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Twilight Sparkle and friends have noticed that they are no longer aging. Everypony except Twilight's brother Shining Armor is aging. They hope that princess Celestia can provide some answers, but a sadder truth is revealed.

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Awesomer than the original! it sounds awesome! way to go redwall! :raritywink:

You always know what to say. I will be posting more later.

ok again awesome chapter, and as the title states this is really shocking me each time I read it!

Suspect that Celestia is training her replacement (though I hope that isn't the case). Think maybe spending so much time around alicorns has somehow affected the ponies that aren't alicorns. Gonna have to wait and see.

Interesting that you should say that, because something is about to happen. But I won't say anything more.

back at it again with the Celestia replacement I hope not but it really seems like it is especially with Luna "being quiet" and Celestia starting to teach Twilight to raise the sun.
also lovin it so far keep it up

Growing old is only mostly mandatory ; growing up is completely optional! :pinkiesmile:

Interesting... very well, you have my attention.

Good concept, but the writing seems a little...Off.

I live by this notion. A fackt my students are abit on the fenc about.

good story, tells about change and growing up, Nice!

I love you storyyyyyyy:rainbowkiss: but went will u update its 2020 now :fluttercr:ajsleepy:y:

I am just making a guess, perhaps the main 6+ Starlight and Sunset are related somehow, and are descendants of the Alicorns?

More please! Update soon🙏😘

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