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And I already have ideas for the next couple of chapters

Hmmmmm.....hey.... Flip that photo upside down por favor....kinda wrong image for "satinism". As a pagan youre using the incorrect symbol

Interesting start but had to skip pretty much the entire chapter since I'm not into lesbian crap.

have a high sperm count…

I don't think those are the correct choice of words for the female changelings. Unless they are of a hermaphrodite species if so then it's ok.

Truth is Chrysalis wanted to find the one who can completely dominate her to a point where she fallen into endless pleasure.

Wow. That is quite good. Can't wait to see more. Hope the next chapter won't take too long.

So, which side of Spike won? Last story I read that had something like this, Spike was given a convenient plot MacGuffin to win which completely killed the story. Seeing how much of a beta cuck doormat bitch Spike is, him winning against his better side is impossible.

One by one, they all fall and prey to Spike.

Well... That was easier that i thought

I have to see how the others react that Spike has kinda turned the tables on Chrysalis and she probably hasn't realize her plan is ultimately failing because her daughter ---especially Phantisma--want to stay woth Spike...

...why do i want to see a little bit of envy from the mane 6?

Loved it can't wait for next chapter

Thank you for continuing this storyl

Good chapter, hopefully next one won't take as long, but take all the time you need and I understand that this takes time.


They will be surprised that Spike is actually fine, and that the Amulet was a fake, I think?

Although, the Mane Six could join his growing harem too. :moustache:

Oh NOW she cares about him!

“A suppressant, also known as Alicuntian,” said Dahlia

I cant believe i actually overlooked this...I spit my soda on this:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: Think about it...Ali-cunt-tian, it literally has the word 'cunt' in the name...I know you had to chuckle yourself when you wrote this line.:pinkiehappy:

Who did the cover art for this or where did you get it because it looks pretty good

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