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Things just got interesting

I have to know, how much time did you have to take to research all the science quotes here? Because I only half understood 3/4 of everything said. Or is most of it just BS, and it just sounds cool? Either way is fine, I'm just going to laugh at how long it took to research.

My dad is a Biochemist, he wrote all that, I'm a damn Law student at UBC

Okay, that makes sense. I just thought it was kind of funny how much stuff there was, and how much it must have taken to look it all up.

I'm confused. What sort of dragonborn is he? What game/story is the race from? Is it custom?

Human with Dragon powers/magic, like Skyrim

Ah, so pretty much the thu'um and magicka?

I find it rather interesting that almost every character has a medieval name with their cannon name as a nickname. Overall some excellent world building and set up for the story.

Also of course freaking Spyro is the General of the Dragon Kingdom.


Is the guy in the picture from Dungeons and Dragons?


This reminds me of a anime I saw not too long ago.

From what I know of the game, very unlikely. Dragonborns are depicted as humanoid dragons, more dragon than human, so the opposite side of the image for the cover art of this story. It could be a villain or something from a campaign I have never heard of, but I doubt it. The most likely source would be someone's commission or random art.
Apologies for the rant, but I hope that answers your question (I also attached an image of a dnd dragonborn for yah :raritywink: )

Neg, this guys are human, the cover is basically the mutation they suffer when they enter a fight mode

Was this partially inspired by Wise Man's Grandchild, the scene with blue balls started very similarly.

Maybe, I mashed many animes together for this

Yay. I had thought you had gave up on this story.

Field Marshal Erwin Rommel the desert fox

Yes yes yes fucking yes your back oh shit an di thought i cought on all the good long stories fuck yes your back

So far really good. Keep up the awesome work

Ha spyro ~awesome~ name usage!!!

Never have I been more interested in fictional soccer ball

And from the next chapter (coming tomorrow night or Saturday morning) is going to make you wish this was an anime.

This should be interesting, can't wait for the next story

You achieved the impossible. You made me enjoy soccer, that alone shows what good fic this is.

God I hate clift hangers:twilightoops:, how could you leave me is such suspense:raritydespair:!?

I love this story so far but it feels rushed chapter 3 feels like it should be chapter 15 I mean half of these topics and event begin and end in like 4 paragraphs max when most of them need at least 12 or 15 to feel meaning full or impact full we spend time in stories through the words we read slow down and give us more to witness the little things can make the big ones so much more impactful let us read the long conversations twilight and spike had let us experience more of spikes family interacting and growing with him through out his child hood to rap this much up in a few chapters is a disservice to your story and the characters in it I know you can do better I can see the framework for that in this story but please take a step back and try to see what needs to be expanded and what doesn't it will do you a lot of good

"Roger that!" Said Sunburst.

"Someone mentioned me?" Said a male voice behind them.

"No Roger, just an expression." said Starlight.

"Oh, ok." said Roger and walked away.

An amazing joke that caught me off guard and I choked on a chip XD
The best type of humor is what you don't expect.

this was awsome and i realy wana know when the next chapter come's out

I have a bit of a writer's block with this fic... I know what is going to happen in the next 5 chapters but after that, well... I'll get back to it soon enough

ok and i realy want to see more... and man so MANY authors on here have goten or had rhiters block for around 2 years now or have goten it and ongly realeced 1 chapter thru this hole corona mess

also thank goodness you gave your word on that so atleast i know it will continu at SOME point...

but realy thanks for the explanation and confirmation that this isint dead

ch. 8 the beggining of FEAR (dungeon crawling pt. 1


Esto se pone bueno , esto se pone caliente ,πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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