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Getting rid of I'm Shining Armor · 3:04pm May 20th, 2020

To those who are a part of the universe that has humans becoming anthro versions of MLP FIM characters, I'm deleting I'm Shining Armor?!

My rational for it is because I did it for the role-play thing, but since no one has contacted me, I see no logic with keeping it up.

I'll put it back up if asked to. If you want to adopt it, contact me.


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Welcome to Epic Adventure, High Fantasy, and Sci-Fi!

Thank you for the fave!


I’d like to invite to this story I’m working on:

From Repair to Despair

It’s a crossover between the Equestria Girls and the Three Stooges.

I have a question:

Based on your profile pic of Shemp Howard, would you happen to be a fan of the Three Stooges?

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