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Okay, it still has issues, but it is much better than before. I can't wait to see where you take this. Consider your story tracked.

... I'm not too sure how to feel about this.
On one hand... this is rather amusing.
On the other hand... a Predator in Equestria...
... I will need to read more before I can firmly give this a like or not.
But overall I'm interested and I really want to see where you're going with this.

This, was not very good, as much as I was hoping it would be, it makes no sense (common sense mostly) like how he fixed the exterior of the ship with Some tools that just, why? He would need the material the ship was made of (like steel, titanium etc, and that's stuff for Human ships) and he would need a welder and Fuel for it, that's putting it simply, doesn't help the name six seem to still be speciesist and retarded, that and the skull, How the Hell could a skull hold the amount of time that would be needed to leave a blood trail that goes from somewhere in town to somewhere in a Very wild forest with lots of other predators (not the alien kind)

I haven't seen the original but this one looks very good, I look forward to reading the rest of it and will be tracking it for any new chapters to come

Another Bad-Blood Predator, maybe either Tracker, Falconer, or Ultimate from the recent 4th film

The Hero has gotta be Spike the Dragon, he saved the Crystal Empire from King Sombra. And I think the Bad-Blood Predator at the end is the Ultimate/Armored Predator from the 4th movie

Celtic's alive?! That's impossible, he was killed back at the pyramid temple in Antarctica by the Xenomorph Grid! Cliffhanger!!

Of course. Twilight is the Hero that the Bad-Bloods are looking for. Scar, Celtic, Chopper, and Fugitive Predator better reunite and team up fast if they are to save Princess Twilight Sparkle and Equestria with the other heroes

Wrong, here's a hint

The hero is a male, is young and the bad bloods want him since he has the title as the hero of a specific area, Tempest wants Twilight, not the Bad-Bloods

Preds are always fun to deal with for MLP, especially when you think the ponies are non-violent. then again if anyone's seen the show....

I knew I was right the first guess! Spike the Dragon was the Hero That Ultimate was looking for.

Do I need to know anything about the Predator franchise in order to understand this story?

Not really but if you have at least a general idea of the movies you should be fine.

A fresh start of a new friendship, and only that. Unless bromance is a option.

If spike gets his own custom amor that will be awesome cant wait for more keep it up

The creature began to look around and left the scene in search for new prey, taking the dead changeling's head with him

Welp She's dead

Needs editing but it's being tracked.



I wonder why did you take down two of your stories? I noticed the story count went from 7 to 5 there.

So far on this fic well.. disappointed that Chrysalis appeared only to be swiftly killed off like that. Big time.
Why was she only included only to be horribly killed like that?

Its disappointing pretty much it happens the same in the movie where the royal sisters get taken out and humiliated all infront of Equestria like that.
I just hated how the movie did that to Luna like that. Doesn't help that apparently the repercussions just get brushed aside. Like wouldn't Luna feel deeply ashamed and humiliated from this huge failure here? Like the fact she(and Celestia) let Equestria down again and forced to rely on the girls to save the day. And wouldn't it damage the sisters' reputations further?

The movie just bothers me a lot..

Why was Spike still turned into a pufferfish there?

I feel like Luna would well.. not really take it well with how she got taken out by Tempest and subdued by Ultimate there.
Just hated how the writers of the show brushed aside the issues Luna should feel on her huge "failure" here with what happened in the movie.

Wonder how she and the other princesses react about the weapons and if they saw what Scar said to the girls?
In fact I wonder how Luna reacts to what happened with Spike with what the girls had done to him?

so when will the next chapter come out?:heart:

Hey mane six, here's a friendly reminder: DON'T PISS SCAR

Nice job scar u killed Chrysalis. 👍

Comment posted by Kitsune_Kenshi deleted Aug 25th, 2020

Could you please update this story more

That's a good reason for Scar to put her head to his trophy. Dash, you challenged him, dumb bitch

"This yautja was a bad-blood because of dishonorably killing whomever stood in his way and disobeying the honor code, he died an well deserved death in his hunt, his name was Berserker." Scar said giving the head a look of hate.

Wait,he's killed by Royce in the movie. Bruh

Com' on!!! REALLY? You just abandoned this after all those events?!

No im just really busy but Ill try and get back to it

A nice start of a new friendship between Scar and Spike. At least Scar will take good care of him what the mane six didn't do.

I hope Spike will get a nice new armor.

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