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Ideals. We've all got them. We all have them. One's we're very well unlikely willing to change for anyone, or anything. But after Starlight Glimmer's experience with Sunburst, and Twilight follows her to the past the mare refuses to listen to reason when the alicorn tries to convince her, her way of doing things is wrong. So now Starlight will have to take a look at some of the things both Twilight and Spike have seen for herself and decide, what she will do afterwards. Let's just hope she makes the right choice.

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That, was beautiful. More please!

What I found kinda bad about the episode, and I actually SYMPATHIZE with Glimmer about, is the idea that Twilight and her friends are the ONLY ONES who could have solved these problems. That's the Mary Sue way.

Gosh, that bit with Sunburst was heart-wrenching!

Well, technically, it's perfectly logical that if things otherwise followed the same sequence of events they canonically did, those six would have been the only ones who could save the world. Nobody else stepped up during the Nightmare Moon event, and without that, nobody would have claimed the Elements to use against Discord. Cadence wouldn't have escaped from the caverns without Twilight, who was only present and able to act because of her relationship to both Shining Armor and Cadence. Twilight had to stop Sombra and Tirek because of her position as Celestia's student, and in both situations she would have failed if not for events specifically caused by either the Rainboom or the Elements.

It seems weirdly convenient, though, that Twilight only seems to end up in futures that apparently went exactly the same up until the thousand-year doomsday deadline. There's no question that Twilight and her friends were the only ones in a position to save the world at that time, but the show changes things going back a decade or two. The butterfly effect really ought to work out in Equestria's favor; maybe Celestia could find a student who's not a trigger-happy neurotic to save the world. Maybe Cadence doesn't even meet Shining Armor, potentially saving them from both Chrysalis and Flurry Heart. The possibilities are endless.

This story answers my main problem with the s5 finale. Starlight really needed to experience the consequences of her actions, to make her turn feel a little more genuine, instead of being Sunset 2.0 But Worse This Time where she just whines later that ponies treat her like she did something bad or something. Seeing her slowly come to terms with it is great.

This is the only thing that I'm actually with Starlight about.

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