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I am depressed · 5:56pm Sep 29th, 2013

My dad and I had a talk today... he kept saying that I should do something. Build a robot, created a fusion generator. Anything that I could. I told him. "But aren't we in some kinda financial crisis right now?" This was his reply. "No, when did you get that idea?"

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Pax #9 · Oct 5th, 2013 · · ·

753662 I don't really understand why you're thanking me.. .I should be thanking you for starting this magnificent story, but thank you for the thank you and the story, sir!

Thank you for favoring Millennium Wake, part II

WHOVIANS . I FOUND THEM!!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Nice having you aboard pax

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Objects moving at around or over 70 times the speed of sound will make craters over 20 times their size.
You can break the speed of light by pointing a laser at the moon and flicking your wrist.
Fusion generators make small stars.
there are 4 forces in the universe that make stuff.
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