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There are several characteristics that most heroes have. They come from underdog positions. They fight not for themselves, but for others. They believe in unity and fairness.

There are several characteristics that most villains have. They have all the cards. They destroy what others have built. They take pride in vanquishing their enemies.

Starlight Glimmer was supposed to be the hero. Twilight Sparkle was supposed to be the villain.

And yet, sitting in the Princess' guest room, Starlight wonders if she was wrong.

Preread by WublessFeat.

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Interesting take on Starlight's thoughts.

In both fiction and real life, most villains do not think of themselves as the bad guy. They often envision themselves as the heroic crusader or victim, righting what they perceive as being wrongs and raising a few good points along the way.

Really adore stories like this that are popping up. Post finale Starlight and Twilight interaction is quickly becoming one of my fav things.

I like this a lot! Lot's of emotion and pretty good job showing how a Well Intentioned Extremist who realized she was wrong feels about it.

I also like Twilight's last line! It really ties it together!

This is one of the top Starlight stories I've read, I have to say, and I love how you address her philosophy.

I actually hate pre-redemption Starlight, and her ideology. Fiercely.

This? Brilliant. It may not be the best on the writing department, but damn, that just doesn't matter.

Early Starlight stories were weird

I was supposed to be the hero of my story. What sort of story has the hero come from the castle halls of Canterlot, given every opportunity in the world, and have the resources of an entire kingdom at her hooftips? Assuredly the hero would be the pony from a normal house in a forgettable village, who had her life turned upside down when the Friendship Nation attacked.

“Everyone is the hero of their own life story.”- John Barth

“History is written by the winners, Princess. And the hero always wins, right?”

She’s not 100% wrong.

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