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The problem with scheduling a date first thing in the morning is that there's no time to get ready beforehand. This means that one must prepare everything the night before. This includes picking a wardrobe, planning the itinerary, and grooming oneself. Grooming oneself involves, among other things, getting a haircut.

There are not many places that offer haircuts late into the night.

Flash Sentry has a date first thing in the morning tomorrow. Flash Sentry needs a haircut.

Lucky for him, someone is willing to give one to him.

I would like to thank Celestias_Disciple and AsiagoUnicorn for prereading this work.

I would like to thank Nomad_Sigma for editing this work.

I would like to thank adgerelli, creator of SciSetDaily, for the cover image of this work.

7/21/2017 - This work has been entirely re-edited, and readers are encouraged to reread the work.

9/16/2017 - Cover image uploaded.

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Nice, I really like where this story is going

Why not just use a sink?

Well, that was very entertaining. The simplicity and placing is nice for a change, as opposed to other writers who jump straight into something.

Nice surprise seeing something new from you in my feed. I'll have to read it sooner-than-later - just no time right at the moment.

A bit of a rocky start, but not bad writing at all. I don't like Flash, but I suppose he's a malleable enough character at the present to give him real chemistry.

We could… repeat again. Just saying.

“Was it really that bad?”
“No wonder you’re still single.”

You just got roasted, Flash.

I enjoy just reading this, i think Flash's confusion and mind whirrring away just gets through from the writing.

It strikes me that i think it would be neat to see a continuation to this somehow, about what happens with rarity and aria, and how aria takes being recommended by flash.

That's just because i enjoy reading them talk to each other the way you write it. Its just fun.

I know I shouldn’t really read fanfiction when I’m tired like at 3 o’clock in the morning, but could someone help me understand who flash was supposed to be going on the date with at the dance please?

“I’m a grown woman, and I can pretend you’re a grown man. This is strictly professional.”

:rainbowlaugh: Adagio and Aria each have their own flavours of withering scorn, both a joy to behold :pinkiehappy:

“Like I said, I’m a mature adult, and I can pretend you are too. If you can’t, just turn around. Or stare. I don’t care. But that costs extra.”

Oh right, we're going there :rainbowderp: But her bluntness is wonderful :twilightsmile:

“Why are you doing… all this?”
“You would have done it wrong.”

:facehoof: He really, really would have done...

For the sake of his dignity, he turned around.

Not sure if that's more for his or for hers, though.

He reached into his wallet and handed her eighty dollars.

I really like this version of Flash. He's sweet, without being the things everyone hated in the first movie.

while Aria – who he was starting to see more and more as some perverse captor – lathered his hair.

I really liked how this chapter developed, with Aria opening up a little more, but nowhere near losing her caustic edge.

“Also, your butt isn’t nearly nice enough that I want to look at you bent over for that long.”

Also, isn't it quite tiring on your arms, shower-washing the hair of someone who's taller than you?

Rarity scoffed good-naturedly. “Oh, please. I know I caught you planning out your new pear orchard section in Calculus.”

This is something I can completely believe Applejack doing at school :twilightsmile:

I really enjoyed this story. And I'm usually the first person to balk at the thought of continuations or sequels, but this is something I'd love to see more of.

She's like a butterfly knife. She's actually sharper once she's opened up.

8808421 Yeah, something like that :twilightsmile:

Rarity. My mom is a hairdresser, has been since before I was born, and I swear that she's had people who were more willing to open up to her than they are to their therapists. As well, Rarity has an inborn talent for being a gossip, and so of course she would spill her guts to Aria while the siren works on her hair.

It feels like there should be more to this story. It's a good beginning but it still has untapped potential. Would like to see more.

Since this story hasn't been updated in 3 years and is marked as complete... I'd say it has a slight bittersweet ending. Things were being put in place that it seemed some things would eventually happen with Aria and Flash. Maybe it was just harder to do haircut-focused chapters tho. Nice story for what it is tho.

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