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Adagio Dazzle lived a simple life. Oh, she had a long, exciting history. Two millennia long, filled with tales of seduction, conquest, and power. But she had closed the book on that part of her life, ever since a particularly traumatic rainbow hit her.

It was hardly a bad existence. She'd grown closer to her so-called sisters, made new friends, and even found new purpose. Really, she was quite pleased with how it had all turned out.

Now if only her reflection agreed with her.

Written for Ebon Quill's Dark Reprise Contest, under the Ascendant category.

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The problem with scheduling a date first thing in the morning is that there's no time to get ready beforehand. This means that one must prepare everything the night before. This includes picking a wardrobe, planning the itinerary, and grooming oneself. Grooming oneself involves, among other things, getting a haircut.

There are not many places that offer haircuts late into the night.

Flash Sentry has a date first thing in the morning tomorrow. Flash Sentry needs a haircut.

Lucky for him, someone is willing to give one to him.

I would like to thank Celestias_Disciple and AsiagoUnicorn for prereading this work.

I would like to thank Nomad_Sigma for editing this work.

I would like to thank adgerelli, creator of SciSetDaily, for the cover image of this work.

7/21/2017 - This work has been entirely re-edited, and readers are encouraged to reread the work.

9/16/2017 - Cover image uploaded.

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There are several characteristics that most heroes have. They come from underdog positions. They fight not for themselves, but for others. They believe in unity and fairness.

There are several characteristics that most villains have. They have all the cards. They destroy what others have built. They take pride in vanquishing their enemies.

Starlight Glimmer was supposed to be the hero. Twilight Sparkle was supposed to be the villain.

And yet, sitting in the Princess' guest room, Starlight wonders if she was wrong.

Preread by WublessFeat.

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This story is a sequel to Siren Night

The night is a scary thing. Even more-so if you lost everything you knew about yourself that night. And few can claim to have lost more in a single night than the Sirens. But after even the darkest of nights comes the day. It just takes some people some time to wake up.

This here is the companion/sequel/in-between-quel to Siren Night. You don't have to have read it, but it is a companion work.

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The night is young. It has been a week since the Battle of the Bands. An argument breaks out at a dining room table, with three teenage girls. Someone gets thrown out.

Even unable to sing well, a siren is never silent.

This is how it feels to be Sonata Dusk, right now.

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It has been but a decade since humans have crossed time and space into Equestria. With them came a host of brand new technologies and ideas that rocked Equestria to its core. A decade is a lot of time to see change. It is also not nearly enough.

Pisces Pieces is an ordinary pony. He has a day job in Ponyville. He enjoys sun, Winter Wrap-Up, and a good hay sandwich. One day, he looks back on how life has changed ever since the humans came.

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