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I'm late! I'm late! Story: go!

Whose art is that in the frontispiece? Very intriguing style; I’d like to take a look at more of it.

"worth the wait" would be an understatement, this is fucking superb

Click on the small box in the corner that reads "source" that pops up when you hover over the cover, it'll take you to the Derpibooru upload of the image and you can browse the artist's tag from there.

Oh man, I always wanted a sequel to Celestia Kneels. Really looking forward to reading this tonight.
And Futa, from Wintermist? A dream come true!

Huh. I could swear there was no “Source” button there when I first tried to tap on the corner. That’s why I asked; a lot of folks on Fimfiction don’t credit with “Source” buttons, and I thought this was another case of that.

I loved this; please tell me you have a sequel with Luna and then Cadance planned.

9604710 You're right, there wasn't. The art was posted a couple of hours before the story, and I was away from my computer at an event (that's why the update was late) so I hit publish on my mobile, then added the source once I got home and could ask Dbz where it had been uploaded.

9604876 Yes and no; I do have intentions to keep going with the other two Princesses (gotta catch 'em all!) but it may not be soon. Still, I'll get there eventually.

That's okay then. As long they eventually get written, I'm happy to wait. Patience is a virtue and all that, after all. =)

Oh Wintermist, mine eyes are pleasantly exhausted, and sincerely I can say your lengthy spectacles of smut-tacular depictions have yet to disappoint your reading fan-base and I.

My god this was great, can’t wait the next part

Considering you took the time to explain both why the spell was so obscure and its requirements specifically, is there even a chance that you're not setting Twilight up to find that exact same spell in FiMC? :trollestia:

It is a hot and sexy story, which is par for the course for you, kudos you do write clop and smut really, really well and I can't deny its incredibly titilating. But overall its probably just a bit to depressing for me to be able to ever really enjoy it. The fact that this means we'll certainly just have a moment where Cadance, despite all her earlier declarations of love and devotion, will toss Shining Armour aside like garbage and trash she doesn't mind killing if Chrysalis wants it just make things a bit too depressing.

After all in a world where Chrysalis has every single person willing to abandon anything just for her 'love' as a concept can't really exist because everyone's happy to give it up for her, and that's a sort of depressing fact of the world then.

But its still really well written and if I could separate my emotions more easily from my arousal I'm sure I'd find it a lot more enjoyable.

When writing this one, I knew that some people would struggle with the darker aspects of it - it's a perfectly natural reaction. I will say, though, that your specific example isn't right; Cadance would never kill Shining Armor, in the same way that Celestia would never kill Twilight or Luna. Chrysalis can twist emotions, but she can't just sever them. That's why she had to use Celestia's love for her country and need for Twilight against her, rather than just make Celestia not care. Even as controlled as they are at the end of this story, if Celestia really believed she was being ordered to hurt Twilight in a way that goes beyond justified punishment, the whole edifice would come crashing down and Chrysalis would get solar-lasered through a wall.

I suppose there are worse fates than death for Shining Armour? XD

But I understand. I suppose I'm just used to a LOT of stories which tend to have Cadance rather quickly, and easily, on a dime flip and stop caring about Shining at all that I tend to assume that's the route with clop that's going to obviously be going the cuck-Shining route. To be blunt the smut/clop side of the community has always seemingly had Cady quite eager to drop Shining so I suppose I just assumed those same sentiments here.

Sorry about that, my bad ^^;

Believe me, I've struggled a lot with this story too, but more the end goal of it. If/when Chrysalis wins, Equastria will pretty much go into history as host to a parasite while being unware of the fact, considering she'll likely subdue the population too for more feeding. It was really hard for me to accept that.

Oh, and yes, I also HATE stories that have Cadance suddenly no longer give a shit (or never having done so) about Shining Armor and cheat on him without a problem or such.

Well the bleakness of it is there, yeah, but I'll admit when reading smut or clop I sort of...don't think to much about the world consequences and such, turn that part of my brain off? But the characters and their relationships I can't really do that for, so the whole Shining/Cadance adultery part is the part that more viscerally got my emotions.

Its really weird but despite having an attraction to mind control smut I can't deny...I get really easily depressed and turned off by cheating? It feels really contradictory to me and I hate myself for it sometimes but it is how I feel! XD

I am honestly glad to hear someone say that, thank you XD

Sorry I know its not REALLY true (probably) but I sometimes feel when parsing through the fandom taht most fans think Cadance is basically just always chomping at the bit to cheat on Shining XD

Ah, okay. I suppose I jumped the gun by asking too soon. In any case, thanks very much for adding it!

Wintermist’s skill in creating hotness and there’s futa? :pinkiehappy:
I have to make a new bookshelf just for this!

9605853 Good grief, you actually did! :twilightsmile:

I'm conflicted.

On the one hand, hypnosis and mind breaking are top tier for me. On those fronts and the actual porn, 10/10.

On the other, I'm a pansy that likes happy endings. I liked the first one, because as a character I'm not as attached to Celestia as I am to Twilight. I just get this sense of unease from bad-end stories that has a habit of following me around all day. It's one of the reasons I never could get into Friendship is Mind Control, and why I loved the Relaxing Celestia series (Consent is hot, yo).

Unfortunately, it is very hard for me to divorce the porn from the characters, and despite how much I enjoyed the content of the story the implications leave me feeling uneasy.

Ah, but I'm rambling, and this is only porn. Albeit, fantastically written porn. Have a like while I go have an existential crisis or something.

How much do you actually know about how Friendship is Mind Control ends? There are some people that disagree, but I consider it a clearly happy and good ending. The path to get there goes through some dark spots, but it ultimately doesn't stay there. At the very end, regarding consent (vague spoiler), every character that's still under ongoing mind control got a truly free and informed choice about it, with only one partial exception. The partial exception did get a truly free choice about it, and had it explained first, but didn't fully comprehend the depth of it, and has a second chance to make her choice scheduled for an upcoming future point.

i can see a few squeals coming with this first is luna then maybe cadence and gender bend shining so she will have access to the crystal empire then take a aged up flurry heart then the rest of the main 6 and barb the Rule 63 spike maybe also get blueblood with a gender bend and give the little shit as a fuck doll to the guard he is universally hated for a reason so many thing you can do but after these ideas done Chrysalis wont have anything to worry bout other then maybe tirek and other bad guys

Something's wrong with ponies like you...

That’s the point of Friendship is Mind Control. Having a good and happy ending doesn’t always justify the means.

Twilight should have been smart enough to ask for consent in the first place and the moment she didn’t Pandora’s Box was opened. The fact that she got consent afterwards is irrelevant. There’s always the doubt that “oh X is just giving consent now cause she’s mind controlled/had her mind tampered so her ‘consent’ is bullshit.”

As for this story, I didn’t want to comment on it cause it was a sequel to what I thought was a standalone one shot. But after mulling it over I gave it a second read and I think it’s well written but generic porn. Chrysalis is a stock standard hentai villain and Celestia is a plot device that literally and repeatedly gets pulled into and thrown out of scenes by Chrysalis, sometimes mid-sex scene. Maybe I expect too much, but I expect better writing out of an author like Wintermist.

Oh this is just a treat.

I'm not sure we're talking about the same point.
The "consent" Twilight got during the first half of the story is indeed total BS. Except for Pinkie, who actually did give consent in advance.
The consent given by the end of the story is in every case given with all compulsions and tampering that might interfere with the decision removed. As in a very explicit and comprehensive "remove all commands, undo all changes, ok now make your choice" instruction. That's what I meant in saying the choice was "truly free".


By the end of the story everyone has been mentally tampered and physically fucked so many times that the idea that you could simply "remove" all compulsions and tampering is not a strong argument. My memory isn't perfect but I'm pretty sure there is at least one part of the story that even points this out.

Honestly I'm more of a luna/twi fan than twi/Celestia. However since there was more Changeling action going on it didn't bother me

Hey Question about the story and your writing style: What are the influences that begets this work and your way of making it?

I feel a rule of thumb with mind control stories is to use as little power as possible. Try to get them to submit to you exploiting their pre-existing thoughts and weaknesses.

I bet Luna already know's about what Chrysalis has done and is getting the other Elements of Harmony ready along with Discord so they can free Celestia and Twilight, also I think that Cadance and Shining would be called in too in hopes of using their magic to blast Chrysalis away if the Elements of Harmony or Discord aren't able to take out Chrysalis.

9612653 I agree, but with caveats; it depends what the central driver of the story is.

In this case, Chrysalis wants to control her enemies and make them her puppets. The complexity comes from making the mind control weak enough that it can break, and has to be worked around; the story is something between an exercise in psychology and a logic puzzle, with fucking. In FiMC, by contrast, the central driver is the temptation afforded by the instant ability to rewrite another - if the spell was weak and required careful work to gain purchase, it'd be too easy to resist the urge.

In short, mind control should always be the minimum strength necessary to enable the story. What that strength is will vary significantly.

9611476 Interesting question. Tough one, too. Influences are tough to pin down; I read a lot, and my writing style is primarily an amorphous amalgam of everything I've encountered. I've never done any formal story-writing courses or training. So let's talk instead about the way I write stories. That comes under two headings: plotting, and execution.

When it comes to writing plots, I tend to operate in one of three ways: bullet point outline, detailed outline, or winging it. For really big works, bullet points are the best way to organise things. I write down scenes that I'd like to do, or are necessary, arrange them chronologically, then write my way through them. Obviously I end up adding more as I go, but if I get stuck - well, there's the next bullet point to move on to. They help give the story shape. FiMC was written like that. Detailed outlines, on the other hand, are almost like skim-writing the whole thing in advance; they start out from a basic concept, then I work though it at a high level. A Night on the Leash came from a detailed outline. Then there are pieces where I take the basic concept and immediately plunge into executing it, feeling my way through the story. Twisting Twilight is one of those.

Execution, for me, tends to come in chunks of about 500 words. It takes time to work through a story, but if I keep adding to it consistently, it'll get done eventually. It does have the slight hiccup that you can end up with repetitive language if you don't go back and edit when it's done; a good proofreader helps immensely with this. All the same, trying for perfection as you go is a fool's errand, and ends up making it impossible to write anything at all - as I constantly have to chastise myself to remember.

Finally, the reason I wrote this specific story - well, partly it's just that hypnosmut is hot and fun to write. It's also that I felt like stepping away from my complex, conflicted characters for a little bit. An overtly evil protagonist means that you can explore deeper into the other aspects of the story, rather than concentrating on their motivations. Chrysalis is awful, and that's why she's fun. I couldn't write her all the time, but she's a wonderful holiday.

Hmm. My writing style is... A bit crude. Most of my readings is horrors (Junji ito and lovecraft) and porn (Doujinshi). So my style has a lot of shock writing so far. I am doing this as the 4th of my 5 pursuits, so its not my main goal (my main goal is game writing which would start from fanfics for most new indie game devs).

Yeah but Chrysalis also has a sadistic side to her. She wants to rule over others. If she eliminates their original personalities she doesn't rule them anymore. In your previous story I commented on how it would be better to take advantage of Celestia's pride instead of trying to overpower it.

You should always try to avoid that. Avoid trying to overpower a trait someone has unless you truly have no other option. Try to twist it and turn it against them. Like with Celestia that you take advantage of her pride of queen in that she has to make a noble sacrifice and take advantage of her devotion by making her believe if she doesn't her ponies will be wiped out.

Chrysalis does not have the military muscle to conquer Equestria by force so she needs things like this. However to rule through brainwashing she needs her most important puppets to be able to think for themselves. She needs Celestia to be able to do things Chrysalis herself can not do.

if the spell was weak and required careful work to gain purchase, it'd be too easy to resist the urge.

While it might take a lot of careful strategy and words to get purchase once you do you can put in place all kind of mental barriers. Like make her super worried that without Chrysalis' blessing her ponies would get hurt. That they need leadership to not hurt each other. That Chrysalis is wiser than Celestia herself is so the ponies will likely be worse. Also emphasize her devotion to her people and that rebellion will cause massive casualties.
You don't have to put in an absolute barrier to Celestia rebelling. Just put in enough ideas that she doesn't feel it's a good idea and make the barrier to entry for her extremely high.

I also just like it more if you keep their original personality intact as much as possible. It makes it really feel like it's that character submitting and not just that character being replaced by an OC who submits.


While it might take a lot of careful strategy and words to get purchase once you do you can put in place all kind of mental barriers. ...

I think you misinterpreted what you were responding to. That was a comment about "the charm" in Friendship is Mind Control, saying that if that spell were too weak it would be too easy for Twilight to resist the urge to use it, which would remove the core foundation of the story's plot.

I'm not necessarily talking about it's strength. Rather the level of skill needed to use it effectively.

My friends, it has often been said that I like Wintermist. My friends, I like Wintermist. No, my friends, I LOVE Wintermist. I love Friendship is Mind Control, I love Consequences, I love Steam In The Shower and Quick Flashes. I love Twisting Twilight, The Unreformed Villains Club, A Night on the Leash, I love Relaxing Celestia, I love Sparkle Date Me, I love Celestia Kneels, I love every kind of story that Miss Wintermist has told.

Its ridiculus how much less this turns me on in comparison to FiMindcontrol...and its not the writing.

While you are of course free to write your own third installment (since this IS your series after all), I think it might be fun if Luna were to turn things around and take control of Chrysalis, and by proxy, Celestia and Twilight in the next one.

If that's the path that is planned out then I think it would be good idea to have the next one be Cadence and then Luna takes control. Turn it from four of a kind into a royal flush.

nice work on all chapters:twilightsmile:

With brainwashing you actually don't need to rewire that much. After all the mind is not a lose collection of things but one interconnected system. If you change a few crucial elements you can leave everything untouched. For example twist Celestia's devotion to her people to include devotion to Chrysalis.

Maybe a few additional failsafes such as having her feel bad when thinking about a world without Chrysalis. That way while she could at times entertain those thoughts of rebelling they wouldn't really propagate very far since the idea of success wouldn't make her feel happy.

Things like these do take careful work to gain purchase. But once they do they are self-enforcing. After all as long as Celestia keeps it in her mind that it's in her best interest to work with Chrysalis and that rebelling is a bad idea the other things will fall into place by themselves. I agree that often careful management is a problem but with Celestia it is worth it to put in that effort. She can rule equestria in Chrysalis' place and knows things about ponies that Chrysalis does not. In addition her prideful and selfless attitude would be something Chrysalis would loath so she would keep it intact to have fun torturing her.

I just think it works best if you keep as much of their personality intact. It would also feed into Chrysalis' sadistic nature to keep as much of Celestia intact as possible.

Confusion is another powerful tool. She needs to keep the core obedience clear but can put in a few contradictory secondary things. For example that Celestia hates Chrysalis but also sees her as the most beautiful creature in the world. Those two contradictions means her thoughts can never truly consolidate which not only makes things more exciting and unpredictable but also means nothing can really be build on top of them.

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