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Oh so I'm Asian so I must know karate... well do you... yeah I'm a third degree black belt

Ok, let go!!!!

Curious on how things will go.

Edit: Please don't delete this. Just read it entirely, then react.

You gotta be shitting me!? :facehoof:

A original story; "Where Spike gets unrealistically bullied by brutalized OOC versions of everypony ( Even the Mane Seven that are not only massive hypocrites, but DOESN'T deserve the elements for their heartless and racist/xenophobic behavior to him), just because he is "weak/powerless" in their eyes, and it won't come back to bite them all in the flank/ass very, very hard!" :facehoof: :twilightangry2:


This is just as bad and mess up as your Ultimate Enemy storyline. At least in that one, it was from a dark timeline like Danny Phantom's Special. And we still have our lovable canon Mane Six not treating Spike as horribly bad as Dark Spike. Still.

Or any other overly cliche bullied story of either Spike, Naruto, Harry Potter, Deku, Issei, or any other OC Male Character bullied by highly OOC and total asshole/bitch versions of literally everybody fictional for some revenge plot.

I don't like to criticize here. But considering I'm a Spike fan, AND I seen this old plot trope from Wattpad or Fanfiction.net, over 30 times.

I can't help it but to complain.

BUT, their is one good praise I like to say in all of this.

And that being it's a MORTAL KOMBAT Crossover. And both Scorpion and Sub-Zero will man up Spike as a OP Badass Dragon Fighter. And I really want them to make everypony regret and give them literal Hell/Netherrealm.

And have him call out the Rainbooms hypocrisy, comparing them just as bad, or no better than the villains they faced. And being not worthy of their elements because of their heartless mistreatment of him, and he easily kick their pathetic weak asses hard!!!!!

And he won't ever forgive them for a long time ( And not forgiving them so easy in this case. Unless you planned to want them to have a very, very long, but hard earned "redemption arc", and somehow put them in his harem? Though I feel mixed with that. Because it's hard to "forgive" them after everything. ).

And please promise me, I like to see many karmic Punishment's of Brutality, and FATALITY!!!!!!! :pinkiecrazy:

P.S. Only Big Mac and possibly Starlight is on my good list, so far.

While the Princess/Principals are probably gonna be joining the rest of them in my severely brutized/death list. Because they SUCK at their job on not helping Spike out in the first place!?

Comment posted by GreatDragonLord deleted Oct 9th, 2022

Not gonna lie you got me Interested.

Fire and ice abilitys
Hell be like

If you need any OCs, let me know via PM


I have to warn you, you will not like what you are going to see in this first chapter. And if you read my long rant comment. You know why.

Dude. It has the AU tag for a reason. And in case you forgot, racism has been a part of FIM since the beginning. Hasbro never beat us over the head with it as this story does. But still.


I can clearly see the AU, I ain't blind.


If you don't like alternate universe its not for you...

This fiction is good so far with no problems what so ever. And im a huge fan of mortal kombat. Bullied characters are sad at times... but you must know that anime had many cliché... the nose bleed or the girl kick the guy or hurt them... it's natual... Even that you just hate life.

The only thing for story is if there is such a cliché... saying like I 30 times in a row in the beginning of a sentence... now that is a different cliché... which this story has no grammar cliché other than the first beep scene. Which he used that word 5 times.

The only problem I may have with this story is that he used youtube to explain a fight which pauses the story and pictures...

Sub-Zero abilities + Spike +Scorpion abilities =
why do I here DOOM music

OC offer is still on the table.

"Good morning students of CHS. As you know this coming Friday is a dual between CHS and Crystal Prep of Champions. Due to our Champion's absence, Flash Sentry had volunteered to dual for CHS's honor. Students Soarin and Cheese Sandwich have lost rank and have lost their position in their status with possible expulsion. If things work out, we will award anyone who defends our beloved CHS. Thank you and have a nice day."

Hold on a minute!!!??? Wasn't in last chapter, Flash was the one that got suspended ( And possible expulsion hopefully. But sadly it's not!? ), and the main cause of this mess with the Crystal Prep, with the vandalism!? I remember he was yelled at and lose his "rank/position" and club title.

Soarin and Cheese Sandwich were just his lackeys, why do they get punished severely instead of this blue-haired jerk that clearly orchestrated it as leader!?

So, why the hell is Celestia changing her damn mind already!?

Either you probably forgot, and this is a very inconsistent and plothole!. :applejackunsure:

Or, you deliberately show us that something is very fishy going on here, and that this ISN'T the real Celestia speaking here?

Please tell me I ain't the only one that sees this as sus?

With the Rainbooms, they also spoke of the upcoming dual.

"So, the strong pegasus jock is going to volunteer for the dual? Cool." Rainbow Dash said

"Yeah, I've seen his power and limit. He's trained alot and he should be good." Starlight Glimmer said

"And I've seen him beat my brother Big Macintosh when he trains, this'll be a piece of cake." Applejack said

"CAKE?!?!? WHERE!?!?!?! GIMME GIMMEE GIMME GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!!" Pinkie said, standing up and causing a fuss.

"Pinkie. Applejack meant that Flash is going to win the dual easily, not that there's cake here." Twilight said

"Oh. Okey-Dokey Loki!" Pinkie said sitting back down.

"Ha, easy? Those Crystal Prep jerkweeds are going to wish they know what pain is when MY Flash beats them." Sunset said

"Sunset, No offense, darling. But you both broke up MONTHS ago. Besides, Who isn't to say Flash wouldn't be as interested into girls that are more lady-like then moi?" Rarity said with a smile and pose, her breasts jiggling as she did.

"Enough y'all. You both know Flash is head over heels for Twilight ever since his first year. Plus Twilight was going through alot that time." Applejack said in defense.

"We'll see about that." Twilight and Sunset said to each other, butting heads.

Uuhhhh! These versions of the Mane Seven/Rainbooms are such pathetic "Flash's boot lickers" and are insufferable.


That's just sad. :facehoof:

How can Big Mac of all people lose to this a-hole!? I bet Flash played dirty!!!! Still can't believe Applejack still sides with this lousy jerk. Along with the other Rainbooms.

Spike nodded and began to follow Scorpion, who began to train Spike by making him do numerous body stances and movements. As he did so, his hands began to emit fiery like auras. Spike began to feel not just rage at his torment, but an fuel of determination to show the world he may be a dragon, but he is just as powerful as them. As he trained, the fiery aura in Spike's hands began to create more bigger flames, which travelled to his whole body.

Oh, you gonna be a whole lot more powerful than they ever wished to be. :moustache:

"HEEEEEYAAHHHHHH!" Spike shouted as a mixed energy wave of fire and ice engulfed him. After a few seconds, Spike was seen, but he looked different.

Instead of his feeble appearance, he had now gained a stronger body. His chest was ripped, he had bigger and sharper hair, razor sharp dragon fangs, and claws.

Oh yeah! :moustache: 👍 😎

Crystal Prep CHAMPIONS:

I would have spike just watch Flash get his ass kicked then step in

This amount of arrogance that anyone(such as this AU's Flash) would have is gonna get someone killed

so what shouldexpect fatality or frienship

This is really interesting, can't wait for the next chapter, keep up the amazing work. I honestly like when people put videos in their stories so the reader could get a picture of what's going on.

I am loving this story more and more, can't wait for the next chapter.

this last image is very meme still with a baby dragon head

Does this story have any badass little girls in it?

"Alright. But please, give him a chance." Spike said

Um? Did I just hear you right? I mean, what the heck, dude!? This is Flash we are talking about!

"Rover, Fido, Spot. You know what to do." Cinch said

It wasn't a two-on-two fight, where's the second CHS fighter?

"Says an old second rate woman that cheats her school to victory with illegal or unlawful methods?" Spike asked.

Illegal fighting, how did Celestia and Luna accept this? Is it saying you want to lose, and I accept 3 against 1?
Tired of teaching bullshit student?

Spike readied his rope spear at the stunned Diamond dog and threw it. It landed and impaled him directly in his face.

"ROVER!" The other two said in horror.

Spike, with a heavy push, pulled his head off and grabbed it in his hand, saying

"Flawless Victory!"


The students of CHS were surprised and cheered while the Crystal Prep students were shocked to see their champion defeated.

damn the guy killed a student from another school for free, it was for everyone to be traumatized..... Does this school teach psychopaths?

"He is recovering, we managed to get him to the infirmary. However, he is still being punished."
"Why?" Spike asked

"He refused to accept the responsibility that it was a Champion vs Champion match. Therefore, we stripped him of his rank." Luna said

"Alright. But please, give him a chance." Spike said

Seriously, do you like to be spanked?

Enough of Spike very nice, he just killed a guy!!!!!

Nobody called the police to arrest him?

cool to have mortal kombat and fatality plus compassion the two grandmasters taught him created a psychopath

The kill Rover thing will be explained next chapter.

When’s the next chapter?

"Up yours you insensitive dick sucking low-life pussy excuse of a monarch. By the way, your ass makes you fat." Spike insulted, with his eyes flaring flaming red as he spoke.


I only have one thing to say to that *ahem*

Okay I have to admit spike has balls of steel

The figure in question was Twilight Sparkle, who was about to enter the apartment building.

Oh shit.

And on that note can’t wait for the next chapter which is when?

I got a strong idea we're getting the story from but I kind of don't care I like spikes response to Twilight


After to how he was very poorly treated, that naive and gullible purple bitch had it coming long overdue. And she and her friends are supposed to be "heroes" in this!? :facehoof: :twilightangry2:

The greatest vengeance is success

"STARLIGHT!" The girls said in shock before getting ready to fight Spike, who readied himself.

Oh shit it’s going down.

And 🎵 god damn it starlight 🎵

"Not only that, but a few teachers and students sent me death threats and assaulted me regularly." Spike added

Please tell me that those that did will be fired and arrested.

Can’t wait to see what next.

Comment posted by DENKI_SHOCK_95 deleted Oct 21st, 2022

The RAINBAKAS should have really MINDED THEIR OWN BUSINESS! They ASKED FOR IT and now, they are going to GET IT!


"Yes. Are you planning to stay at CHS or join another school?" Discord asked

"....I haven't decided yet, but I'll let you know." Spike said

It ain't that hard to leave that disgusting CHS, and go to somewhere decent, thousands times nicer school. Why would he stay in that awful place? Because of the plot!? Heck no!

He should realistically leave them, and give them the middle finger while he is at it. And permanently stay in a better school. ( Possibly with the other Mortal Kombat heroic/anti-hero characters, that will be his real friends. )

CHS should be condemned anyway! A place like that in real life, would immediately get a lot of students and teachers expelled, fired, arrested, and closed the place down!

The girls followed Rarity and went to the roof, where they saw none other then Spike balancing on the roof, with the same stance the Lin Kuei warrior did at the temple.

"Spike?!" The girls said surprised.

Spike, however remained silent and calm.

"What are you doing here?" Twilight asked

Spike, once again ignored them.

"Spikey! Why are you here! Ooh! Did you forgive us and want to have a party!?" Pinkie said excited

Spike did not answer again, how only balanced and remained calm.

Applejack went over to him and saw his eyes were focusing on the ground. She simply waved her hand at him and said

"Er, Spike? Ya'll ok?"

The dragon warrior still didn't acknowledge their presence.

"Dude, we're talking to you!" Rainbow Dash said annoyed.

She was about to touch his shoulder, but the moment she did, he grabbed her hand without looking back and began to put pressure.

"OWOWOWOW! LET GO!" Rainbow Dash said in pain, nearly shedding some tears.

Spike complied and threw her at the other girls.

"What's your deal dude?!" Rainbow Dash said in anger

"Bakas (idiots)" Spike insulted the girls

"What did he say?" Fluttershy asked.

Sunset, using her magic to translate what he said and gasped saying "Hey! We're not idiots!"

"That's it!" Starlight said and blasted magic at Spike.

The dragon warrior reacted quickly and turned around, using his cryomancy to freeze the blast in his hands and redirected the blast, which froze Starlight solid.

"STARLIGHT!" The girls said in shock before getting ready to fight Spike, who readied himself.

These girls are un-f******** believable!

They stalk and bother his personal space. And they frickin attack him for just a simple, but well justified insult against them!?

THIS is the kind of bullcrap that makes Spike rightfully hate them, and never forgive them in the first place!

After this, THEY should be the ones to be arrested and Spike gets a restraining order on them all!

He is clearly self-defending.

( P.S. Starlight blew it, and is now added on my "beat up severely or kill" list with the rest of the Rainbooms. You had one FRICKIN job to not be a moron like them!!!! )

Okay just to be just to be clear I'm on spikes side but I feel like spike is not ready to have his weapons and Sub-Zero or scorpion should have taken spikes weapons away because they're seeing spike is getting consumed by his anger even though it's still justified oh and also Spike doesn't seem to be trying at all to control his anger


Sadly no. Because all of them are highly unlikable! ( So far. )

Spike turned and saw the Dazzlings give flirtatious looks at him. Adagio blew a kiss at him, Aria turned around and smacked her round butt, making it jiggle while Sonata pushed her arms under her cleavage, making appear as if her rack ahad grown.

Spike however, rememebered them all too well. and gave a look of mixed disgust and annoyance and said to the two stallions.

One; The Hell did they come from!!??

Two; Where were they in the beginning of this story? And now, they suddenly show up and are "interested" in him?

Yeah, I agree with Spike not liking them for their attitude. Due to them acting like boot lickers themselves. Plus, I didn't see them defending him when he was "weak" before.

So, they aren't accepted in his "harem". They have to frickin PROVE and WORK themselves to gain his attention.

( IF there is a "harem" in this one? Because all I see, is despicable bitches everywhere! The Disgusting and Hypocritical Rainbooms, possibly Starlight, then those three. Not one decently good and nice girl around here. It's like you make all the girls frickin cursed to be bastardized or pathetically desperate? )

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