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Back on the radar · 7:21pm January 7th

So I’m kinda back.
The reason there’s been no updates is because I figured none of you wanted six years worth of my saying “I have no idea what I want to do with this story “

I still have no idea of what I want to to for short term about ‘The Watch’, other than knowing I will get back to it. Also I’ve made a final call about some of the history between Celestia and The Doctor that had been bothering me.

Hopefully this leads to more updates of some kind.

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I know this is mega late ^^ But thank you so much for watching me, i'm glad you enjoy my stories and hope you continue to!-FE:heart:

A big thanks for the watch my dear.

Thanks for the watch :pinkiehappy:

You watch me, I stalk you back! :pinkiecrazy:
Stalkers Incorporated™

Thanks for watching me, I hope I'll meet your expectations.

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