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I'm just a guy who loves to write.

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Ten Years of Doctor Perseus · 2:28pm Oct 21st, 2022

Today marks the tenth anniversary of me creating my account here on FIMFiction. It feels incredibly surreal to type that out. Sometimes it almost feels like yesterday when I was a bright-eyed Brony entering the world of MLP fanfiction for the first time. And sometimes it feels like another lifetime ago.

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I saw! Looking forward to seeing how he turns out!

Allow me to introduce the upcoming 14th Doctor: Ncuti Gatwa!


Your Doctor Whooves Episodes are AWESOME! I feel like I'm watching a real Doctor Who episode. (No lie!) Here's a follow! ^^

A storyboard sneak peak of the Season 8 premiere has just been leaked.

Also, tell me if you can recognize the voice actor for Chancellor Neighsay.

Doc, I still am stuck on what story I should write. I created a group (that's good) but now I got nothing. Can you help me create one, if that's alright with you... I guess...:twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 224 - 228 of 228
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