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If cows go "moo", why don't moose go "coo"?

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Snow Pony! · 10:18pm Mar 10th, 2015

So instead of doing something productive, i made a snow Rainbow Dash. I'm 5'2" so RD turned out about 5 feet tall. Im pretty proud of it. It took like 3 hours, pain in the ass it was.

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1022494 It's okay. :scootangel: I've been doin' fine. What do you think of Gilligan's Island? Is it good? :duck:

Ahh, i'm sorry. I haven't been on here in a while! :raritydespair:

Nothing really, how have you been?


probably not, but I need my vita to reord the season premiere.

(also, Misconduct is my draconequus OC)

Hey, bacon is yummy. I probably wouldn't mind:twilightsheepish:

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