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Shocking Discovery - Redwalllover28

Twilight Sparkle and her friends including Sunset Shimmer have stopped aging, when they look for answers a sadder truth is revealed.

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Chapter 1 As normal as possible

The years had continued to relatively the same in Equestria. Twilight and her friends were known as 'The Council of Friendship.' Starlight Glimmer was still living at Twilight's castle as well. Although no longer a student of Twilight, she had become invaluable as an adviser to the council of friendship. Especially at times when they needed subtle reminders that it is always good to give somepony a second chance. Spike was still Twilight's number one assistant though, running around doing errands for everypony, including Starlight. But he didn't mind. He preferred it to the solitary life that most dragons led. Although he was called to the dragon lands on occasion to help Dragon Lord Ember settle a friendship dispute. Dragons were trying harder to be friendly with other creatures. But it was not always easy. Especially since for thousands of years, dragons had been intimidating mostly every creature that wasn't a dragon.

But that was not what was worrying Twilight now. Most ponies would say that Twilight Sparkle worried too much. A misplaced book, a letter she forgot to send to Celestia, and even just preparing a simple meal could make her worry. But on this occasion, her concerns were pretty valid. It had been quite a few years since she had arrived in Ponyville, and she had accomplished a lot of things since then with the help of her friends. Twilight had once thought that friendship wasn't that important. That being able to do magic and understand it, was enough. It was only during the Summer Sun Celebration in which Nightmare Moon was to return that she learned that important lesson. Princess Celestia had sent her to Ponyville to help the town prepare for the celebration. And added that she should try to make some friends. Twilight was sure that the future of Equestria didn't depend on her making friends. but it was only through accepting the friendship of Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie that Twilight was able to understand the elements of harmony and restore princess Luna to her former self. Many years had passed since then, and they had many adventures. Defeating the evil Queen Chrysalis, defeating and then reforming Discord, and Tirek's defeat. That final defeat was what led to Twilight gaining a castle. It was made with magic from the tree of harmony. Even now, Twilight didn't understand everything about her home, but that wasn't her concern right now.

Many years had passed since she had met her friends. But while everypony else was showing signs of aging (except for the princesses, Cadence, and her brother) Twilight and her friends appeared to be the same age they were when they first met. This worried them slightly. Why were they still the same after so many years? This was part of the reason why none of them had taken a mate. Not that Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy were really interested in taking mates. They were more interested in their careers. Applejack with her farm, Pinkie Pie as a partner in Sugarcube Corner and planning parties, and Rainbow Dash as a Wonderbolt. Twilight kept herself busy with her princess duties, and Rarity was busy making dresses. Because of the non-aging going on, none tried to mate, even though it seemed like everypony was. Even Applejack's big brother Big Mac had married his girlfriend Sugar Belle and they now had foals. One was a filly 'Honey Apple' and the other was a colt called 'Bright Mac II' after Big Mac's father. And they were going to another foal soon. Sugar Belle had left Our Town to live at Sweet Apple Acres with Applejack's family. Which was good for Applebloom since Granny Smith finally passed away a year ago. But she had gotten so old that she couldn't work the farm anymore, and she didn't want to be a burden on her family. She passed away in her sleep. Applebloom cried long and hard for days afterward. She wouldn't look at her brother or sister, but Sugar Belle made her some special apple treats and when she was ready, listened to her sorrows. And Applebloom felt a little bit better.

Another odd thing to Twilight was that Celestia was calling her to back up to Canterlot. Not that she minded too much. Celestia gave her unlimited access to the restricted area of the Canterlot archives. For Twilight it was like being in heaven. But the thing that concerned her was Celestia's attitude lately. It was not that she had gotten nasty or evil. But she seemed aloof for some reason. Especially during her last visit there. And Twilight didn't like it. She tried to get Celestia to open up about what was the matter, and added that she hoped that she knew that she could trust her about anything. Celestia would just smile and say that nothing was wrong, and that she just wanted to spend some more time with her favorite student. Twilight laughed as she reminded Celestia that she was no longer her student: "Can't you give an old mare her pleasures Twilight?" She asked

"You're not old Celestia." Twilight remarked "You look just like when I first saw you at the first Summer Sun Celebration I ever saw you at. You really shouldn't put yourself down like that Princess Celestia. You are just the same as you always have been."

"You are still very young Twilight." Celestia said "You have a lot to learn Twilight. It is almost time to set the sun. Would you like to give it a try?"

"Oh yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!" Twilight said with such enthusiasm that Celestia smiled as she remembered the first time she met Twilight. She had just hatched a dragon's egg. Something that was supposed to be impossible. And in doing so, she had gained her cutie mark in magic. Celestia had taken her as her personal student. She loved Twilight like a daughter. And she wanted to prepare her for the challenges ahead. She said as they walked to the balcony: "Twilight you know that most ponies do die, don't you?" She watched with pride as Twilight was lowering the sun fairly well. Twilight answered her: "Everypony except alicorns. After a certain age they stop aging. At least, that is what I read."

"You have a lot to learn Twilight. But not tonight." Celestia said "Now please try to relax, and go to bed."

"Okay Celestia. Good night." Twilight said and walked away from the balcony. She saw Luna watching her leave and give her a smile. Luna just looked at her sadly. Twilight didn't understand why she seemed upset. But Luna said nothing. That was the last time she saw Luna during her visits. She never spoke to her and that worried Twilight. She was one of Luna's first friends. So, the sudden quietness from her had Twilight really worried about what might be wrong with her friend. But since Luna never said anything to her, she couldn't help her, although she wanted to.

That had been a few days ago, and now all her friends were at the castle of friendship. Twilight received a message from her special journal that she used to talk to Sunset Shimmer. She was not aging as well. So she wrote her to return to Equestria. It was time to look for answers. Because not only was she confused about the non aging going on, but when she asked Zecora and Starswirl why they might not be aging they were stumped. So she determined that they should try to get information from Celestia that might answer their questions. And she wanted Sunset Shimmer to be there too.

Author's Note:

So Twilight and the others are not aging either. What may be happening ? And why is Celestia giving Twilight new training? Feel free to review guesses in your comments. But continue reading to find out!

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ok again awesome chapter, and as the title states this is really shocking me each time I read it!

Suspect that Celestia is training her replacement (though I hope that isn't the case). Think maybe spending so much time around alicorns has somehow affected the ponies that aren't alicorns. Gonna have to wait and see.

Interesting that you should say that, because something is about to happen. But I won't say anything more.

back at it again with the Celestia replacement I hope not but it really seems like it is especially with Luna "being quiet" and Celestia starting to teach Twilight to raise the sun.
also lovin it so far keep it up

Growing old is only mostly mandatory ; growing up is completely optional! :pinkiesmile:

Interesting... very well, you have my attention.

Good concept, but the writing seems a little...Off.

I live by this notion. A fackt my students are abit on the fenc about.

good story, tells about change and growing up, Nice!

Continue pls :)

I love you storyyyyyyy:rainbowkiss: but went will u update its 2020 now :fluttercr:ajsleepy:y:

I am just making a guess, perhaps the main 6+ Starlight and Sunset are related somehow, and are descendants of the Alicorns?

More please! Update soon๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜˜

I will. Things have been crazy

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