the wonderful story.


I think magic actually matches eye color, doesn’t it?

Third sequel. Now. The first was amazing, this was breathtaking in it's deliverance. Now blow me out of the water. I am so happy to read these. More so with the fact that it's based around character development/breakdown??? and not some senseless immediate clop like many others. Or fast rushed clop. No, these stories in breaking down Celestia and training her into a slutty slave are beautifully done, and while I am aroused, I actually enjoyed reading it more than getting off. Please write a third if you can.

Lotus smoothed back the Princess's hood and began stroking her colourful mane with small movements of her fingers. It'd help soothe the skittish mare, she hoped, but it was as much for herself as for Celestia. Her own nerves needed soothing too; the risk they were taking was real. Beside her, Aloe began stroking their slave's mane too, murmuring little soothing sounds. Lotus concentrated on keeping her breathing steady, running through their preparations in her mind. Everything had to be perfect.

I REALLY love these little touches, the subtle reminders that this is consensual.

"Hood up, slut," Lotus told Celestia in a whisper. "We don't want anyone seeing just who's visiting Equestria's number one pit of depravity tonight."

Oh yeah, because if this goes wrong, things could end poorly.

Celestia made an odd whine at the sight, shuddering, her pink eyes wide, then yanked off her cloak with frantic haste and threw herself naked to the ground, seizing the coins with both hands.

Her reactions are half the fun.

Elbow length fishnet gloves completed the look, the stark white vivid against her warm pink skin.

Lotus tossed her own coat atop Aloe's, revealing an identical outfit in pure midnight black,

Maybe it's just the 13 year old in me, but I love the duality between colors, like blue and gold and red and purple, or black and white, it's fun.

"We're taking you to be shown off," said Lotus firmly. "Let's get you dressed."

Best of luck.

She had to feel like she could be exposed at any moment, but her well-being was the first and highest principle that Lotus and Aloe had to adhere to; if it ever seemed things were going bad, she'd be out and safe before she knew it.


No matter how certain she'd been that this couldn't be Celestia, it was.

Oh boy.

There was much more she wanted to say, and always would be. But for now, that was enough. Folding the empty suit and slipping it carefully into an anonymous black travel bag, the two of them spread talcum powder over their hands and gently stroked it over the Princess's skin, soothing away any irritation from the latex. Finally, dusting the remaining powder from her hands, Lotus looked up at Celestia. Feeling like something special and precious was coming to an end, she glanced away and murmured, "You can talk now."

Aftercare, the little touches really do make SUCH a difference. I never tire of your work.

A single rose rested on the tabletop, still bearing its thorns.

Not bothering with hiding behind pretenses, eh, Celestia?

Cadance heard the question within the statement. "Shining knows," she replied. "It's something that we talked about when we began dating. I love him, very much, and no pony could ever replace him, he knows that. I know that's true for him, too. We both get a little jealous, sometimes, when the other has a new lover that they're paying attention to, but he's my husband, and I'm his wife. That won't change. All relationships take work, but we're very happy together."


I'm very happy to have spent the time to get to grips with it.

And so am I. This is a fantastic story and I'm glad that I took the time to read it.

this has to be, at least, a trilogy...

it is one of the BEST stories of the Genre I've read, and I have an E-BOOK compiled of those, as well as doing the BDSM lifestyle on and off for the last 13 years...

So, Reading the training and display of Princess Celestia has been arousing and delightful...

Will luna be a part of this, as a sub or dom?

I did not have any plans for Luna to be involved. I'm tossing ideas around currently but it's unlikely that I'll do anything with them. Luna's part would need to be significantly different, so as to not copy the first story or such.

So very very good! Had me in the most delightful of tizzies all throughout!

Wasn't expecting it to be divided into separate chapters like that but it certainly worked in the story's favour.


Please, DO NOT stop writing such an amazingly rousing saga!!
I wait with eager breath the next story in this universe (maybe you could start working in Luna.)
The final decision is ,of course, yours and no one else.
Keep up the stirring work!! :pinkiehappy:

Really great story I like it

as the moved around the perimeter

I think this should be 'they' ?

this makes waiting for the next chapter of Friendship is Mind Control: Consequences at least a little easier. (by that I mean that I loved every second of reading this.)

Gaaaahhh! That was awesome! I was not expecting Cadance to show up at all but damn was that hot. Personally, I do like the first one better bc it was more one on one, but this was still excellent. I do hope a third one is made with Luna joining the fray and/or Aloe and Lotus having fun with Cadance in domming Celestia. So much potential kinkiness.

Well, Aloe and Lotus are all about giving their clients what they need to relax.  For Celestia that is submission; for Cadance it's dominance; for Luna, my guess would be voyeurism while remaining unseen herself.

Here's my reasoning: Luna always cultivates an air of dignity and royalty about her in public and before strangers, but we've seen that she drops that pose when she's in private and allows her tiredness and grumpiness to show.  Spending a whole day in the public eye and keeping up appearances was incredibly taxing for her.  I get the feeling that she is a pony who values her privacy highly.

On the other hand, her duties involve viewing and sometimes entering other ponies' dreams, which surely constitutes an invasion of their privacy to some extent, and she has shown no qualms about letting a filly peek into her best friends' nightmares, if she thinks it will help.  So we have a dichotomy between her own desire for privacy and her somewhat cavalier attitude towards the privacy of others, which is ripe for the building of tension.

Additionally, Luna must have seen some freaky shit in ponies' wet dreams over the years.  Ponies who are into BDSM must present her a special challenge, since their sexual fantasies can look from the outside like another pony's nightmare, so she must have spent a proportionally longer time observing those dreams than ones that can be judged at a glance.  Who knows what effect that has had on her tastes of viewing material...

If Wintermist were to go in that direction, Aloe and Lotus could service the needs of three princesses at once by permitting Cadance to dominate Celestia in front of an anonymous audience in the shadows, which would be Luna.

But how does watching people (and probably masturbating to it) make Luna 'relax' more than just normal masturbation? Subbing and domming is a pretty active role, but voyeurism changes very little

Well, of those two activities, I haven't engaged in voyeurism myself, so I can't compare the experiences directly... :twilightblush:

But I would imagine that to someone who actually has that particular fetish, watching two real people have real sex (not a fantasy or a dream) right in front of her would be a lot more powerful and arousing an experience.  In particular, unlike a fantasy or actual pornography, the people having sex are not doing it for her, they're doing it for their own pleasure, which gives the act of watching them a certain thrill of the forbidden.

If Luna had voyeuristic tendencies, her dream-guarding duties would be a constant source of tension, because it would present her with a steady stream of temptations to view the private, possibly even explicitly erotic, fantasies of other ponies unseen and undetected, while being honour-bound not to intrude, not to linger, and only offer help where it is needed.  Being given a chance to give in and watch to her heart's content would certainly help relieve that stress, in that situation.

Hmm, can't say I'm much into the idea of Luna having a voyeurims fetish, nor her just watching Cadance and Celestia having sex, but I'll keep it in mind

To be honest, it doesn't really do anything for me either, but it seemed the most fitting fetish for Luna to have, based on what we have seen of her.  *shrug*

And we've seen Wintermist making voyeurism pretty hot in Chapter 10 of Friendship is Mind Control: Consequences, when Ember watched Twilight, Luna, and Trixie.

Well, I 'really' like Lunadom, but the problem in this setting is that Celestia now already has three doms if Cadance becomes a more regular presence in her life.

On the other hand, the twins dominating both princesses side to side with it leading into incest is hot but it feels too coincidental that both princesses are into this kind of submission and receive satsifaction from the spa twins from it.

Luna being a switch is sorta what I'm exploring now. She likes dominating Celestia, but would sub to the twins. We'll see if anything comes from it


Luna being a switch is sorta what I'm exploring now. She likes dominating Celestia, but would sub to the twins.

Why not turn it around? Let the twins be the subs to Luna's domme.  If they set up Cadance and Celestia to play together (as they unwittingly did in this story), they would be at loose ends for that session anyway, and it's been established that they were subs to the disguised Cadance before, so it wouldn't be a stretch for them to do it for Luna as well.  That would put Luna in the same position as Cadance, and Celestia at the very bottom (where she belongs), subbing to everypony.

Luna and Cadance can take turns, one dominating the twins, while the other plays with their pet, and finally the two top princesses retire to the comfy couch and cuddle or lazily play with each other, while they watch the twins put on a show with their pet Celly.

Well, even if the twins were the sub for Luna, then Luna would still need a dom. Cadance would be the only remaining choice because Celestia is very much 'only' a sub, which means that Cadance pretty much doms everyone.

Also, I'm not sure how likely it is for the twins to arrange a session that has 'only' Cadance and Celestia, and leave themselves out. The club was one thing because they were showing their pet, and their training of said pet off. But there's no reason why they can't be involved themselves. Either all three of them fucking Celestia into a sopping mess, or by subbing for Cadance during. Or other things.

Of course, my thoughts are sorta theoretical because nobody understands better what goes on in the minds of the characters than Wintermist

That would work as the big finale, but it would take some setup to get there. The twins are caring and conscientious doms; they wouldn't just let any other dom play with their sub, even a princess of the land, unless they vetted them first.

For Cadance that could be as simple as them finding out that she is "Lady Rose". Maybe when she comes in for her first spa treatment, the twins either recognise her like Celestia did, or she deliberately reveals herself to them, in order to set up another "play date" with their sub.

As for Luna, I imagine that when she comes for her appointment, the twins will find that the similar stresses of ruling have left Luna with similarly intractable tensions, just like Celestia, but in her case the correct prescription is to let her be dominant, rather than submissive. I guess she'd be used to a more commanding style of ruling from a thousand years ago and now that she's back, she feels like she has to walk on eggshells all the time around the ponies that are used to the softer, gentler style Celestia developed in the intervening millennium. Having a pair of gorgeous twin servants to fulfil her every whim might be just what she needs to let go and relax.

Wait, maybe I misunderstood you.  When you said you liked " Lunadom", I took that to mean "Luna being dominant" (as in "femdom" and "maledom"), but your last comment sounds like you meant it as "somepony dominating Luna".

In the latter case it definitely makes more sense to have her as a switch, who is submissive to the twins, but still dominant over Celestia.

Oh no, I really like Luna dominating someone, especially Celestia, but as it stands, Celestia has three doms already with Cadance's possible joining. And while exploring Luna as 'only' a sub can be hot, especially when paired with Celestia, it can be a bit 'stale' since Celestia already went through the same arc, so to speak.

Hence why I'm exploring the switch angle. Domming someone, but subbing to others

Well, In that case I'm going back to my suggestion of Cadance and Luna at the top, the twins in the middle, and Celestia at the bottom. :twilightsmile:

In either configuration, Celestia is subordinate to the exact same number of ponies: four (i.e. everypony involved). The only difference is in the ranking between her dommes.  One is a strict line (Cadance > Twins > Luna > Celestia), while the other is more of an inverted Pyramid (Cadance > Twins < Luna, and Twins > Celestia).

That does sound hot, but maybe Celestia comes along for Cadance's first session, and when the twins realise that Cadance and "Lady Rose" are one and the same, they seize the opportunity to have some playtime and make Celestia give her adopted niece an erotic massage with "happy ending"!

Well, it's also not that easy, I figure. Celestia very much 'belongs' to the twins and they'll be hesitant to include Cadance as another dom often. Seeing as how they're also nothing but doms to Celestia, they're likely to also be hesitant about subbing in front of their sub.

There's a lot that needs to be figured out 'before' Luna could be included in any way.

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