• Published 19th Feb 2018
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Shocking Discovery - Redwalllover28

Twilight Sparkle and her friends including Sunset Shimmer have stopped aging, when they look for answers a sadder truth is revealed.

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Prologue Why am I not aging?

Sunset Shimmer was feeling awkward. She had spent years in a world that was not really her own. She had once been the prized pupil of Princess Celestia. She had, had a huge fight with her old mentor while she was still her mentor, and it ended with Sunset exclaiming:

"I will PROVE I am stronger than you! You will see, one day you'll be SORRY!"

Sunset sighed. She had been a haughty unicorn, who thought she knew better than her teacher. She was going to leave when she noticed a strange mirror in the castle archives. She for no apparent reason touched it. She was surprised to find that her hoof went right through it! She wanted to see what would happen if she stepped through, so she did. Unfortunately, it was the last day that the portal would be opened for a LONG time.

When she went through she was shocked at how different everything looked. And then she saw herself, her hands and so on she was afraid. She tried to go back through the portal but it had closed. She panicked and said:

"Princess Celestia! Somepony, anypony, help!"

But no help came. Celestia had heard from her guards that Sunset had found the mysterious mirror and that it had gone solid. Celestia was upset, she knew that she that she would not see Sunset Shimmer again for a long time.

Sunset Shimmer quickly learned how the world she was trapped in worked and decided that she would be the toughest person there. But she also wondered why she was trapped in this mirror world in the first place. After some serious thought she remembered an old pony legend about a magic mirror that was a portal to another world. It would be open for 3 days every 30 or so moons. She always thought that it was only an old mare's tale, but obviously it wasn't. She had been cruel to the creatures there that she learned where called 'humans'. She also saw mirror versions of princess Celestia and presumably her sister Luna. She had only taken a guess at that time, because Celestia's sister Luna in Equestria was still banished to the moon. Sunset had wondered if Celestia was really a just ruler when she realized that she had a sister at one time. That sister was the mare in the moon. Nightmare Moon.

'So that is why she took as a student. She wanted me to fix her mistake. Well, I will show her and her sister Luna if she is herself when I return. I will overthrow them both with an army from this world and rule Equestria!'

Sunset shuddered when she thought of how she been back then. Cruel, cocky, evil, and inconsiderate. When she did return to Equestria she found out that Celestia had not only taken a another student she called her 'faithful student', but she had also ascended to alicornhood. And that her crown was the element of magic. Sunset Shimmer stole it and Twilight followed her through to the other world. Sunset Shimmer had also destroyed friendships there, but Twilight helped the girls there to get back to together. They defeated Sunset Shimmer and then to her surprise forgave her.

Sunset Shimmer had a lot of adventures after that. And the last one before her high school graduation was one that allowed her a chance to receive forgiveness long overdue from princess Celestia. But getting back to her newest problem she was worried. Her friends were aging normally and had good careers. Rainbow Dash was a race car driver. Rarity owned her own fashion boutique. Sci-Twilight was on her way to becoming a world famous scientist. Applejack ran her family's farm. Fluttershy had her own animal shelter. Pinkie Pie was now a partner in the restaurant called 'Sugarcube Corner'. Wallflower was becoming a famous botanist. And Trixie was a popular magician who performed for children's parties. And what was Sunset Shimmer doing? She was a janitor at Canterlot High School.

The reason for that was because she wanted to be close to the portal connecting the two worlds. She had asked for the job not long after her graduation. Principal Celestia agreed readily. And the only thing that vice principal Luna gave was as a stipulation was that that she tried to keep students from parking in the faculty parking lot. Sunset Shimmer was happy to agree to that. But she also sad whenever she saw them. Because they were aging too. Sunset wondered why she was not aging, because most ponies in Equestria aged normally. Except for princesses Celestia and Luna of course. After all, they were alicorns. And alicorns as far as anypony knew they were immortal. She looked at the newly repaired statue on the pastel. A horse on it's hind legs and fore legs pawing the air. Sunset Shimmer smiled at the thought of how different horses were in this world, from the ponies of Equestria. While she was lost in her thoughts her friends stuck up behind her.

They had taken a day off of their busy schedules to visit Sunset Shimmer at their old school. Pinkie Pie was the first to break the silence in her usual hyperactive way. She said:

"Heya Sunset! Are you thinking about how we are getting older in you are staying the same age?"

"What have Ah told ya about being tactful about yer choice of words Pinkie?" Applejack asked

"To think before I speak." Pinkie said then added "oh."

"Seriously, how are you feeling darling?" Rarity asked "You seem down in the dumps."

"I don't know." Sunset replied "I have enjoyed our friendship greatly, but I don't really belong here. I was born in Equestria, and I am feeling homesick. Besides that as you may have noticed I have not aged a day since our graduation."

"Perhaps you should write princess Twilight...that is..if you don't mind." Fluttershy advises in her usual meek and quiet way

"Yeah like she could help!" Rainbow Dash argued "She didn't even know why we lost our memories of Sunset Shimmer. She had to go to the senior princess Celestia for help! Some princess of friendship!"

Sci-Twilight, Wallflower, and Trixie tried to explain that it takes time to learn extremely hard things in science and plants, and the human body. So how much more so, would it be for someone studying magic. Sunset wrote a note in her journal, her way of contacting princess Twilight. After what seemed like an eternity she got a return message. But it made her worry, because it told her to return to Equestria immediately!

Sunset Shimmer informed Principal Celestia that she had to go back home to Equestria for a few days to get some answers. Principal Celestia agreed to let her go, and if she should plan to stay in Equestria she asked that she could back to say goodbye. Sunset Shimmer agreed. She said farewell to her friends, gathered up her bag, and went through the portal.

Author's Note:

This is an Au because some things about the characters are still unclear. I had to change a few of my ideas 💡 for this story because of the newest Equestria girls special. If you want to see the original story go to fanfiction where it is under fanfic girl of all worlds because I don't know how to publish on that site.