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Where is the next chapter of By the Daysong? · 1:51pm July 3rd

Some of you might be asking that if you saw me upload something that is not the next chapter of By the Daysong. I'll be blunt: not coming, most likely. But that should fill your hearts with joy, not sorrow, for I've also gotten it in my head that I need to redo the whole concept.

That's right: I'm doing the whole Siren redemption arc thing... again... but better!

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My Best Work

  • By the Daysong Even after the darkest of nights, the day always comes. And for the Sirens, it has been a dark night indeed. by MetaSkipper 7,701 words · 796 views · 33 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Of Her Story She was supposed to be the hero of her own story. That all came crashing down when she lost. by MetaSkipper 1,588 words · 1,348 views · 64 likes · 2 dislikes
  • Cut Flash Sentry asks for a haircut, and gets more than that. by MetaSkipper 6,345 words · 302 views · 10 likes · 2 dislikes

My [SPACE] Favorites

  • Arrow 18 Mission Logs: Lone Ranger A mission to investigate a far off world takes an interesting twist. by AdmiralTigerclaw 66,597 words · 55,262 views · 5,240 likes · 85 dislikes
  • Luna's Return Trajectory Princess Luna has found herself on a very different moon after some strange force interfered with her banishment. She doesn't know what the metal objects that keep orbiting and sometimes landing there are, but she's going to find out. by Stainless Steel Fox 33,161 words · 13,915 views · 1,169 likes · 15 dislikes
  • Splashdown As Luna begins to learn about Earth and its various-- problems, Charlie Duke has much bigger problems. He's now the only qualified xenologist on Earth, and the Russians want him. And they're willing to go to great lengths to get him. by Cyanblackstone 22,286 words · 6,797 views · 800 likes · 52 dislikes
  • Twilight makes first contact Princess Twilight Sparkle writes pony history by opening a portal to another world and making first contact with extra-Equestrian intelligence. Only snag: the portal opens at a pony ranch on Earth. by Immanuel 54,179 words · 15,850 views · 1,418 likes · 45 dislikes
  • Eclipse A human colony vessel is sent to Equestria, and does not expect sapient inhabitants. by IncoherentOrange 24,254 words · 11,607 views · 998 likes · 27 dislikes

One of These Things Just Doesn't Belong Here

  • All-American Girl A pony raised amongst humans finds out about her birth mother - Rarity. by Shinzakura 435,294 words · 28,485 views · 1,048 likes · 140 dislikes
  • My Little Earth: Humans Are Special A botched viewing spell has sent Twilight Sparkle to Earth and into the care of Kyle West. by Skyler Walker 30,962 words · 18,400 views · 1,416 likes · 52 dislikes
  • Oh, Bother Adventures can be had anywhere, really. From the wide, wide world of Equestria, to the Hundred Acre Wood. Who says they can't happen in both? by Daemon McRae 4,579 words · 2,449 views · 231 likes · 4 dislikes

One of These Things Is Not the Same

  • Bionicle: The Magic of Light While jumping between dimensions, Takanuva, Toa of Light, finds himself in a world unlike any other. by MicroChip 6,699 words · 1,448 views · 56 likes · 2 dislikes
  • Justice Itself Tyrael destroyed the Worldstone, saving mankind and blasting himself unintentionally across reality. by Autocharth 533,279 words · 23,063 views · 2,030 likes · 57 dislikes
  • Rebirth of the Damned Months after his death, Arthas Menethil, long known as the Lich King, is given another chance. In a world populated by talking ponies, of all places. by Borsuq 691,369 words · 29,898 views · 2,771 likes · 162 dislikes
  • Spiders and Magic: Rise of Spider-Mane Spider-Man is brought to Equestria for a second chance at life, but his luck may ruin his opportunity before it can truly begin. by Maximus_Reborn 367,232 words · 29,152 views · 2,718 likes · 246 dislikes
  • A Pony out of Place A young Ponyta suddenly finds himself in Equestria. Will he ever get home? Will he even want to? by Ausbrony 67,592 words · 26,762 views · 1,673 likes · 64 dislikes
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Hiya, thanks for tracking my story :twilightsmile:

Lovely to see Sucker for a Cute Face on that list, too, that's my absolute favourite :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the favorite on The Spiral Notebook! I really appreciate it! :twilightsmile:

2023211 Strange, I haven't moved that story since before the Great War....

Nevertheless, the story is as worthy of praise now as it was then.

I can't recall if you added it to your bookshelf before, or if you're just re-shuffling it, but I appreciate you finding some room for Every Little Bit amid your wonderfully named shelves.:twilightsmile:

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