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Spoilers for the S5 finale!

Time travel is complicated, requires a lot of power, and has horrible, horrible side effects.

Unfortunately for Starlight, researching said problems beforehoof is next to impossible.

It really is too bad that she's destroyed the world.


A series of unconnected one-shots that diverge during the Season 5 finale. Since time travel is so arbitrary in canon, I'm coming up with the rules myself and offering what would have happened if it worked that way.

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This is EXACTLY what I wanted to see come out of the final episode.

Slow clap and hat off to you.

6688685 I lol'd.

P.S: That slow clap totally is one of my favorite moments from the episode.

6688727 definitely one of my favorites from the entire show.

this is normal for SciFi.. Even SciFi can't agree on the rules some are Starswirl some are the finale and some are a mix of the two. You can change the past but not in your own dimension but an alternate created because you went back and changed things

Well, at least NMM was defeated and the rain boom happened, right? ......right?

This particular oneshot was dark in the sense that the main characters vanished.

On the other hand, I left it open ended. You can think whatever you want. You want your happy ending? You go ahead and have your happy ending.

6711753 It looks liked she Equalized Nightmare Moon?

I never liked the "Timetravelers Vanish" trope. I'm a avid follower of the multiverse theory, where meeting your past self in a paradoxial way is not a death sentence.

This particular headcanon set is a little different from the normal trope.

The idea is that the way the spell works is that there is exactly two universes connected at the travel point - the original universe of the time travelers, and the universe that would be in the future once they changed something in the past.

Because Twilight's and Starlight's universe wasn't connected, they faded.

6714685 Which I still think is a bit meh. But it's your story and you get to write whatever you want.


On another note, anymore of these I write won't have the same premise. :twilightsmile:

“I did not!” Starlight slammed her hand against the table, causing a small crack. She hardly noticed. “You just… you… the spell wasn’t even supposed to do this!”

Her hand?

Um....Wow that was crazy and the Main 5 coming in at the end was gold.

Yay! You did this for me.:pinkiehappy:

Impressing your past self with wild tales (that isn't true) is totally rad. . . and totally something Spike would do.

This is now the best timeline. Though TTwilight, TSpike and TStarlight probably have to move somewhere else or at least visit a stylist to avoid confusion.


I sure did! And yes, I think a visit to the stylist is in order.

Ahahaha. Oh geez. Poor Starlight having to stay around those three catastrophe machines. I almost feel sorry for her. . . Almost.

I chuckled at the last two. The first couple were good, but they felt kinda like the rest of these sort of stories that have been popping up lately. Not that that is bad mind you, but the last two are the best I think.

Putting not-quite-reformed-yet Starlight together with three fillies who think cutie marks are the most awesome thing in the world... Perfect.

If she thought time was immutable, what would be the point of going back in time to try to do anything? Either you can change nothing, or everything. If you think you can't change anything, why would you go to all this effort to try and change something?

Spike gripped her fur with all her could

Oh, god! Too much time travel made Spike's dick fall off!

On the other hand, great idea of Starlight's to jumpstart the rainboom.

YES! Thank you!

I swear, how can Starlight be enough of a magical genius that she can completely violate a setting's established laws of time travel, but at the same time not know who the Elements of Harmony are?


Oh God. Starlight's going to be begging for jail after this.

Starlight watched as an alicorn flapped her way up to where she was floating, keeping her sneer trained at her. Her green aura gleamed around her body, her hair floating away from her head.

“What did you do?” Twilight seethed, flapping her wings to stay level, Spike balancing on her back.

“You are about to find out.” Starlight watched as a dome covered in magical runes and markings appeared above them in the sky. As it began to suck Twilight up into its grasp, she grinned, applying a little more magic to stay level in the air. Twilight, with her dragon friend on her back, disappeared into the green light.

As Starlight turned to leave, she felt the fierce suction pulling at her as well. She applied more force to her telekinesis, but it bottomed out and simply held her there.

She grunted. “No, no! That’s not how this spell is supposed to work -”

Her telekinesis failed, the light around her flickering, then dying. She saw the green bowl approaching. Her eyes scrunched shut as she was sucked into the vortex. A rushing surrounded her, and she was no more

Wind rushes blowing around a lot of sand.

"Welcome to Ancient Egypt!" Twilight says enthusiastically. "Please wait 4,500 years for the elements of harmony to be born... more or less"

The time travel spell blows away in the wind and Starlight yells out in frustration as all she catches in her magic is sand.

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