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I'm just a guy who loves to write.

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The Last Problem, the End of "Friendship is Magic", and Other Ramblings · 10:52pm October 19th

Hello, everybody. It's certainly been a loooooooooooooooooooooooooong time since I last made a blog post here. I'm not even sure how many people will read this since I've been mostly inactive here for so long. Don't worry, I've tried my best to get around to replying to PMs and I've seen all of the comments that come my way. But this site definitely hasn't been on my radar like it used to.

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A storyboard sneak peak of the Season 8 premiere has just been leaked.

Also, tell me if you can recognize the voice actor for Chancellor Neighsay.

Doc, I still am stuck on what story I should write. I created a group (that's good) but now I got nothing. Can you help me create one, if that's alright with you... I guess...:twilightsmile:

Comment posted by DoctorHoovesFan1999 deleted Jul 31st, 2017

Whale whale whale, what do we have here?

Sry if I forgot to mention, this is my second account just in case if I forget/misplace my original, which is DHF1999.

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