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This story is a sequel to Sensation

Trees are the same. Year in, year out. They're reliable, and as long as you take care of 'em and watch out for blight and pests and such, you know what you get. But ponies ain't trees.

It's been an eventful year since the accident took Soarin's career from him, and Braeburn remembers every moment. He may say he's content, but there's something desperate behind those bright, green eyes.

Cover art by Stratus35

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Yeah this is going to be a fun read :pinkiehappy:

So you're at it again I see?!

There's the crow of that rooster, of course, but as obnoxious as it is,

This brought back memories of my first trip to Peru. Every night, whether we were in the jungle or in the city, the roosters would crow every hour and a half or so between midnight and dawn. The jungle was worse, because it was two roosters battling it out, and you could tell one was an old one trying to keep his throne as top cock.

Oh boy, it's good to be back.:twilightsmile:

...Here's to hoping things go more smoothly this time around.

Dammit, this isn't complete so Ill have to actually wait for chapters. Meh worth the wait. Looking forward to more.

Thanks for checking it out so quickly! I hope you like what I have cooked up.

Hopefully I'm bringing back GOOD memories. :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks! This'll he serialized, like the last one, but I'm hoping to churn through chapters a little faster this time.

Oh, they're good, partially because it became a running gag that we'd joke about "accidentally" dropping a circular saw on it as it passed under the joists of the church building we were building in the village on the Amazon. At the end of our visit, one of us asked if we could buy it, but the village needed the roosters to keep raising more chickens. I actually kinda missed hearing the rooster on my second trip to Peru two years later.

Great to see this starting up!

Oh my...sweet and sexy Braeburn

It's so crazy that a year and a month ago I was begining Sensation for the first time and now 365+ days later I start the sequel.

Always looking out at your amazing work Vivid, you're one of my favorite pony writers. I'll wait patienly for this story. :twilightsheepish:

Mwhahah it's back! And I'm back <_<. Wonderbar story. Been so long Mr author. Why start another one?

Also, got some background music for yaz.

it’ll be interesting, reading this chapter-by-chapter instead of binging it over three days like last time. What a delightful start.

Reading this feels like being reunited with an old friend, reminiscing on fond memories. It's the perfect blend between descriptions of senses, experiences and the scenes, painting a vivid mental image, whilst moving the story forward and having wonderful character moments. The conversations and pacing feel natural, and read in a most immersive manner.

I can honestly say once more that I cannot wait to see where this story is going to go. Whether it is Braeburn's side of Sensation, or rather the next phase of their adventure, their relationship and life in Appleoosa, I'm certain this is going to be lovely experience once more. Another story to treasure ^^

I'm very happy to be back, and I hope you continue to enjoy the story!

Thank you very kindly. I'll put out the next chapter as soon as it's ready. :heart:

Thanks for the music! As for why I'd start another one, I went back and forth with whether I should. Part of me wanted to leave the previous story as-is, since I think it's complete on its own. However, there is certainly more to their story, and it came to me back in April where it should go next. Once I knew what would happen, I couldn't resist writing it.


Reading this feels like being reunited with an old friend

This made me smile so much. :heart: And I agree wholeheartedly. For me, I get to connect with these characters again, but perhaps even more than that, I get to take everyone along for another journey, and I'm honored that so many are willing to come with. I love sharing these with you all.


I finally got around to reading this, it slipped my mind when it first came out. I'm looking forward to seeing where you go with this.

Glad I managed to read the rest of sensation in time for the new story, it will be nice to see everyone's else reaction to the turns this story will take

It’s out, YAAAAAY!!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Wonderful as usual, love the dynamic


Now that there looks like a fence.

If there's on thing

Small typo right under the fence. Dern critters.

But Blue looked lonely in that room. I pressed up against him and gently asked, "What's on your mind, Blue?"

He sighed. "It's…" He shook his head. He wanted to keep his feelings in, but he knows better. "It's weird seeing it so empty." His voice was heavy, and he turned to me with sunken eyes. "Like, it's just a stupid condo, but we have a lot of memories here, Applebutt. It feels like we're leaving it all behind."

Comparing Soarin' here with Sensation, it's great to see how much his opinion on silence and emptiness has changed, even at the end of Sensation. At the end he was coming to terms with it, but here it seems he's as comfortable with it as anypony else.

Any appearances of the wonderbolts in your stories are a treat. I can't help but love the characters and their interactions.

It's nice to read things from Brae's perspective for a change, see his feelings and comments on events. His insights into how his relationship has evolved and values form a nice backdrop for the start of this tale. I'm curious how his tale will develop into whatever is trpubling him later.

The writing style continues to be very warm and engaging. The occasional interspursions or comments by the other participants in the storytelling or conversations adds to good hunor, but overall makes it feel natural and homely. It's as if the reader is right there listening to the tale.

Finally getting around to reading reading this and you've already got me roped in!

"Heh." Braeburn shakes his head. He fiddles with the mug in his hooves, never looking away from the orchard. "Trees are the same. Year in, year out." He goes silent. His jaw tightens up, like he's about to speak, over and over again. I'm about to say something when he finally continues. "They're… reliable, and as long as you take care of 'em and watch out for blight and pests and such, you know what you get. You don't have to worry about whether they'll be back next season. There's day-to-day concerns, of course, but overall, it's comfortable. The cycle continues, and your roots grow strong. But…" He stares down into his tea. "But you're right. Ponies ain't trees." He drains the rest in a big gulp.

I'm happy my favorite color is red because I love your new flag.

Aww, I’m so glad this is back! I really, truly enjoyed this chapter.

As a side note, “I really shouldnt complain” seems like it’ll be a recurring line of thought for Braeburn, I wonder how that will turn out.

Found a minor typo:

I stated to peek at the reports

I've read this chapter trice now, trying to figure out what I can say that I haven't said already.
I can praise the style, the dialogues, the personal nature of the story, but I've mentioned that plenty of times so far.

It's refreshing to see things from Braeburn's perspective, even going so far as to avoid specific details ^^
The stakes may not necessarily seem as high as in the original, but I cannot help but be worried about Braeburn.
I know the feeling of having hopes and expectations not quite work out as intended.
I'm looking forward to seeing how settling into Appleoosa will go for my favorite couple.
I fear Brae may end up giving too much of himself again.

I do hope though the Appleoosa he's worked so hard for gets the appreciation it deserves.

Thanks for reading it! I'm sorry I'm so behind on updates. I hope to work on more this weekend.


Good chapter as usual. It'll be interesting to see the direction this fic takes, I'm starting to get a feel for it now.

Thanks! Now I just need to manage a faster update schedule. :twilightblush:

There's a part of my brain that desperately wants to believe in fairy tales, and it tells me that this problem is already solved. Braeburn will get to the end of his story, and I'll find that everything is okay. But it won't be, because the beauty and tragedy of stories is that they don't ever really end. They continue and linger, and innocence lost is nigh impossible to recover.

If that ain't the darn truth, I don't know what is.

"Its gonna be an amazing day."

Tiny typo.

"I'm takin' Haberdasher's."

Accidentally a word or two?

It's a nice, dark-brown three-piece with lacquered oak buttons. I put a lot of work into keeping it dust-free, and Soarin' keeps it pressed better than a professional launderer ever could. It's tailored to fit me perfectly, though it almost looks like I'll bust out of it if my chest puffs up too much, and I don't dare let myself start getting fat again. I wear a white undershirt with light-gray pinstripes and my granddaddy's bolo tie with the jeweled apple clasp.

Braeburn challenging Capper for being the most dapper.

Braeburn talking about his bracelet made me think back to when they made the cocktail for Syn they named "The Rest", and the possibility that Soarin' tasted it and they had a quick moment quietly laughing about how terrible it tasted.

I know it feels like you should have it all figured it out by now

Redundant it

Thanks for spotting those typos. They should be fixed now.

Braeburn talking about his bracelet made me think back to when they made the cocktail for Syn they named "The Rest", and the possibility that Soarin' tasted it and they had a quick moment quietly laughing about how terrible it tasted.

"The Rest" was one of those scenes I had planned from basically the beginning. I'm glad it resonated! :twilightsmile:

And yes, Braeburn is most dapper indeed. :heart:

Hi Vivid! Finally started Appleloosa! I like how calm and laid-back this chapter was, very fitting for an early morning setting. This was a pleasant read ^^

Glad you liked it! I hope you enjoy the rest :heart:

LOL always fun seeing Spitfire do what she does best :rainbowlaugh: We're going to Appleloosa!

Oh, yes we are! Spitfire is always a TON of fun to write!

Well I'm restarting this. I'm shamefully falling behind already. :raritydespair:

Wow this already sounds like this story will be deep and very emotionally driven for Braeburn. I'm loving it already and can't wait to see more.

No worries. I'm falling behind, too. :twilightblush:

Hoo boy, that was... something. Flint Spark is great, I love him.


Man, this was a really powerful chapter. I can't wait to see more of the fallout. Keep up the good work.

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