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I'm just a guy who loves to write.

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Doctor Perseus Reviews: "My Little Pony: The Movie" *NO SPOILERS* · 3:05am October 6th

Been a long time since I last wrote a review. For those of you who are still interested in that, I am planning on giving an overview of my thoughts on the second half of Season 7 once it finishes. For now, here's my thoughts on the highly anticipated MLP movie (spoiler-free since it just came out)!

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Doc, I still am stuck on what story I should write. I created a group (that's good) but now I got nothing. Can you help me create one, if that's alright with you... I guess...:twilightsmile:

Comment posted by DoctorHoovesFan1999 deleted July 31st

Whale whale whale, what do we have here?

Sry if I forgot to mention, this is my second account just in case if I forget/misplace my original, which is DHF1999.

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