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Just a few more steps...


This story is a sequel to The Nightmare Spreads

Vice-Principal Luna drank a mysterious liquid the night before, and while she reacted rather positively, the others at CHS... not so much.

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After my story, everything could happen, and the sequel you made is a nice example of a good ending.:twilightsmile:

Approved by Pinkie Pie:pinkiesmile:

Is this story set before 1989?

Brilliant X3

Present day, sometime in the winter.

Ah. The bit about trabants threw me somewhat.

Anywhere I can, I just have to make a Trabi reference/joke.

That's always a good reason to incorporate at Trabant. Ever found room for a Wartburg?

The station wagon in the beginning of A Christmas to Remember is a Wartburg 353 T.

I'll do the berated Yugo, the Trabant, 353-T, DeLorean, and Fiat 126p. All of which, might I add, are well before my time.

Hey, the DeLorean's a classic!

Back to the future!

They made a load of them in Northern Ireland.

I do wish I had a Trabant before I graduated in May. My high school pissed me off so badly. If I had one, I would just have to drive up, sit in the parking lot with the idle on the engine set to the safe amount of too high. Probably revving the engine until it would run out of oily gas. The plume of Trabant smoke that would be made.

I saw Trabbies driving around Berlin a few years back. Wonderful sound.

According to Aging Wheels, they're the best rally car in existence, despite being the slowest.

It wouldn't surprise me at all, despite having nonexistant crumple zones. Want to hear an East German joke?

"A man went to order his car. He was told that he could pick it up in nine years time.
'Morning or afternoon?' He asked.
The man on the desk looked confused. 'Why?'
The purchaser shrugged. 'I need to know whether the plumber can come at 3 or not'."

Oh, THAT'S a classic!

How do you know if the Stasi bugged your apartment?

There's an extra cabinet in your flat and a new trailer up the road.

Well, that explains the new wardrobe...

Are you from Berlin? I just have to ask.

No. I live near London, but was born in Munich.

I'm jealous. I wish I was born in Germany. It would've made that movie so much more enjoyable. Subs can only do so much.

I only lived for 6 months mind. I have no memory of it.

My dad was what is termed an Arbeiter aus dem Ausland.

"It is only I, Nightmare Moon," a figure said, stepping out of a shadowy area.

Celestia panicked and froze, with the exception of taking a few steps back, "L... L..."

"That is correct, sister," Nightmare Moon said, "If you wish to run, I will most graciously give you a few seconds for a head start."

Run, Celestia you idiot!

I'd be outta there like a bat outta Tartarus:twilightoops:!

" Let me explain myself, " the nightmare said, its metallic shoes audible with every step.

BUCK NO:twilightoops:! (Is probably what Celestia's thinking right now)

" How cute, " Nightmare Moon said as she flew up to their level, " But we're not in Magical Pony Land! "

No, but your still about to face the POWER OF FRIENDSHIP:rainbowdetermined2:!!!

"Mmm," Vice-Principal Luna groaned as the bearers descended, "What... happened?" she looked around.

"That's what we want to know, too," Sunset said as Twilight went to get Principal Celestia.

"I remember seeing a flask of green liquid in one of the science labs, so I drank it, probably because I was thirsty. After that, everything turned fuzzy, then nothing."

"Ooohhh," Pinkie said, "That's where I left my drink!" they all turned to her with mixed expressions, none particuarly good, "What? I didn't know this would happen!"






You know what, I'm not even gonna ask:facehoof:.

"Thank heavens you didn't drink... that," Rarity said, "Knowing you, a lot worse could've happened."

WAY worse with PINKIE:twilightoops:!!!

"I'm giving PartyBakeryRecipes.com a bad review!" she replied, her expression changing to... her equivalent of "angry", "They deserve it!"

Those guys on that website have no idea what they're in for:rainbowderp::twilightoops:.

It's Pinkie. With her, I'm just like "Physics, leave. Pinkie Pie's here and you can't win. I'll call when she leaves."


Also, how much do you wanna bet she didn't follow the steps right?

I'd bet a thousand bits she did not:rainbowlaugh:!

Me too!

Wait... where would she get the ingredients from?

Probably form a baking association that sells potions for those who want to make impossible wishes come true, or live out their dreams of seeing super villains and heroes from shows come to rise:rainbowlaugh:!

Like I say... Anything is possible.

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