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Doctor Perseus Reviews: Doctor Who S10E11 "World Enough and Time" · 4:11am 16 hours ago

Can't believe we're already at the finale of Series 10. It's been quite a ride, this season. And what do I think of the finale thus far? If the next episode is as amazing as this episode was, this could manage to beat The Name of the Doctor for the title of my favorite finale.

First off, as expected, the performances were all great. But the one who really got to show her acting chops was Pearl Mackie. Bill went through hell in this episode. And where this episode leaves her, with her being turned into the first Mondasian Cyberman, I am very worried about her future on the show. Will Bill somehow survive and live on to see the 13th Doctor. Or will the story of Bill Potts end here? It would be a shame to say goodbye to Bill. I feel like the character at least had another season in her. But if Moffat wants Bill to be a one-season wonder, I guess there's no stopping it. But we'll have to see how that wraps up next week.

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Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

He's got a time machine now, and he's voiced by David Tennant. :derpyderp2:

Did you happen to come across this gem in the Featured Box this week? :twilightsmile:

Princess Celestia is Replaced by Donald Trump

Spoiler Alert: He Makes Equestria Great Again! :raritywink:

  • Viewing 218 - 222 of 222
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