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I like to do Sunset Shimmer stories, and that's about it right now.


An alternative ending to the season 5 finale.

Starlight Glimmer destroys the time scroll that allows Twilight to return to Cloudsdale. With the sonic rainboom stopped, her plan has succeeded, and this time, Twilight can't come back to try and stop her again. She thinks it's over, but when Twilight pulls her into the present, Starlight finally sees what her actions have done.

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Hillbe #1 · Dec 1st, 2015 · · 1 ·

That was cold , Ice cold...:twilightoops::moustache:

I liked it, though I thought the way it ended was way too out of left field.

Not bad, but you SERIOUSLY need an editor.

Seriously, "barron"? :facehoof::facehoof::facehoof:

I appreciate the honesty. :twilightsmile:

She got what she wanted.

I preferred the first ending...

6687111 I don't think the first ending was bad, but I felt that such an act from Spike and Twilight needed a more through setup or it feels completely out of character for them to go straight to the final solution, as opposed to going off alone to give Twilight at least a chance to recreate the time travel spell.

6687735 Or it shows they were smart enough to go for the final solution. Why waste time when you can get it done?

6686262 Yeah. Barron.

Type the word out yourself. It doesn't offer you an auto-correct. So the writer must have chosen it instead of 'barren'.

Not a bad story and I could see a squeal coming from this following Twilight and Spike or Starlight.
However to point something out...

and now there's now way to save Equestria.

(Taken directly from short description)
Change that second "now" to a "no."

well you got your wish starlight, the timeline you created

That was dark, but it was nice to see Starlight get her comeuppance, just too bad it had to come at the cost of all Equestria. Bit short, but simple enough story. And nice touch at the end with the Cutie Map crumbling, that and the destroyed scroll drive home that there's really no way back.

They didn't show it or even hint at it, but it will always be my head-canon that the final blasted wasteland is where CELESTIA won. Against everyone. And became the Hellfire Sun/Solar Flare/Nightmare Star from the cards. After all, it's basically a desert. With eternal sun, it's constant, blistering heat. No rain, no cool night, nothing but eternal burning sunlight. I imagine Hellfire Sun is the only thing alive in that entire alt!Equestria. Yes, I think without Twilight and her friends, Celestia would have turned into Tyrantlestia, either because of absorbing Nightmare Moon's corruption to save Luna, or simply because she had no one and decided that all ponies would love her, no matter what.:pinkiecrazy:

Anyway, that's my imagining for what this future really is. This was great. I'd love a sequel. No matter what you decide this future is. Maybe it's one where STARLIGHT won, and made everypony equal and the land got destroyed because of no food, no rain, etc.

Now what we need is for a certain madman with a box to show up.


I'll admit to being slightly biased. After all, I've written close to this exact idea already. However, that won't stop me from saying that I found this incredibly jerky.

Also, Starlight seems much less vindictive then she should be... though that might just be personal choice.

(It might also behoove you to capitalize your title. Just saying.)

I don't overly get the point of this story. Why did they have to come back to the same wasteland? Why didn't you just have her rip the scroll one loop prior.

I guess the point of the story is to show Starlight Glimmer seeing the horror of what she's done, but it's done in a pretty ham-fisted kind of way. So much so that I kind of didn't feel anything for this story, for Twilight just giving up (sorry, even with that spell gone, I couldn't see her just walking off and giving up forever), or for Starlight's "What hath I wrought?" moment.

there are some characters who are bad that can reform and those that should stay in Tartarus.
i watch the series up to date and i Personally never liked Starlight Glimmer since the beginning of season 5 and should be in a cell next to Tirek in Tartarus because she doesn't deserve a second chance, but that's my opinion.
by the way (thumb up) great alternate ending.

6694320 that may be true, but would you say the same for Diamond Tiara? We have seen a change of heart from her, and it seems everyone accepts it. Give Starlight a chance. :pinkiehappy:

6694447 i have thought of that but diamond tiara was at the time a bully and starlight is not.
I gave trixie a chance, diamond tirara a chance, discord , sunset shimmer and even the dazzlings a chance, but i just couldn't give starlight a chance. Because of her, she almost made me stop loving the series.
On my watch through the series of MLPFiM i gave too many chances on characters to change to good but starlight just doesn't seem worth to me to give her a chance. :fluttershysad:
:trixieshiftleft: i'm sorry if you don't like it, but it's no hope for me to rethink this.
I'll never like Starlight glimmer, i'm sorry :trixieshiftleft:

6694626 an opinion is an opinion, and I respect that. But, for me, I felt the DT and Starlight, as well as Sunset and Starlight, had the same personality. I was half-expecting DT to grow up a bully and get nastier. If you cannot give Starlight a chance that's fine by me, but I hope that whatever Hasbro plan, it redeems her in your eyes

I personally think that Starlight should have been shocked like this to make her redemption believable.


Absolutely. If they'd have stuck in that timeline when they had that last conversation, it might have actually worked.

What we got left me with the unshakable impression that Starlight Glimmer is seriously mentally ill and unstable for that kind of abrupt swtich-over.

I suppose she did get what she wanted. After all, all things are equal in death.

I can't believe that they made Starlight a good guy. She was a terrific villain and for that I'm upset with Hasbro. I do hope they give her at least a smart mouth and make her a good pain in the butt.:trixieshiftright: :trixieshiftleft: :twilightsheepish:

6694626 give her a chance she might get a episode explaining on her mind why she did it more in detail and she might have to deal with what she did or she might punish herself for it discord might teach her a lesson

6697312 it could be the timeline resetting itself to reflect what has transpired

6714451 I'll say it once and say it again "I'll never like Starlight glimmer".

6715752 OK but things change

This was a rather dark take on a already dark timeline... And I loved it. Starlight learns the consequences of her actions the hard way and now, she can't do anything to fix it. Damn, that's some hot tea to sip.

seaquel plz

How miserable.


This could go somewhere. Someone make it happen.

Well that just happened...:pinkiegasp:

could you make a sequl.

But not undeserved.

It's a really solid alternate ending. However to be perfectly honest I'm kind of dissapointed that there's no sequel to this. I mean what's beyond the wasteland? What will happen to Starlight after this? It's a genuinly interesting concept to explore in a sequel story.

I hope you're happy with this world Starlight, because it's the one you were fighting so hard for.

Yet it wasn't what you thought it would be:ajsleepy:.

You wonder what is beyond the wasteland? Well it's simple, there's nothing. Nothing at all.

Without ponies to farm there would be no food which would destroy trade and the economy, without ponies to be doctors epidemics would soon break out and kill millions before the bacteria too would die out and finally without Celestia and Luna to move the Sun and moon the world would slowly grow to become a desolate place.

What few ponies that could survive the food loss would try and flee to other countries for either aid or refuge but the plagues would soon follow and kill the countries. If any creatures survived the plages then the end of a day and night cycle would inevitable doom the planet.

A sequel to this story would be Twilight and Spike trying to find a way to survive in a barron world devoid of all life and with no hope since Celestia and Luna are gone in this world. Maybe they could find a small pocket of life left or Twilight could find a means to restart life while taking control of the Sun and eventually the moon but she would have to restarting all life.

As for Starlight, well she would probably kill herself before admitting she was wrong but if she didn't kill herself she would most likely face a very slow and painful death as This version of Twilight would likely never help her in any way. So she will live her life slowly dying in a world of her own creation.

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