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You know, I don't really care for this "Superhero" world, it can burn for all I care.

Either by Spike, or a Super villain that was abused by the same BS system.

Yes! A new read with Spike😊

That's why I am following a sentence, "Heroes don't need fame," :twilightsmile:

Can't wait for next chapter 🐱

Ooooohhh so thats where your going with it. :trollestia: I'm not sure if I'm right but I won't say anything just so I don't spoil the others.

Stain from MHA would have a field day here.

Finished the chapter and I liked it. Humdrum is coming back. Stronger then ever~

Not a bad begining, I truly like superheroes, let's see how this go (also, nice picture of Susano Skin of Smite hahahaha)

Yup, Spike's new attire is based on that skin. Except it's green and purple, with black details.

I already know what works inspired by history the boy,Boku no hero,one punch Man, punisher, the ep was very good

true colleague
it makes them arrogant

Heh, if someone to be a hero just to gain fame, they are not hero.

P/S: my..eh...Sunset follow this thing though. And, I am struggle to write Twilight and Spike:ajsleepy:

I love this story so much right now. Please continue the good work. And fight a good fight...

You missed one... give hint ( his Last name)

Well this looks interesting. Wonder how it's gonna turn out!

Well, seems that there's another new story that I'm very interested in. Congrats, Author, I'm going to put this story in my favorites. :raritystarry:

“Where is Ragger?” she asked

It's supposed to be Rager?

They keep calling her Ragger the whole time.

when will bring the next chapters of these fanfics?I'm waiting to see more colleague

Probably between monday and Wednesday next week for Phoenix

ok, that's kind of confused, i'll wait on wednesday to see what's going to happen?!

I see hints of Sky High mixed with Lab Rats and, maybe, the Super Meds, i get the feeling there will be a Power Vs Tech war in the future but thats just me.

the super heroes of this world are very similar to those of the boys, after all, everything gives a bunch of fdps with the helpers and still attacking and inducing suicide and inducing me.Realize that in the future, this treatment against society will be very bad.flash felt damn will pay disgusting guy next to his lackeys
The so-called "heroes" of this world who act as the real villains in the story as they help create their villains and demons.

“Indeed, it’ll be sus as hell,” said Microchips


No he just started a group with his friends this cannot be happening he must have deny even though being a League is part of your grade points. He can just lie by saying me and my friends are making a sidekick therapy report meeting and that's why I can't join.

yeah that connection was very obvious like a pinkie throwing a pie in some ones face for a party game

Very cute and nice character growth for Radiance.

Can u update ice braker 😳 next pls

interesting take of the gala episode

If you need to borrow an OC for this story, let me know.

despite being around 12 years old, she had already developed her curves quite a bit.


The 12 year old thing is a real nope for me but I gotta say other than that the story is promising. Keep up the great work.

I loved this chapter friend, it was very exciting and had a great development, continue this fic and forgive me for taking so long to comment.

This story makes me think of Sky High.

Comment posted by Universal nebula deleted Jun 14th, 2022

If it's always darkest before the dawn, what does that make this I wonder...

I love how Soaring changed man. Dude went from a dick head to a bro.

Really enjoyed this one, waiting even F A S T E R for the new one now

I love this great story and now I can't wait to see how things go from here

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